Ocean Margin Exchange (OMEX II)


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The Ocean Margin Exchange (OMEX) project aims were to study, measure and model the physical, chemical and biological processes and fluxes happening at the ocean margin, the interface between the open ocean and the continental shelf.

The second phase of the project, OMEX II, studied processes at the Iberian continental margin.

Fieldwork was carried out between June 1997 and October 1999. Over 440 individual data sets were collected during 33 research cruise legs involving ships from seven European countries. The data set consists of a diverse collection of physical, chemical and biological measurements, encompassing well over 1000 parameters. There are data from over 1000 CTD/rosette stations, over 440 core profiles, over 180 sediment trap samples, over 140 net hauls and much more.

The data are accompanied by an extensive Users' Guide. This covers sampling protocol documentation, the structures used to store the data and information on the interface software provided (BODC's Database Explorer and Underway Explorer).