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RV Pelagia PE373 (GA04N Leg2)

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Ship name (ship code)RV Pelagia (64PE)
Cruise identifierPE373 (GA04N Leg2)
Cruise period2013-07-13 — 2013-07-25
Port of departureIstanbul, Turkey
Port of returnIstanbul, Turkey
ObjectivesParticipants boarded the RV Pelagia at 09:00 am on 13 July 2013. The Pelagia was ready to go at 15:00 and at 21:00 we joined a convoy from Istanbul through the Bosporus into the Black Sea to start leg 2 of the MedBlack GEOTRACES cruises. To allow all participants to set up their equipment the first station was planned at 08:00 am on 14 July. All CTDs and the in situ pumps worked well at station 1 and also at all other stations. We arrived at station 2 at 00:15 am on 15 July. Station 2 was a hyper station where we used an extra UCC cast to collect water for the isotope intercomparison excercise and an extra UCC cast to collect water for mercury (Hg) isotopes and particulate cobalt (Co). After station 2 we started to alternate the planned stations. Alternating the stations allowed for more time in between stations to finish sampling and perform measurements. At hyper station 5 an extra UCC cast was executed. Also at station 10 an extra UCC cast was executed to collect a second batch of water for the isotope intercomparison excercise. The last 2 stations 11 and 12 were close to the entrance of the Bosporus. At station 11 we tried 2 times to sample the Mediterranean outflow intrusion through a canyon into the Black Sea (Ozsoy et al., 2001) but we didn't succeed. This is why at station 11 three casts were recorded, however, only cast 2 (UCC) and cast 3 (25L CTD) were sampled. At station 12 we also tried to find the Mediterranean outflow. We did not succeed at our first location but instead of a second cast we manoeuvered the ship slowly to deeper waters in the Bosporus where we did find the Mediterranean outflow. We entered the Bosporus at 04:30 on 24 July and were around 06:00 back into the harbour of Istanbul.
Chief scientistMicha J A Rijkenberg (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)
ProjectGEOTRACES -Trace elements and their isotopes in the water column
Cruise reportRV Pelagia PE373 (GA04N Leg2) cruise report pe373.pdf — access key 'C' (8.79 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralBlack Sea
SpecificSouthern Black Sea
Track chartsRV Pelagia PE373 (GA04N Leg2) cruise track — pe373trk.pdf (0.29 MB)