National Oceanography Centre (NOC) at Liverpool

An ADCP deployment on a Coastal Observatory cruise
An ADCP deployment on a Coastal Observatory cruise ©

BODC’s laboratory liaison activities with NOC at Liverpool (formerly the Proudman Oceangraphic Laboratory) are focused on managing the diverse range of data collected by scientists during their research. BODC provides a dedicated and skilled independent resource to secure data, enabling re-use over the long-term.

More about NOC

The National Oceanography Centre at Liverpool is a world-leading centre in tidal and storm surge prediction and is a leading European centre in modelling and forecasting coastal water environments. Their scientists are experts in sea level rise — predicted to increase substantially this century.

As a major research centre of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), they conduct world-class research in

  • estuary, coastal and shelf sea circulation & ecosystem dynamics
  • wind-wave dynamics & sediment transport
  • global sea level and geodetic oceanography
  • marine technology & operational oceanography

It is one of seven UK marine centres that are participating in the NERC Oceans 2025 programme. This is a strategic marine research programme which aims to improve understanding of ocean behaviour, response to climate change and subsequent impacts on society through cross-disciplinary partnership research. Scientists are undertaking research in six of the nine science themes that Oceans 2025 addresses

  • Theme 1: Geodetic Oceanography, Polar Oceanography, and Sea Level
  • Theme 3: Shelf and Coastal Processes
  • Theme 6: Climatological Trends in the Physical Environment
  • Theme 8: Technology Development
  • Theme 9: Next Generation Ocean Prediction Systems
  • Theme 10: Integration of Sustained Observations in the Marine Environment

In addition to this, ongoing research is carried out through a Coastal Observatory located in Liverpool Bay. The main objective is to understand a coastal sea's response both to natural forcing and to the consequences of human activity.

Complementing their own research, NOC acts as a host institution to two internationally respected marine facilities: the National Tidal and Sea Level Facility and Tide Gauge Network (NTSLF), and the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL).