RRS James Cook JC180

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Ship name (ship code)RRS James Cook (740H)
Cruise identifierJC180
Cruise period2019-04-25 — 2019-05-30
Port of departureSouthampton, United Kingdom
Port of returnSouthampton, United Kingdom
ObjectivesJC180 is the main experimental cruise component of the EC funded €16m project Strategies for the environmental monitoring of marine carbon capture and storage STEMM-CCS. The overall goals of the STEMM-CCS project are to develop techniques and methods to constrain potential leakage pathways for CO2 should it be stored in reservoirs and to develop techniques to detect and quantify CO2 release from the seabed should it leak from storage reservoirs in the future if they are developed on a commercial scale in the North Sea. This cruise, and the whole project aims to increase the confidence the science community and the public have as we move towards using old hydrocarbon reservoirs for CO2 storage to mitigate climate change. If we use these storage sites we need to ensure that should they leak we will be able to detect any leakage and quantify it.
Chief scientistDouglas Connelly (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Cruise reportRRS James Cook JC180 cruise report jc180.pdf (63.21 MB) 
Ocean/sea areas 
GeneralNorth Sea
SpecificCentral North Sea
Track chartsRRS James Cook JC180 cruise track — jc180trk.pdf (2.70 MB) 
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1  Multi-beam echosounder
Reference numbers
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Bathymetry and Elevation
Reference numbers
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Bathymetry and Elevation

BODC idDate/TimeLocationDoc.
20270932019-04-28 16:37 57° 56' 31" N  0° 33' 50" W — 58° 3' 25" N  0° 16' 26" W  View metadata report for BODC series reference number 2027093