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Instrument Description for DY029 Stainless Steel Frame CTD

CTD Unit and Auxiliary Sensors

The CTD unit comprised a Sea-Bird Electronics (SBE) 9 plus underwater unit, an SBE 11 plus deck unit, a NOC-S stainless steel 24-way frame and 24 10 L OTE Water Samplers; all of which were mounted on a stainless steel 24-way CTD frame. Attached to the CTD were two SBE 3P temperature sensors, two SBE 4C conductivity sensors, one Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor, one SBE 43 dissolved oxygen sensor, two Biospherical QCP Cosine PAR sensors, one WETLabs BBRTD light scattering sensor, one Benthos 916T altimeter one CTG Aquatracka MKIII fluorometer, one CTG Alphatracka MKII transmissometer and one Workhorse Monitor 300 Khz LADCP.

Due to problems experienced with the secondary conductivity sensor it was replaced mid cruise with a backup sensor.

Sensor unit Model Serial number Full specification Calibration dates (YYYY/MM/DD) Comments
CTD underwater unit SBE 9 plus 09P-24680-0637(Ti) SBE 9 plus 2004-03-10 -
CTD deck unit SBE 11 plus 11P-34173-0676 - 2015-01-06 -
Carousel NOCS Stainless steel 24-way frame SBE CTD1 - - -
Pressure sensor Paroscientific Digiquartz 79501 Paroscientific Digiquartz 2015-01-06 -
Temperature sensor SBE 3P 3P-4712(Ti) SBE 03P 2014-07-03 -
Temperature sensor SBE 3P 3P-5660 (Ti) - 2014-07-03 -
Conductivity senor SBE 4C 4C-2858 (Ti) SBE 04C 2014-07-08 -
Conductivity sensor SBE 4C 4C-3054 - 2014-07-08 Attached up to cast 019.
Conductivity sensor SBE 4C 4C-3873 - 2014-07-08 Attached from cast 020 onwards.
Dissolved oxygen sensor SBE 43 43-2575 SBE 43 2014-04-10 -
Altimeter Benthos PSA 916T 59493 Benthos Altimeter - -
Irradiance sensor (DWIRR) Biospherical QCP Cosine PAR sensor 70520 Biospherical QCP PAR sensor 2015-01-06 Measuring downwelling irradiance
Irradiance sensor (UWIRR) Biospherical QCP Cosine PAR sensor 70510 - 2015-01-06 Measuring upwelling irradiance
Light scattering sensor WETLabs BBRTD BBRTD-1055 WETLabs BBRTD 2013-03-13 -
Fluorometer Chelsea MKIII Aquatracka 88-2615-124 Chelsea MKII Aquatracka 2015-01-21 -
Transmissometer Chelsea MKII Alphatracka - 25 cm path 161048 Alphatracka MKII 2012-07-24 -
LADCP Teledyne Workhorse Monitor 300 Khz LADCP 15288 Workhorse Monitor LADCP - -