RV Investigator IN2018_V04 (GPpr13)

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Ship name (ship code)RV Investigator (096U)
Cruise identifierIN2018_V04 (GPpr13)
Cruise period2018-09-11 — 2018-10-08
Port of departureHobart, Australia
Port of returnHobart, Australia

- Assess the sources of external iron to the southern extension of the EAC
- Compare and contrast the biogeochemistry of EAC waters with HNLC waters located southwest of Tasmania
- Determine the role of 'new' (externally sourced iron) versus 'recycled' iron in regulating springtime productivity across the STF
- Test the sensitivity of neodymium and thorium isotope sedimentary records to local sedimentary processes

The primary objective of the voyage is to characterise the sources and biogeochemical cycling of iron and associated nutrients and their impact on productivity southwest, southeast and northeast of Tasmania.
Chief scientistMichael Ellwood (Australian National University Research School of Earth Sciences)
ProjectGEOTRACES -Trace elements and their isotopes in the water column
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GeneralTasman Sea
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