RV Lough Foyle LF/19/98

Cruise summary report

Cruise Info. 
Ship name (ship code)RV Lough Foyle (74LG)
Cruise identifierLF/19/98
Cruise period1998-05-05 — 1998-05-07
Port of departureBelfast, United Kingdom
Port of returnBelfast, United Kingdom
Objectives1. To collect data on water column structure at the DANI mooring site and standard station in Irish coastal waters.
2. To investigate the distribution of phytoplankton and dissolved nutrients along an east-west section of the Irish Sea from Irish coastal waters to Liverpool Bay.
Chief scientistRichard Gowen (Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland)
Cruise reportRV Lough Foyle LF/19/98 cruise report lf_may98.pdf (0.08 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralIrish Sea and St. George's Channel
SpecificWestern Irish Sea to Liverpool Bay.
Track chartsRV Lough Foyle LF/19/98 cruise track — lf_may98track.pdf (0.01 MB) 
Physical oceanography 
CTD stationsQuantity: number of stations = 11
Description: Line of stations worked across the Irish Sea to Liverpool Bay
Chemical oceanography 
Other chemical oceanographic measurementsQuantity: number of stations = 1
Description: Water samples taken for the concentrations of dissolved inorganic nutrients at station 47
Biology and fisheries 
ZooplanktonQuantity: number of stations = 2
Description: Samples collected using a 0.6m, 280 micro metre mesh ring net (vertical hauls) at station 47 and at the DANI mooring station
NektonQuantity: number of stations = 1
Description: Water samples taken for the estimation of phytoplankton biomass at station 47