Marine Environment Monitoring and Assessment National database (MERMAN)

BODC's role

UK Coastline - Chapman's Pool
UK coastline - Chapman's Pool ©

BODC acts as the Data Manager for MERMAN. As the UK's national marine data centre, BODC has experience with managing access to data from large national and international multidisciplinary projects. As such we were involved in agreeing the guidelines for access to MERMAN.

BODC also coordinated with IBM, during the latter stages of MERMAN’s development, to ensure the structure and implementation satisfied the requirements of the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (CSEMP).

Our duties include

The diagram below shows the flow of data into and out of MERMAN. Click on the image to download the full slide, which has additional information about each data repository.

Flow diagram showing the flow of MERMAN's data
Diagram showing the flow of data into and from the MERMAN database ©


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