JOIDES Resolution 340

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)JOIDES Resolution (54JR)
Cruise identifier340
Cruise period2012-03-02 — 2012-04-17
Port of departureSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Port of returnWillemstad, Netherlands Antilles
ObjectivesIntegrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 340 involved drilling in marine sediment and volcaniclastic material at nine sites located off the islands of Montserrat and Martinique, The overarching aim of the Expedition is to reach a better understanding of the constructive and destructive processes occurring along the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc. Two holes were planned for each of the nine sites, and logging was planned for eight sites. The primary objectives of this expedition were

1. To drill through the chaotic units (as identified in the seismic data) interpreted as mass wasting deposits and to better understand their composition, origin, and relationship to on-land volcanic flank-collapse events.

2. To core as many tephra layers as possible for tephrochronology studies designed to reconstruct the history of the volcanoes of both Montserrat and Martinique and the long-term magmatic evolution of the arc.

3. To retrieve a complete sediment record from each of the sites to study the sedimentation processes occurring along the entire volcanic arc.
Chief scientistAnne Le Friant (CNRS Institute of Earth Physics, Paris), Osamu Ishizuka (Geological Survey of Japan)
ProjectIntegrated Ocean Drilling Program
Cruise reportJOIDES Resolution 340 cruise report joidesresolution340.pdf (22.86 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCaribbean Sea
SpecificLesser Antilles (Montserrat, Martinique)