United Kingdom Digital Marine Atlas (UKDMAP) CDROM


The information provided on this page relates to an installation software update for the UKDMAP CDROM. This update only extends the longevity of the product — the information contained on the CDROM has not been refreshed.

The third edition release (July 1998) of the UKDMAP CDROM was designed for Windows 95/NT and has, until Windows 7, continued to operate with subsequent versions of Microsoft Windows without problem. The installation software included on the CDROM was a 16 bit application and it will not run on Microsoft Windows 64 bit systems.

Installation software update

To enable the continued use of the CDROM, BODC has released replacement installation software which runs on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Download the (1.38 MB)

Contents of the install ZIP file

The ZIP file is provided to replace the installation software on the CDROM. It contains

  • the UKDMAP application (Ukdmap.exe)
  • the help file (UKDMAP.hlp)
  • a user guide in Adobe PDF format (USRGUIDE.pdf)
  • a Windows Registry segment (Ukdmap.reg)
  • a guide for the installation process (Install.html)

Alternatively, UKDMAP is now distributed as a compressed zip file which contains the updated installation software, an installation guide, the data files, the user guide and help files.