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Aurora Australis 09AR9501_1

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Ship name (ship code)Aurora Australis (09AR)
Cruise identifier09AR9501_1
Cruise period1995-07-17 — 1995-09-02
Port of departureHobart, Australia
Port of returnHobart, Australia
ObjectivesOceanographic measurements were conducted along WOCE Southern Ocean meridional section SR3 between Tasmania and Antarctica, and around the boundary of a square-plan test volume south of the Antarctic Divergence, from July to September 1995. A total of 208 CTD vertical profile stations were taken, 64 of those to near bottom, and the remaining 144 to a depth of 500 m. Over 2300 Niskin bottle water samples were collected for the measurement of salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients (phosphate, nitrate+nitrite, silicate), dissolved organic and inorganic carbon, iodate/iodide, primary productivity, and biological parameters, using both a 24 and 12 bottle rosette sampler. Near surface current data were collected using a ship mounted ADCP.
Chief scientistNathan Bindoff (Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre)
Cruise reportAurora Australis 09AR9501_1 cruise report 09ar9501_1_09ar9601_1.pdf — access key 'C' (2.07 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralIndian Ocean
South West Pacific Ocean (limit 140W)
Track chartsAurora Australis 09AR9501_1 cruise track — 09ar9501_1_csr7003track.pdf (0.29 MB) 
Data held at BODC 
1  Single-beam echosounder
Bathymetry and Elevation
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Date and time
Bathymetry and Elevation
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Date and time

BODC idDate/TimeLocationDoc.
5824461995-07-17 12:29  — 1995-09-02 01:34:10 65° 30' 40" S  136° 29' 14" E — 42° 53' 9" S  147° 30' 24" E  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 582446