National Oceanography Centre (NOC) at Southampton

The National Oceanography Centre (Southampton)
The National Oceanography Centre (Southampton) ©

In keeping with the vision of a coordinated strategic research programme for the NERC marine Centres (articulated in Oceans 2025), BODC and NOC have established a data management group in Southampton. A guiding principle is to make best use of established facilities and practices.

The NOC Scientific Data Group will be primarily responsible for NERC core-funded data and will work with BODC, utilising its existing software suite and database systems. Other NOC data will follow current channels to specific project data managers at BODC, or be handled by the NOC Laboratory Liaison Officer for Southampton.

More about NOC

The National Oceanography Centre at Southampton is one of the world’s leading centres for research and education in marine and earth sciences. Included in this role are the development of marine technology, the provision of large scale infrastructure and support for the UK marine research community.  Research activities are organised through five key research areas:

  • Marine Geoscience
  • Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
  • Marine Systems Modelling
  • Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems
  • Ocean Technology and Engineering