Cruise inventory

RRS John Biscoe

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RRS John Biscoe (74JB)
Cruise period1978-01-15 — 1978-03-17
ObjectivesBritish Antarctic Survey (BAS)
Chief scientistBarry Heywood (British Antarctic Survey), Inigo Everson (British Antarctic Survey), W N Bonner (British Antarctic Survey)
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralSouth Atlantic Ocean
Track chartsRRS John Biscoe  cruise track — trk2149.html
Physical oceanography 
Water bottle stationsQuantity: number of stations = 35
Biology and fisheries 
Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence)Quantity: 24
Biochemical measurements (eg lipids, amino acids)Quantity: 8
PhytoplanktonQuantity: 24
ZooplanktonQuantity: 93
Eggs and larvaeQuantity: 83
Pelagic fishQuantity: number of hauls = 17
Description: distribution,biomass determination,communities
Demersal fishQuantity: number of hauls = 23
Other biological/fisheries measurementQuantity: 1
Description: hydrocarbon concentrations
Routine standard measurementsQuantity: 196