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DML Line B

Line B is a survey section between Islay and Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland. The line comprises five fixed CTD stations, which were established as part of routine monitoring work on the Scottish continental shelf by Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML). The line was occupied during the 1980s.

Map of standard DML Line B CTD Stations

BODC document image

Map produced using the GEBCO Digital Atlas.

The white triangles indicate the nominal positions of each standard station on Line B.

Nominal station details

DML Line B: Glenacardoch Point (Kintyre, Scotland) - Ardmore Island (Islay, Scotland)

Station Nominal latitude Nominal longitude Approx.
depth (m)
1B 55° 35.0' N 05° 45.0' W 20 Glenacardoch Point
2B 55° 36.0' N 05° 49.0' W 50  
3B 55° 37.0' N 05° 53.0' W 105  
4B 55° 38.0' N 05° 57.0' W 110  
5B 55° 39.0' N 06° 01.0' W 20 Ardmore Island

In addition to Line B, there are other DML repeated survey transects which converge at Islay. These are Line C , Line D , and Line P .