Land-Ocean Interaction Study - Shelf Edge Study (LOIS SES) CDROM


Thermistor and temperature probe data

The thermistor and temperature probe data on disc two of the CDROM are in QXF format. This includes a character variable named SERIDN, which should be 40 bytes long but is actually 41 bytes long in the data files. This difference only affects users who are developing their own software against the QXF files.

Software updates

The following information relates to a software patch for the LOIS SES CDROM installation software. This information can also be found under software updates.

Installation software update — NetCDF DLL

The LOIS SES CDROM installation software loads the 'netcdf.dll' into the systems directory. This is contrary to the Microsoft logo compliance requirements, and has presented a problem in-house with the use of the Matlab netCDF toolbox. Sesfix.exe is provided to resolve these problems by moving the DLL into the application directory.

Download sesfix.exe (200 KB).

If the SES project has not been installed, the sesfix software has no effect. Otherwise the netcdf.dll file is looked for in the systems directory and, given that it has the size and date of the BODC netcdf.dll, is moved to the Program Files\British Oceanographic Data Centre\2 directory.

The Program Files\British Oceanographic Data Centre\2 directory is used by the LOIS SES installation software by default. If you have installed the software somewhere else simply run the sesfix software with the installation directory as a parameter. Because of spaces in the path, you will probably need to enclose the directory in double quotes, for example

sesfix "D:\My BODC Software\Version 2"