Submit your data

Data Deposit Conditions

In depositing data with BODC, you are agreeing to the following conditions:
  • You confirm that you are the data originator or have permission from the data originator to deposit the data with BODC and to agree to the terms of the BODC Deposit Conditions on their behalf.
  • The ownership of the data is not affected, i.e. it remains with the data originator or their institute.
  • You grant BODC permission to store the data and make the data available in perpetuity for all uses and re-uses that conform to the data policy of the agency that funded the creation of the data.
    Note that, in the interests of making data as open as possible, BODC will not apply more restrictive access or use conditions than specified in the funder's data policy, and may apply less restrictive conditions if agreed with you at the time of deposit.
  • You grant BODC permission to, without changing content, translate the data to any medium or format for the purpose of future preservation and accessibility.
  • You confirm that you have read the following Privacy notice

Privacy notice

In dealing with your data submissions, BODC will need to create a permanent, secure record of your contact details. The information will be used to enable BODC staff to contact you, should they have any questions about the data and/or metadata that you have supplied and to identify you as the data originator. Contact details include the following personal data

  • name
  • organisation
  • country
  • email address
  • ORCid (if supplied)

We will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal data from loss, misuse or alteration and only authorised BODC employees will have access to the information. Your name and organisation may be supplied to subsequent users of your data, to identify you as the data originator, so that you can be properly acknowledged or discuss co-authorship requirements with data users.