RV Corystes CORY 1/07

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Ship name (ship code)RV Corystes (74RY)
Cruise identifierCORY 1/07
Cruise period2007-07-21 — 2007-08-04
Port of departureBelfast, United Kingdom
Port of returnPortland Harbour, United Kingdom

1. To undertake a beam trawl survey in the southern North Sea and eastern Channel as part of an ICES coordinated research programme.
2. To obtain fisheries independent data on the distribution and abundance of commercial flatfish species.
3. To collect biological data, including weight and age at maturity, of commercial species.
4. To derive age compositions of commercial flatfish, whilst at sea, for use in stock assessment.
5. To carry out sampling to satisfy the requirements of the EU data regulations.
6. To identify the epibenthos by-catch taken in the 4-metre beam trawl and to quantify 12 species as agreed at the Beam Trawl Working Group.


The SIC and SIC 2 joined the CORYSTES on the evening of the 19th July to set up all scientific equipment on the morning of the 20th July. The rest of the scientific team joined in the afternoon (1600h) and the vessel sailed from Portland docks at 1900h to hold position at the first station. Fishing commenced the following morning to the west of the Isle of Wight in proximity of Poole and Christchurch Bay. 12 tows were completed of which one was invalid due to damage by flint rocks. It was therefore repeated successfully at a reduced duration of 15 minutes. In addition, one tow was prematurely hauled after 20 minutes due to static gear in the way of the tow.

On the 22nd July, 13 tows were completed, 2 of which were invalid and one tow was shortened to 20 minutes because of static gear on tow and the site of a historic wreck. The first invalid tow was not repeated because of the extent of the damage and the fact that catches were poor in the other stations in this vicinity. The second invalid tow occurred because the cod-end became undone during the fishing operations. This tow was repeated successfully. The vessel then steamed overnight to the stations off Dungeness at the north east of the English Channel. This decision was based on weather forecasts.
Chief scientistG Course (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Lowestoft Laboratory)
Coordinating bodyCEFAS
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Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralEnglish Channel
North Sea
SpecificNorth Sea, English Channel
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