FRV Goldseeker 7/79

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)FRV Goldseeker (74GO)
Cruise identifier7/79
Cruise period1979-06-05 — 1979-06-28
Port of departureBuckie, United Kingdom
Port of returnBuckie, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To recapture Nephrops tagged in 1978 in the Moray Firth in order to measure annual growth increments.
2. To release a further batch of tagged Nephrops in the same area.
3. To investigate the effects of dead Nephrops on the efficiency of baited creels (this objective was postponed to a later cruise).
4. To set up cages of nephrops in and around the cryolite dumping ground.
Chief scientistColin J Chapman (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Cruise reportFRV Goldseeker 7/79 cruise report goldseeker07_79.pdf (0.19 MB) 
Biology and fisheries 
CrustaceansQuantity: number of specimens = 7
Description: Tagged Nephrops recaptured in order to measure annual growth.
TaggingsQuantity: number of specimens = 1510
Description: Nephrops tagged and released.