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The aim of the ARABESQUE project was to study the upper ocean microbial biogeochemistry in the Arabian Sea. Its focus was carbon and nitrogen cycling processes linked to climate change. The project was a UK contribution to the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) Process Studies of the Arabian Sea.

The field programme consisted of two cruises of RRS Discovery. Cruise 210 (from 27 August to 4 October 1994) was timed to coincide with the South West Monsoon, whilst cruise 212 (from 16 November to 19 December 1994) took place during the intermonsoon period through to the onset of the Northeast Monsoon.

A wide range of physical, chemical and biological parameters were measured. The data set consists of over five million underway measurements (one minute sampling with up to 30 different parameters), 400 shallow CTD casts and 4500 water bottle deployments from which up to 24 different parameters were measured.

Data management support was provided by BODC and over 90% of the data collected during the field programme are assembled on this CDROM along with the associated documentation and interface software. Although the package is designed primarily for Microsoft Windows users, the files can also be read on Macintosh and UNIX systems. Simple flat ASCII versions of the data are also included. The CDROM was published in April 1998.

The individual data sets are also stored in our databank and subsets are available on request. Please contact the BODC Enquiries Officer for more information.