FRV Scotia 5/80

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FRV Scotia (749S)
Cruise identifier5/80
Cruise period1980-05-28 — 1980-06-16
Chief scientistIan G Baxter (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
ProjectWestern Mackerel
Coordinating bodyICES
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCeltic Sea
Bay of Biscay
North East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
SpecificWest of Ireland, Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay
Track chartsFRV Scotia 5/80 cruise track — trk2540.html
Physical oceanography 
Surface measurements underway (T,S)Description: See MAFF Fisheries Research Data Report, No 17, 1989
Water bottle stationsQuantity: number of stations = 33
Description: Surface salinity only
Biology and fisheries 
PhytoplanktonQuantity: number of samples = 8
Eggs and larvaeQuantity: number of samples = 106
Pelagic fishQuantity: number of hauls = 6
Description: population studies