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The North Sea is an important resource shared by many nations with a wide range of potentially conflicting activities. The ultimate aim of the North Sea Project was to develop computer based models which would

  • Increase scientific understanding
  • Enhance scientists' ability to predict the impact of man's activities
  • Support effective management of this natural environment

The North Sea Project was a Community Research Project of the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences directorate of the Natural Environment Research Council. It was hosted by the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory and ran from 1987 to 1992.

BODC was responsible for the management of all data from the project.

Data were collected during 39 cruises between August 1988 and October 1990. These consisted of

  • Fifteen survey cruises, each lasting twelve days and following the same 1800 nautical mile track. The cruises took place at monthly intervals between August 1988 and October 1989. Measurements of physical, chemical , biological and sedimentological parameters were taken. This enabled scientists to study seasonal effects which dominate events in the North Sea.
  • Fifteen process cruises which investigated particular scientific aspects of the North Sea.
  • Nine additional cruises which took place between October 1989 and October 1990. These complemented the main field campaign and investigated blooms, plumes, sand waves and the flux of contaminants through the Dover Strait.

A wide variety of physical, chemical and biological data were collected.

The full data set has been published by BODC on CDROM. If you have requested a copy, we suggest you also download the user guide.

North Sea Project Users' Guide North Sea Project Users' Guide (1838 KB)