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Autosub Science Missions CDROM
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Autosub is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). It was developed by the Ocean Engineering Division (OED) at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (NOC) with funding from NERC. The aim of the Autosub Science Missions was to demonstrate the usefulness of Autosub. Six Science Missions were designed to collect data which could not be obtained by research ships.

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The Science Missions

  1. Flow over sills in the Strait of Sicily
    Smeed, Dr D A and Stansfield, Dr K
  2. Dissolved and particulate manganese and oxygen in the water column of the upper basins of two hypoxic sea lochs
    Overnell, Dr J, Black, Dr K D, Statham, Dr P and German, Dr C
  3. Under sea-ice and pelagic surveys
    Brierley, Dr A S, Fernandes, Dr P G and Brandon, Dr M A
  4. Submersible single cell and particle analysis
    Cunningham, Dr A, Burkill, Dr P A and Tarran, Dr G
  5. Spatial variability of bottom turbulence over a sandbank
    Collins, Prof M B, Voulgaris, Dr G, Trowbridge, Dr J and Terray, Dr E
  6. Sonar and turbulence studies of the upper ocean
    Thorpe, Prof. S A and Osborn, Prof. T

BODC was responsible for the archive of all data arising from the individual Autosub missions and the data collected during the eight campaign cruises.

The CDROM was produced to illustrate the capabilities of Autosub. It contains the following information

  • descriptions of the development and trials of Autosub
  • a brief overview of the science undertaken during the Science Mission studies
  • the navigation, engineering and Autosub CTD data for each mission