RV Farnella 6/82

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Farnella (74AE)
Cruise identifier6/82
Cruise period1982-01-21 — 1982-01-31
Port of departureBridgetown, Barbados
Port of returnNew Orleans, United States
ObjectivesGeophysics. GLORIA survey
North Caribbean Deformed Belt survey, 270mile (435km) long line
12 kHz PES fish and GLORIA side-scan vehicle launched and recovered twice
40 cu inch airgun deployed and recovered
Chief scientistNeil H Kenyon (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Wormley Laboratory)
Cruise reportRV Farnella 6/82 cruise report farnella6and7_82.pdf (0.21 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralCaribbean Sea
Gulf of Mexico
SpecificCaribbean Sea (Gulf of Mexico)
Track chartsRV Farnella 6/82 cruise track — trk2899.html
Geology and geophysics 
Multi-beam echosoundingQuantity: track kilometres = 435
Description: 40 cu. inch airgun
Long/short range side scan sonarQuantity: track kilometres = 435
Description: GLORIA
Single channel seismic reflectionQuantity: track kilometres = 435
Description: 12 kHz PES fish