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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 350349

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category CTD or STD cast
Instrument Type
Bissett-Bermann 9040 CTD system  CTD; water temperature sensor; salinity sensor
Instrument Mounting research vessel
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator -
Originating Organization Scottish Marine Biological Association (now Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download available - Ocean Data View (ODV) format
Project(s) -

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier F14/87/087
BODC Series Reference 350349

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 1987-06-24 18:43
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) -
Nominal Cycle Interval -

Spatial Co-ordinates

Latitude 54.95000 N ( 54° 57.0' N )
Longitude 5.50000 W ( 5° 30.0' W )
Positional Uncertainty Unspecified
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth 0.4 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth 128.19 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height 11.81 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height 139.6 m
Sea Floor Depth 140.0 m
Sea Floor Depth Source -
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Variable common depth - All sensors are grouped effectively at the same depth, but this depth varies significantly during the series
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface
Sea Floor Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
PRESPR011DecibarsPressure (spatial coordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and correction to read zero at sea level
PSALPR011DimensionlessPractical salinity of the water body by conductivity cell and computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm
TEMPST011Degrees CelsiusTemperature of the water body by CTD or STD

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Data Access Policy

Open Data supplied by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

You must always use the following attribution statement to acknowledge the source of the information: "Contains data supplied by Natural Environment Research Council."

Narrative Documents

Bissett-Bermann 9040 Conductivity Temperature and Depth

The basic configuration of the B-B 9040 CTD incorporates pressure, temperature and conductivity sensors which could be logged digitally. This system also made it possible to derive other parameters, such as salinity, depth and sound velocity.

The instrument was versatile and it was possible to attach a dissolved oxygen sensor or to change the CTD housing, allowing it to obtain data from deeper layers in the water column. The accuracy for salinity is ±0.02 ppt , and ±0.02°C for temperature.

This instrument was also known as the Plessey 9040.

RRS Frederick Russell Cruise 14/87 CTD Data Documentation


Documentation for the CTD data collected on RRS Frederick Russell 14/87 (June 1987) by the Scottish Marine Biological Association, Oban, Argyll, Scotland, UK, under the direction of D. J. Ellett.


The instrument used was a Bissett Berman 9040 CTD system and the data were logged on a Hewlett Packard 9820 and stored in an integer format. Instrument lowering and raising speeds were between 0.5m/s and 1m/s. An acoustic pinger was placed above the CTD to give an accurate depth measurement, this could then be used to check the CTD pressure calibration. An NIO bottle with reversing thermometers was placed above the pinger, within 2m of the CTD system. A bottle sample was taken at the bottom of the cast providing the temperature and salinity are uniform at that point. If large temperature or salinity gradients were present then the bottle sample was triggered at a suitable site on the upcast. A surface salinity sample was also taken at the start of the dip.

Calibration and Data Quality

The CTD was not calibrated in the laboratory. The manufacturer's calibration was used and water samples taken to check the calibration and apply corrections where necessary.


The manufacturer's calibration was used to convert the raw data to to physical units using the equation below:

Temperature (°C) = (10**6/Pt -2238.68/55.84)
where Pt is the temperature period in microseconds

These values were then plotted against the water bottle (i.e. reversing thermometer) temperatures and a regression line fitted to the data such that:

Temperature(WB) = m x Temperature(CTD) + c

Then the regression coefficients (m and c) were applied to correct the CTD temperature data - these are given in the table below.


The manufacturer's calibration was used to convert the raw data to to physical units using the equation below:

Conductivity (mmho/cm) = (10**6/Pc - 4995)/58.12 + 10
where Pc is the conductivity period in microseconds

The water bottle salinities and corrected CTD temperatures were used to calculate the water bottle conductivity values. These values were then plotted against the CTD conductivities and a regression line fitted to the data such that:

Conductivity(WB) = m x Conductivity(CTD) + c

Then the regression coefficients were applied to correct the CTD conductivity data - these are given in the table below.


The depths from the acoustic pinger were noted where the bottle samples were taken and then used to check the calibration of the pressure sensor - unless calibration values were available from the reversing thermometers. The equation below was used to convert the pressure period to physical units.

Pressure = (10**6/Pd - 9712)/0.26267
where Pd is the pressure period in microseconds

A regression fit was carried out using the calibration values and the slope and intercept determined. The pressure values could then be corrected using:

Pressure (CORR) = m x Pressure(CTD) + c

The fit of the CTD data to the water bottle calibration data is given in the table below:

Variable Slope (m) Intercept (c)
Temperature (°C) 1.0036365 -0.022731
Conductivity (mmho/cm) 1.0019222 -0.032909
Pressure (dbar) 1.0071944 -1.176413

Data Processing

Obvious wild points were edited out of the calibration file and the calibration programs run to obtain values for the slopes and intercepts for temperature, pressure and conductivity. These were then applied to the uncalibrated data. Conductivities were converted to conductivity ratios and then converted to salinities using UNESCO recommended routines and sigma-t was calculated. The data values were then sieved to ensure a minimum separation between pressure values of 1 dbar. The data were then visually inspected and major spikes flagged.


Fofonoff, N.P. and Millard Jr., R.C. (1983).
Algorithms for the computation of fundamental properties of sea water. UNESCO Technical Paper on Marine Science 44.

Project Information

No Project Information held for the Series

Data Activity or Cruise Information


Cruise Name FR14B/87
Departure Date 1987-06-21
Arrival Date 1987-06-29
Principal Scientist(s)Anton Edwards (Scottish Marine Biological Association)
Ship RRS Frederick Russell

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

Fixed Station Information

Station NameDML North Channel Station LS
CategoryOffshore location
Latitude54° 57.00' N
Longitude5° 30.00' W
Water depth below MSL

DML North Channel Station LS

North Channel Station LS is a fixed CTD station in the North Channel, midway between Northern Ireland and Stranraer (Scotland). The station was set up as part of routine monitoring work on the Scottish continental shelf by Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML) and was occupied in June 1987 and again in November 1989.

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 1

Fixed Station Information

Station NameDML North Channel CTD Stations/Sections
CategoryOffshore area
Latitude54° 58.52' N
Longitude5° 32.50' W
Water depth below MSL

DML North Channel CTD Stations/Sections

The North Channel region, between Northern Ireland and the west coast of Scotland, has been extensively surveyed since the late 1970s (especially in the 1980s) by numerous research and government institutes. The region contains several repeated hydrographic stations, some of which collectively form transects. These repeated survey transects represent the southernmost part of a greater network of similar sections on the western Scottish continental shelf which were established by Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML).

Map of standard North Channel CTD Stations

BODC image

Map produced using the GEBCO Digital Atlas.

The upwards-pointing triangles indicate the nominal positions of individual Line A stations, the single downwards-pointing triangle indicates the nominal position of the Larne - Stranraer midway station. Nominal positions of Line Y and Z stations are shown by the circles and squares respectively. Measurements made at Northern Channel CTD stations lie within a box bounded by co-ordinates 54.667° N, 6° W at the south west corner and 55.283° N, 5.083° W at the north east corner.

Nominal station details:

DML Line A: Kintyre (Scotland) - Antrim (Northern Ireland)

DML Station LS: Larne (Northern Ireland) - Stranraer (Scotland) midway station

DML Line Y: Corsewall (Stranraer, Scotland) - Sanda Island (Kintyre, Scotland)

DML Line Z: Copeland Islands (Northern Ireland) - Portpatrick (Scotland)

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 2

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification

Appendix 1: DML North Channel Station LS

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
316619CTD or STD cast1989-11-24 14:28:0054.95 N, 5.5 WRRS Charles Darwin CD44

Appendix 2: DML North Channel CTD Stations/Sections

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
190988CTD or STD cast1981-07-04 22:53:0055.27 N, 5.7233 WRRS Challenger CH10/81
191003CTD or STD cast1981-07-04 23:45:0055.2483 N, 5.7733 WRRS Challenger CH10/81
191015CTD or STD cast1981-07-05 01:13:0055.2133 N, 5.8516 WRRS Challenger CH10/81
191027CTD or STD cast1981-07-05 02:16:0055.1766 N, 5.8933 WRRS Challenger CH10/81
193102CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 01:22:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193114CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 02:06:0054.7666 N, 5.1666 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193126CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 02:55:0054.7416 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193138CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 03:38:0054.7183 N, 5.3366 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193151CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 04:14:0054.6933 N, 5.4166 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193163CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 05:12:0054.6716 N, 5.49 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193187CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 10:23:0055.1433 N, 5.98 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193199CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 11:07:0055.2233 N, 5.88 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193206CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 12:13:0055.2433 N, 5.7916 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
193218CTD or STD cast1983-05-22 13:05:0055.275 N, 5.715 WRRS Challenger CH7A/83
96528CTD or STD cast1983-08-11 19:58:0055.28 N, 5.7216 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96541CTD or STD cast1983-08-11 20:59:0055.25 N, 5.7683 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96553CTD or STD cast1983-08-11 22:25:0055.21 N, 5.865 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96565CTD or STD cast1983-08-11 23:57:0055.1866 N, 5.9316 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
193845CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 00:44:0055.16 N, 5.9883 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
193857CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 06:33:0054.665 N, 5.4933 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
193869CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 07:21:0054.6933 N, 5.4216 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96577CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 08:22:0054.7183 N, 5.33 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96589CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 09:07:0054.74 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96590CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 10:13:0054.7616 N, 5.155 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
96608CTD or STD cast1983-08-12 11:05:0054.8016 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH11/83
97507CTD or STD cast1984-06-23 21:59:0054.665 N, 5.4983 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97519CTD or STD cast1984-06-23 22:49:0054.695 N, 5.42 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97520CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 00:16:0054.715 N, 5.335 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97532CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 09:34:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97544CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 10:23:0054.7666 N, 5.1666 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97556CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 12:04:0054.7416 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97568CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 17:00:0055.0166 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97581CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 18:56:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97593CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 21:09:0055.2833 N, 5.725 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97600CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 21:46:0055.25 N, 5.7916 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97612CTD or STD cast1984-06-24 22:58:0055.2166 N, 5.8666 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97624CTD or STD cast1984-06-25 00:21:0055.1916 N, 5.9333 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
97636CTD or STD cast1984-06-25 01:12:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314011CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 00:06:0054.6667 N, 5.5 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314023CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 00:51:0054.6917 N, 5.4167 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314035CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 01:37:0054.7167 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314047CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 02:15:0054.7417 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314059CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 04:50:0054.7633 N, 5.17 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
314060CTD or STD cast1984-07-05 05:34:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH2/84
257206CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 03:49:0055.1533 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257218CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 12:57:0054.6666 N, 5.4716 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257231CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 13:44:0054.6916 N, 5.4183 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257243CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 14:33:0054.72 N, 5.33 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257255CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 15:30:0054.7416 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257267CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 16:34:0054.7683 N, 5.1633 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
257279CTD or STD cast1984-11-18 17:27:0054.79 N, 5.095 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258098CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 08:25:0054.6666 N, 5.5016 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258105CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 09:07:0054.69 N, 5.415 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258117CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 09:48:0054.7166 N, 5.3483 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258129CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 10:30:0054.7416 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258130CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 11:18:0054.7666 N, 5.1683 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258142CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 12:24:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258154CTD or STD cast1984-12-05 14:50:0055.09 N, 5.4166 WRRS Challenger CH10/84
258897CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 14:38:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258904CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 15:29:0055.1916 N, 5.9333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258916CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 16:06:0055.2166 N, 5.8666 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258928CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 16:43:0055.25 N, 5.7916 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258941CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 17:17:0055.275 N, 5.7333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258953CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 17:59:0055.2166 N, 5.6333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258965CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 18:48:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258977CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 19:43:0055.0833 N, 5.4333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258989CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 20:40:0055.0183 N, 5.3383 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
258990CTD or STD cast1985-01-31 22:07:0054.9516 N, 5.2383 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259004CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 00:00:0054.8 N, 5.07 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259016CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 00:47:0054.7666 N, 5.1666 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259028CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 02:06:0054.7383 N, 5.2533 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259041CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 02:44:0054.7166 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259053CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 03:50:0054.6866 N, 5.425 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
259065CTD or STD cast1985-02-01 04:23:0054.6666 N, 5.4883 WRRS Challenger CH1/85
253402CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 06:46:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253414CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 07:33:0054.7666 N, 5.175 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253426CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 09:08:0054.7383 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253438CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 10:04:0054.7166 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253451CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 11:22:0054.6916 N, 5.4183 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253463CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 12:01:0054.6816 N, 5.4783 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253475CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 17:11:0054.95 N, 5.2316 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253487CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 18:30:0055.02 N, 5.3 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253499CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 19:38:0055.0733 N, 5.4333 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253506CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 20:50:0055.1516 N, 5.5333 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253518CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 22:02:0055.2183 N, 5.6333 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253531CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 22:58:0055.2833 N, 5.73 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253543CTD or STD cast1985-05-05 23:34:0055.2516 N, 5.7933 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253555CTD or STD cast1985-05-06 00:40:0055.2183 N, 5.8683 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253567CTD or STD cast1985-05-06 01:26:0055.1933 N, 5.935 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
253579CTD or STD cast1985-05-06 03:31:0055.1666 N, 5.9966 WRRS Challenger CH4/85
260588CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 10:23:0054.715 N, 5.3316 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260607CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 12:01:0054.67 N, 5.49 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260619CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 12:44:0054.6916 N, 5.4166 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260620CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 14:31:0054.745 N, 5.25 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260632CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 15:30:0054.7666 N, 5.1666 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260644CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 16:29:0054.7933 N, 5.075 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260656CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 18:25:0054.9483 N, 5.2316 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260668CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 19:35:0054.9983 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260681CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 21:03:0055.0833 N, 5.435 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260693CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 22:16:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260700CTD or STD cast1985-08-16 23:22:0055.2166 N, 5.6333 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260712CTD or STD cast1985-08-17 00:18:0055.2816 N, 5.73 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260724CTD or STD cast1985-08-17 00:56:0055.25 N, 5.7966 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260736CTD or STD cast1985-08-17 01:42:0055.2183 N, 5.8716 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260748CTD or STD cast1985-08-17 02:30:0055.1916 N, 5.9333 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
260761CTD or STD cast1985-08-17 03:33:0055.16 N, 5.995 WRRS Challenger CH8/85
255120CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 15:29:0054.6633 N, 5.5016 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255132CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 16:12:0054.7083 N, 5.4083 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255156CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 18:12:0054.7333 N, 5.2333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255168CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 19:48:0054.775 N, 5.15 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255193CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 21:48:0054.95 N, 5.2083 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255200CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 22:37:0055.025 N, 5.3333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255212CTD or STD cast1985-12-08 23:25:0055.0833 N, 5.4166 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255224CTD or STD cast1985-12-09 00:19:0055.1583 N, 5.5333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255236CTD or STD cast1985-12-09 01:10:0055.2166 N, 5.6083 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255248CTD or STD cast1985-12-09 02:04:0055.2833 N, 5.7166 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255316CTD or STD cast1985-12-10 01:05:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255328CTD or STD cast1985-12-10 01:42:0055.195 N, 5.9316 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255341CTD or STD cast1985-12-10 02:24:0055.2183 N, 5.8666 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
255353CTD or STD cast1985-12-10 03:06:0055.25 N, 5.7916 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/85
264817CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 14:58:0055.215 N, 5.635 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264829CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 15:52:0055.15 N, 5.5266 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264830CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 16:39:0055.0866 N, 5.4266 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264842CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 17:25:0055.015 N, 5.3333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264854CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 18:12:0054.9416 N, 5.2283 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264866CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 19:28:0054.7983 N, 5.0883 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264878CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 20:06:0054.7633 N, 5.17 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264891CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 20:52:0054.7416 N, 5.25 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264909CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 21:37:0054.7166 N, 5.3333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264910CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 22:28:0054.6916 N, 5.4166 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264922CTD or STD cast1986-03-22 23:15:0054.6533 N, 5.4883 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264934CTD or STD cast1986-03-23 02:38:0055.1633 N, 5.995 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264946CTD or STD cast1986-03-23 03:32:0055.19 N, 5.9383 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264958CTD or STD cast1986-03-23 04:12:0055.215 N, 5.865 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264971CTD or STD cast1986-03-23 04:53:0055.2483 N, 5.7933 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
264983CTD or STD cast1986-03-23 05:31:0055.27 N, 5.7483 WRRS Charles Darwin CD10B
344958CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 11:47:0054.6667 N, 5.5 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
344971CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 12:44:0054.6933 N, 5.4167 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
344983CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 14:02:0054.72 N, 5.3333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
344995CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 15:30:0054.7467 N, 5.25 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345009CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 17:06:0054.7733 N, 5.1667 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345010CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 18:28:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345022CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 20:12:0054.95 N, 5.2333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345034CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 21:07:0055.0167 N, 5.3333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345046CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 22:11:0055.0833 N, 5.4333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345058CTD or STD cast1986-06-06 23:09:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345071CTD or STD cast1986-06-07 00:15:0055.2167 N, 5.6333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345206CTD or STD cast1986-06-07 21:10:0055.2167 N, 5.6333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345741CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 02:49:0055.0833 N, 5.4333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345753CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 05:32:0055.2833 N, 5.725 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345765CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 06:02:0055.2533 N, 5.7917 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345777CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 07:13:0055.2183 N, 5.8667 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345789CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 08:21:0055.19 N, 5.9333 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
345790CTD or STD cast1986-06-11 09:15:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WMV Dawn Sky DSK1/86
346431CTD or STD cast1986-08-25 01:17:0054.6917 N, 5.4167 WRRS Frederick Russell FR7B/86
346443CTD or STD cast1986-08-25 02:25:0054.7217 N, 5.325 WRRS Frederick Russell FR7B/86
346455CTD or STD cast1986-08-25 03:28:0054.7417 N, 5.25 WRRS Frederick Russell FR7B/86
346467CTD or STD cast1986-08-25 04:59:0054.7667 N, 5.1667 WRRS Frederick Russell FR7B/86
346479CTD or STD cast1986-08-25 06:07:0054.795 N, 5.0817 WRRS Frederick Russell FR7B/86
347053CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 16:40:0055.15 N, 5.9983 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347065CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 17:29:0055.1783 N, 5.93 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347077CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 19:20:0055.2167 N, 5.8667 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347089CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 20:23:0055.2483 N, 5.7767 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347090CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 22:45:0055.275 N, 5.7283 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347108CTD or STD cast1986-09-20 23:50:0055.2117 N, 5.6333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347121CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 00:53:0055.15 N, 5.5417 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347145CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 04:49:0055.0167 N, 5.3317 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347157CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 05:51:0054.9483 N, 5.235 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347169CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 07:43:0054.7967 N, 5.0867 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347170CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 08:28:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347182CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 09:35:0054.7317 N, 5.25 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347194CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 11:46:0054.7 N, 5.3333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
347201CTD or STD cast1986-09-21 12:39:0054.6833 N, 5.4167 WRRS Frederick Russell FR8/86
344288CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 17:37:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH9
344307CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 18:30:0055.1917 N, 5.9333 WRRS Challenger CH9
344319CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 19:48:0055.2133 N, 5.8683 WRRS Challenger CH9
344320CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 20:28:0055.2483 N, 5.7883 WRRS Challenger CH9
344332CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 22:16:0055.29 N, 5.7417 WRRS Challenger CH9
344344CTD or STD cast1987-01-16 23:18:0055.2167 N, 5.6333 WRRS Challenger CH9
344356CTD or STD cast1987-01-17 00:47:0055.15 N, 5.535 WRRS Challenger CH9
344368CTD or STD cast1987-01-17 02:20:0055.0833 N, 5.435 WRRS Challenger CH9
344381CTD or STD cast1987-01-17 04:21:0055.0167 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH9
383552CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 07:27:0054.95 N, 5.2333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383564CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 09:28:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383576CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 10:20:0054.7667 N, 5.1667 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383588CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 11:19:0054.7333 N, 5.25 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383607CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 13:20:0054.7167 N, 5.3333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383619CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 17:01:0055.0183 N, 5.35 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383620CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 18:10:0055.0833 N, 5.435 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383632CTD or STD cast1987-03-23 19:41:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383693CTD or STD cast1987-03-24 02:57:0055.2167 N, 5.6333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383700CTD or STD cast1987-03-24 04:09:0055.25 N, 5.7833 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383712CTD or STD cast1987-03-24 05:52:0055.215 N, 5.865 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
383724CTD or STD cast1987-03-24 06:46:0055.185 N, 5.9333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR13/87
249808CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 00:47:0054.6683 N, 5.4866 WRRS Challenger CH14
249821CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 01:26:0054.695 N, 5.4166 WRRS Challenger CH14
249833CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 03:25:0054.7183 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH14
249845CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 04:21:0054.7366 N, 5.2483 WRRS Challenger CH14
249857CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 06:17:0054.765 N, 5.16 WRRS Challenger CH14
249869CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 07:15:0054.8033 N, 5.085 WRRS Challenger CH14
249870CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 08:43:0054.95 N, 5.2383 WRRS Challenger CH14
249882CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 09:36:0055.0166 N, 5.3383 WRRS Challenger CH14
249894CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 10:30:0055.085 N, 5.4366 WRRS Challenger CH14
249901CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 11:22:0055.1516 N, 5.5366 WRRS Challenger CH14
249913CTD or STD cast1987-04-25 12:11:0055.2183 N, 5.64 WRRS Challenger CH14
250164CTD or STD cast1987-04-26 10:14:0055.2733 N, 5.73 WRRS Challenger CH14
250176CTD or STD cast1987-04-26 10:57:0055.2516 N, 5.7933 WRRS Challenger CH14
250188CTD or STD cast1987-04-26 12:18:0055.2166 N, 5.87 WRRS Challenger CH14
250207CTD or STD cast1987-04-26 13:21:0055.195 N, 5.935 WRRS Challenger CH14
250219CTD or STD cast1987-04-26 14:42:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH14
349778CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 07:52:0054.6683 N, 5.4933 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
349791CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 08:20:0054.6983 N, 5.4167 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
349809CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 09:01:0054.7267 N, 5.3333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
349810CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 09:52:0054.75 N, 5.2517 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
349822CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 10:39:0054.775 N, 5.1667 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
349834CTD or STD cast1987-06-20 11:23:0054.8033 N, 5.0883 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14A/87
350325CTD or STD cast1987-06-24 15:25:0054.95 N, 5.2333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350337CTD or STD cast1987-06-24 17:27:0055.0167 N, 5.3333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350350CTD or STD cast1987-06-24 20:21:0055.0833 N, 5.4333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350362CTD or STD cast1987-06-24 22:10:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350374CTD or STD cast1987-06-24 23:01:0055.2167 N, 5.6333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350405CTD or STD cast1987-06-25 04:38:0055.25 N, 5.7833 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350417CTD or STD cast1987-06-25 06:15:0055.2167 N, 5.8667 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
350429CTD or STD cast1987-06-25 08:39:0055.1833 N, 5.9333 WRRS Frederick Russell FR14B/87
252539CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 14:16:0054.6666 N, 5.4866 WRRS Challenger CH25
252540CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 14:59:0054.69 N, 5.4166 WRRS Challenger CH25
252552CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 16:18:0054.7166 N, 5.335 WRRS Challenger CH25
252564CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 18:03:0054.7566 N, 5.26 WRRS Challenger CH25
252576CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 19:05:0054.7766 N, 5.1666 WRRS Challenger CH25
252588CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 20:19:0054.7983 N, 5.0883 WRRS Challenger CH25
252607CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 22:00:0054.9483 N, 5.2333 WRRS Challenger CH25
252619CTD or STD cast1988-02-24 23:01:0055.0166 N, 5.3366 WRRS Challenger CH25
252620CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 00:07:0055.0816 N, 5.4366 WRRS Challenger CH25
252632CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 01:10:0055.15 N, 5.53 WRRS Challenger CH25
252644CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 02:17:0055.2166 N, 5.6316 WRRS Challenger CH25
252656CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 03:20:0055.2816 N, 5.7266 WRRS Challenger CH25
252668CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 03:59:0055.2533 N, 5.7916 WRRS Challenger CH25
252681CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 05:17:0055.2216 N, 5.8666 WRRS Challenger CH25
252693CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 06:01:0055.1933 N, 5.94 WRRS Challenger CH25
252700CTD or STD cast1988-02-25 07:09:0055.16 N, 6.0016 WRRS Challenger CH25
262417CTD or STD cast1988-06-06 22:22:0054.6616 N, 5.5 WRRS Challenger CH30
262429CTD or STD cast1988-06-06 23:13:0054.69 N, 5.4066 WRRS Challenger CH30
262430CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 01:03:0054.715 N, 5.3133 WRRS Challenger CH30
262442CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 01:49:0054.7466 N, 5.2466 WRRS Challenger CH30
262454CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 04:08:0054.7733 N, 5.165 WRRS Challenger CH30
262466CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 05:07:0054.7983 N, 5.1 WRRS Challenger CH30
262478CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 06:24:0054.9533 N, 5.2316 WRRS Challenger CH30
262491CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 07:15:0055.0183 N, 5.3316 WRRS Challenger CH30
262509CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 08:16:0055.085 N, 5.4316 WRRS Challenger CH30
262510CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 09:10:0055.1516 N, 5.5316 WRRS Challenger CH30
262522CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 10:09:0055.22 N, 5.6383 WRRS Challenger CH30
262534CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 11:10:0055.285 N, 5.72 WRRS Challenger CH30
262546CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 11:50:0055.255 N, 5.795 WRRS Challenger CH30
262558CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 12:34:0055.2183 N, 5.8616 WRRS Challenger CH30
262571CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 13:21:0055.1883 N, 5.9283 WRRS Challenger CH30
262583CTD or STD cast1988-06-07 14:10:0055.1566 N, 6.0 WRRS Challenger CH30
343678CTD or STD cast1988-10-27 07:25:0054.67 N, 5.5 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343691CTD or STD cast1988-10-27 08:38:0054.6933 N, 5.4167 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343746CTD or STD cast1988-11-05 05:54:0054.6917 N, 5.415 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343758CTD or STD cast1988-11-05 06:47:0054.72 N, 5.3333 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343771CTD or STD cast1988-11-05 08:48:0054.8 N, 5.0883 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343783CTD or STD cast1988-11-05 09:48:0054.77 N, 5.17 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
343795CTD or STD cast1988-11-05 11:17:0054.7483 N, 5.2533 WMV Gorsethorn GTH1/88
266479CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 01:01:0055.1666 N, 6.0 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266480CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 01:34:0055.1833 N, 5.9333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266492CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 02:07:0055.2166 N, 5.8666 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266511CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 02:38:0055.25 N, 5.7833 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266523CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 03:17:0055.2833 N, 5.7333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266535CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 04:06:0055.2166 N, 5.6333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266547CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 04:54:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266559CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 05:39:0055.0833 N, 5.4333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266560CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 06:24:0055.0166 N, 5.3333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266572CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 07:04:0054.95 N, 5.2333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266584CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 10:00:0054.6666 N, 5.5 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266596CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 10:27:0054.7 N, 5.4166 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
380277CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 11:01:0054.7167 N, 5.3333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266603CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 11:07:0054.7166 N, 5.3333 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266615CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 11:45:0054.75 N, 5.25 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266627CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 12:24:0054.7666 N, 5.1666 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
266639CTD or STD cast1989-05-10 12:58:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRV Lough Foyle LF1/89
318036CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 00:24:0055.1583 N, 6.0 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318048CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 00:57:0055.1867 N, 5.935 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318061CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 01:27:0055.2167 N, 5.8667 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318073CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 02:02:0055.2533 N, 5.7933 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318085CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 02:30:0055.2833 N, 5.7333 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318097CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 06:22:0054.6667 N, 5.5 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318104CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 06:49:0054.6933 N, 5.4167 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318116CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 07:21:0054.7217 N, 5.335 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318128CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 07:53:0054.7483 N, 5.2517 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318141CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 08:31:0054.7733 N, 5.165 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318153CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 09:03:0054.8 N, 5.0833 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318270CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 23:08:0054.9167 N, 5.2333 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318282CTD or STD cast1989-08-08 23:50:0055.0167 N, 5.3333 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318294CTD or STD cast1989-08-09 00:36:0055.0817 N, 5.4333 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318301CTD or STD cast1989-08-09 01:20:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
318313CTD or STD cast1989-08-09 02:08:0055.2167 N, 5.635 WRV Lough Foyle LF2/89
316619CTD or STD cast1989-11-24 14:28:0054.95 N, 5.5 WRRS Charles Darwin CD44
384555CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 18:04:0055.1633 N, 5.9817 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384567CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 18:44:0055.1917 N, 5.93 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384579CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 19:28:0055.22 N, 5.86 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384580CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 20:14:0055.24 N, 5.7717 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384592CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 21:23:0055.27 N, 5.705 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384623CTD or STD cast1991-11-30 23:12:0055.1533 N, 5.5233 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384635CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 00:18:0055.0867 N, 5.4333 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384647CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 01:23:0055.0167 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384659CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 02:24:0054.9467 N, 5.235 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384660CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 03:38:0054.8 N, 5.0817 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384672CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 04:16:0054.7767 N, 5.1717 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384684CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 04:55:0054.7483 N, 5.2617 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384696CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 05:46:0054.72 N, 5.3367 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384703CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 06:36:0054.6967 N, 5.4217 WRRS Challenger CH86B
384727CTD or STD cast1991-12-01 07:14:0054.6783 N, 5.5 WRRS Challenger CH86B
387239CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 07:58:0055.1633 N, 5.9983 WRRS Challenger CH97
387240CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 08:27:0055.1917 N, 5.9383 WRRS Challenger CH97
387252CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 09:06:0055.2183 N, 5.8733 WRRS Challenger CH97
387264CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 09:48:0055.2517 N, 5.7933 WRRS Challenger CH97
387276CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 10:29:0055.2817 N, 5.7283 WRRS Challenger CH97
387288CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 11:13:0055.2183 N, 5.6333 WRRS Challenger CH97
387307CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 11:59:0055.15 N, 5.5333 WRRS Challenger CH97
387319CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 12:48:0055.0833 N, 5.4317 WRRS Challenger CH97
387320CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 13:37:0055.0133 N, 5.335 WRRS Challenger CH97
387332CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 14:24:0054.95 N, 5.2333 WRRS Challenger CH97
387344CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 15:35:0054.7983 N, 5.0833 WRRS Challenger CH97
387356CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 16:04:0054.7717 N, 5.165 WRRS Challenger CH97
387368CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 16:37:0054.7483 N, 5.2483 WRRS Challenger CH97
387381CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 17:27:0054.72 N, 5.3333 WRRS Challenger CH97
387393CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 18:03:0054.6933 N, 5.4183 WRRS Challenger CH97
387400CTD or STD cast1992-10-04 18:35:0054.6767 N, 5.475 WRRS Challenger CH97