CCGS Amundsen ArcticNet1503 (ArcticNet, GN03)

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)CCGS Amundsen (18DL)
Cruise identifierArcticNet1503 (ArcticNet, GN03)
Cruise period2015-09-05 — 2015-10-01
Port of departureSachs Harbor, Canada
Port of returnResolute Bay, Canada
ObjectivesLeg 3b of the 2015 CCGS Amundsen expedition was shared between ArcticNet and the Canadian Arctic GEOTRACES project: "A biogeochemical and tracer study of a rapidly changing Arctic Ocean". As part of the international GEOTRACES program, the principal mandate of the Canadian Arctic GEOTRACES project was the study input, removal and cycling of trace elements and isotopes in the water column, and to use this information to document, monitor, and predict the evolution of physical and biogeochemical processes in the Arctic Ocean. On this leg, the Canadian GEOTRACES project was complemented by a 4-day process study in Penny Strait, using a Moving Vessel Profiler to study mesoscale mixing in Wellington, Maury and Perry Channels and assess the impact of these physical processes on the supply of nutrients to surface waters. The ArcticNet program included sea ice work, box coring, net casts, and a mooring deployment in Queen Maud Gulf

Sampling operations consisted of:
- seawater sampling with ArcticNet's 24 x 12 L rosette - CTD (Niskin-type bottles)
- seawater sampling under trace metal clean conditions with GEOTRACES' 12 x 12 L rosette - CTD (Go-Flo bottles)
- particle sampling with 6 McLane large volume in-situ pumps
- Box coring
- zooplankton and fish sampling with a Net Vertical Sampler (NVS), a Double Square Net (DSN), a Isaac-Kidd Midwater Trawl (IKMT), a Hydrobios, and a Benthic Beam Trawl
- aerosol sampling with a volumetric flow controlled high volume sampler
Additional planned activities included:
- seafloor mapping with a multibeam sonar and a CHIRP sub-bottom profiler
- mooring deployment in Queen Maud Gulf
- Moving Vessel Profiler and CTD mesoscale and mixing survey in Wellington, Maury, and Perry Channels
Chief scientistRoger Francois (University of British Columbia, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences)
ProjectGEOTRACES -Trace elements and their isotopes in the water column
Cruise reportCCGS Amundsen ArcticNet1503 (ArcticNet, GN03) cruise report amundsen_1503.pdf (7.13 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralThe Northwestern Passages
SpecificCanadian Arctic
Data held at BODC 
Discrete samples 
21  CTD frame plus rosette sampler