PROcesses of Vertical Exchange in Shelf Seas (PROVESS)


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PROVESS was a joint European project funded within the European Union’s Marine Science and Technology (MAST III) programme.

The project's objectives were

Fieldwork consisted of two interdisciplinary experiments at two sites in the North Sea

At both sites, time-series measurements were obtained from moored instruments deployed for the duration of the experiment including

Intensive measurement series were also collected during seven oceanographic cruises using CTDs, SeaSoars, turbulence profilers, particle sizers, settling velocity tubes, optical profilers, benthic sampling, water bottle sampling, and zooplankton net and pump sampling.

A wide range of oceanographic parameters was measured, such as physical, chemical, biological, geological and meteorological data types.

The PROVESS data set CDROM contains over 94% of the data collected during the field programme.

Data from vertical profiling instruments and discrete sampling have been integrated into a relational database interfaced with BODC Database Explorer software. Time-series data are available in ASCII or binary files interfaced with BODC’s Mooring Explorer and Underway Explorer software.

The CDROM also includes the full FORTRAN 77 source code for PROvess Water Quality Model (PROWQM). The data are accompanied by a comprehensive Users’ Guide.

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Processes of Vertcial Exchange in Shelf Seas (PROVESS) European Commission Marine Science and Technology