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RRS James Clark Ross JR20091202 (JR230)

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Ship name (ship code)RRS James Clark Ross (74JC)
Cruise identifierJR20091202 (JR230)
Cruise period2009-12-02 — 2009-12-11
Port of departureRothera, Antarctica
Port of returnRothera, Antarctica
ObjectivesDuring the JR230 cruise with RRS James Clark Ross expertise from seven countries has been pulled together to assess coupling and biodiversity from sea surface to sea bed, microbes to megafauna and across 1-km to hundreds of km scale; it is the first British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to attempt this. In doing so we intended to link several programmes and work packages of science in the Polar Science for Planet Earth programme of BAS and significantly contribute to knowledge of the interaction between the water column and seabed, understanding of Southern Ocean biodiversity structure and Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML). Our sample design spanned the inner shelf of Marguerite Bay to the shelf break, used multiple apparatus types and will feed the species collected into a network of experts spanning the planet. Although the pelagic, bacteria and benthic teams have each taken part in many Southern Ocean cruises prior to this expedition, there were still some significant differences and striking surprises amongst the organisms we found, which have been recorded by a professional photographer who joined the voyage. We sampled four complete areas, each consisting of a number of sites sampled by Agassiz trawl (AGT), epibenthic sledge (EBS), box core, Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD), Bongo and N70 nets, Rectangular-Midwater-Trawl (RMT) 8+1 nets as well as acoustics.
Chief scientistDavid Barnes (British Antarctic Survey)
Cruise reportRRS James Clark Ross JR20091202 (JR230) cruise report jr230.pdf — access key 'C' (5.65 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralSouthern Ocean
SpecificMarguerite Bay
Physical oceanography 
CTD stationsQuantity: number of profiles = 12
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