Data submission

It is the responsibility of the data originators to supply fully processed, quality-controlled data sets with comprehensive supporting metadata. The goal is to distribute data to others without recourse to the originator. The laboratory liaison officer will provide comprehensive assistance and guidance, but regrettably the level of BODC funding does not allow for processing of raw data.

View the Service Level Agreement between NOC (at Southampton) and BODC. Adobe PDF version of the Service Level Agreement between NOCS and BODC in respect of the management of data generated by NOCS' programmes (33 KB)

Information on data file formats, parameters and basic metadata are provided in our 'General guide to data submission'. We have also prepared a series of guides detailing metadata requirements for various data types. These may be accessed from the 'Submitting data to BODC' section of our web site.

When data processing has been completed and the data are ready for submission, please contact either a member of the NOC Scientific data group, for data related to NERC core funded research, or Malcolm Hearn at BODC. If in doubt, either will be able to assist.

The NOC Scientific data group can facilitate the transfer of data and metadata to BODC from NOC systems. Alternatively, data can be supplied to BODC by one of the following methods:

  • Email Malcolm Hearn and attach files (compressed/zipped if large)
  • Put data on an accessible FTP site and provide instructions for collection
  • Send data on CDROM or DVD to
    Malcolm Hearn
    Joseph Proudman Building
    6 Brownlow Street
    L3 5DA
  • Ask for details of the BODC upload FTP site

Please note — unprocessed data cannot readily be incorporated into our relational database system so distribution would be limited to copies of original data files. In the case of NERC funded research, the submission of unprocessed data does not meet the data management criteria of the grant or satisfy appropriate legislation and government guidance. In some circumstances, BODC will process data, but only with prior agreement.

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