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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 1183129

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category CTD or STD cast
Instrument Type
Sea-Bird SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor  dissolved gas sensors
Sea-Bird SBE 911plus CTD  CTD; water temperature sensor; salinity sensor
WETLabs ECO-FLNTU combined fluorometer and turbidity sensor  fluorometers; optical backscatter sensors
Instrument Mounting lowered unmanned submersible
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator Mr George Slesser
Originating Organization Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download available - Ocean Data View (ODV) format
Project(s) -

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier SC13/12/404
BODC Series Reference 1183129

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 2012-10-05 21:04
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) -
Nominal Cycle Interval 1.0 decibars

Spatial Co-ordinates

Latitude 61.38483 N ( 61° 23.1' N )
Longitude 3.70183 W ( 3° 42.1' W )
Positional Uncertainty 0.0 to 0.01 n.miles
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth 0.99 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth 1204.83 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height 20.17 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height 1224.01 m
Sea Floor Depth 1225.0 m
Sea Floor Depth Source DATAHEAD
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Variable common depth - All sensors are grouped effectively at the same depth, but this depth varies significantly during the series
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface
Sea Floor Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
ACYCAA011DimensionlessSequence number
CNDCST011Siemens per metreElectrical conductivity of the water body by CTD
CPHLPS011Milligrams per cubic metreConcentration of chlorophyll-a {chl-a CAS 479-61-8} per unit volume of the water body [particulate >unknown phase] by in-situ chlorophyll fluorometer and calibration against sample data
DOXYZZXX1Micromoles per litreConcentration of oxygen {O2 CAS 7782-44-7} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase]
OXYSSU011PercentSaturation of oxygen {O2 CAS 7782-44-7} in the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] by Sea-Bird SBE 43 sensor and computation from concentration using Benson and Krause algorithm
PRESPR011DecibarsPressure (spatial coordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and correction to read zero at sea level
PSALST011DimensionlessPractical salinity of the water body by CTD and computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm
SIGTPR011Kilograms per cubic metreSigma-theta of the water body by CTD and computation from salinity and potential temperature using UNESCO algorithm
TEMPST011Degrees CelsiusTemperature of the water body by CTD or STD
TURBPR011Nephelometric Turbidity UnitsTurbidity of water in the water body by in-situ optical backscatter measurement and laboratory calibration against formazin

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Quality report for FRV Scotia 1312S CTD data


The Originator has informed BODC that values of 0.000 NTU in the turbidity profiles throughout the cruise should be considered suspect. BODC has flagged these values where they occur. Throughout the cruise where there are spikes in the turbidity profile as the surface, these values have been flagged as suspect by BODC. Throughout the cruise, there are instances when the top few meters in the turbidity profile show a greater variability in range when compared to the rest of the profile and neighbouring stations. These cycles have been flagged by BODC as suspect.

Station 405 - chlorophyll

The chlorophyll values for this station are a factor of 10 higher than those measured on previous or subsequent stations. The Originator has informed BODC that these values are suspect and were caused by either the cap being left on the sensor or something obstructing the sensor. These data have been flagged as suspicious.

Station 406 - density and salinity

There is a density inversion between cycle 24 and 29. This feature is not seen in any of the neighbouring stations and so these values should be used with caution.

Station 406 - Oxygen concentration and oxygen percentage saturation

BODC have been informed by the Originator that in the first 30 m of the profile the oxygen sensor is suspected to have been fouled. Therefore the oxygen concentration and oxygen percentage saturation within the first 30 m should be considered suspect and used with caution.

Station 413 - Oxygen concentration and oxygen percentage saturation

Near the sea bed the oxygen concentration and oxygen percentage saturation show a greater variability in range when compared to the rest of the profile and neighbouring stations. These cycles have not been flagged by BODC as cannot say for certain these values are suspect.

Data Access Policy

Public domain data

These data have no specific confidentiality restrictions for users. However, users must acknowledge data sources as it is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution. Any publication or other output resulting from usage of the data should include an acknowledgment.

The recommended acknowledgment is

"This study uses data from the data source/organisation/programme, provided by the British Oceanographic Data Centre and funded by the funding body."

Narrative Documents

Sea-Bird Dissolved Oxygen Sensor SBE 43 and SBE 43F

The SBE 43 is a dissolved oxygen sensor designed for marine applications. It incorporates a high-performance Clark polarographic membrane with a pump that continuously plumbs water through it, preventing algal growth and the development of anoxic conditions when the sensor is taking measurements.

Two configurations are available: SBE 43 produces a voltage output and can be incorporated with any Sea-Bird CTD that accepts input from a 0-5 volt auxiliary sensor, while the SBE 43F produces a frequency output and can be integrated with an SBE 52-MP (Moored Profiler CTD) or used for OEM applications. The specifications below are common to both.


Housing Plastic or titanium

0.5 mil- fast response, typical for profile applications

1 mil- slower response, typical for moored applications

Depth rating

600 m (plastic) or 7000 m (titanium)

10500 m titanium housing available on request

Measurement range 120% of surface saturation
Initial accuracy 2% of saturation
Typical stability 0.5% per 1000 h

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's specification sheet.

CTD Instrument Description for FRV Scotia 1312S and FRV Scotia 1712S

Sampling Strategy

CTD casts were carried out on cruises FRV Scotia 1312S and FRV Scotia 1712S using the Sea-Bird SBE911plus. The instrumentation is detailed below.

CTD unit and auxiliary sensors Model Serial # Calibration Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Pressure (D.Quartz) Paroscientific 64240 2010-08-05
Temperature Sea-Bird SBE911plus 2041 2010-07-22
Conductivity Sea-Bird SBE911plus 1615 2010-07-22
Temperature Sea-Bird SBE911plus 2105 2010-07-22
Conductivity Sea-Bird SBE911plus 1669 2010-07-22
Oxygen Sea-Bird SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor 0504 2010-08-03
Fluorometer Wet Labs ECO_FL Fluorometer FLRTD-064 2003-11-08
Transmissometer Wet Labs Transmissometer C-Star CST-704DR 2003-08-25

No changes to the CTD instrumentation were recorded during these cruises.

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911 and SBE 917 series CTD profilers

The SBE 911 and SBE 917 series of conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) units are used to collect hydrographic profiles, including temperature, conductivity and pressure as standard. Each profiler consists of an underwater unit and deck unit or SEARAM. Auxiliary sensors, such as fluorometers, dissolved oxygen sensors and transmissometers, and carousel water samplers are commonly added to the underwater unit.

Underwater unit

The CTD underwater unit (SBE 9 or SBE 9 plus) comprises a protective cage (usually with a carousel water sampler), including a main pressure housing containing power supplies, acquisition electronics, telemetry circuitry, and a suite of modular sensors. The original SBE 9 incorporated Sea-Bird's standard modular SBE 3 temperature sensor and SBE 4 conductivity sensor, and a Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor. The conductivity cell was connected to a pump-fed plastic tubing circuit that could include auxiliary sensors. Each SBE 9 unit was custom built to individual specification. The SBE 9 was replaced in 1997 by an off-the-shelf version, termed the SBE 9 plus, that incorporated the SBE 3 plus (or SBE 3P) temperature sensor, SBE 4C conductivity sensor and a Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor. Sensors could be connected to a pump-fed plastic tubing circuit or stand-alone.

Temperature, conductivity and pressure sensors

The conductivity, temperature, and pressure sensors supplied with Sea-Bird CTD systems have outputs in the form of variable frequencies, which are measured using high-speed parallel counters. The resulting count totals are converted to numeric representations of the original frequencies, which bear a direct relationship to temperature, conductivity or pressure. Sampling frequencies for these sensors are typically set at 24 Hz.

The temperature sensing element is a glass-coated thermistor bead, pressure-protected inside a stainless steel tube, while the conductivity sensing element is a cylindrical, flow-through, borosilicate glass cell with three internal platinum electrodes. Thermistor resistance or conductivity cell resistance, respectively, is the controlling element in an optimized Wien Bridge oscillator circuit, which produces a frequency output that can be converted to a temperature or conductivity reading. These sensors are available with depth ratings of 6800 m (aluminium housing) or 10500 m (titanium housing). The Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor comprises a quartz crystal resonator that responds to pressure-induced stress, and temperature is measured for thermal compensation of the calculated pressure.

Additional sensors

Optional sensors for dissolved oxygen, pH, light transmission, fluorescence and others do not require the very high levels of resolution needed in the primary CTD channels, nor do these sensors generally offer variable frequency outputs. Accordingly, signals from the auxiliary sensors are acquired using a conventional voltage-input multiplexed A/D converter (optional). Some Sea-Bird CTDs use a strain gauge pressure sensor (Senso-Metrics) in which case their pressure output data is in the same form as that from the auxiliary sensors as described above.

Deck unit or SEARAM

Each underwater unit is connected to a power supply and data logging system: the SBE 11 (or SBE 11 plus) deck unit allows real-time interfacing between the deck and the underwater unit via a conductive wire, while the submersible SBE 17 (or SBE 17 plus) SEARAM plugs directly into the underwater unit and data are downloaded on recovery of the CTD. The combination of SBE 9 and SBE 17 or SBE 11 are termed SBE 917 or SBE 911, respectively, while the combinations of SBE 9 plus and SBE 17 plus or SBE 11 plus are termed SBE 917 plus or SBE 911 plus.


Specifications for the SBE 9 plus underwater unit are listed below:

Parameter Range Initial accuracy Resolution at 24 Hz Response time
Temperature -5 to 35°C 0.001°C 0.0002°C 0.065 sec
Conductivity 0 to 7 S m-1 0.0003 S m-1 0.00004 S m-1 0.065 sec (pumped)
Pressure 0 to full scale (1400, 2000, 4200, 6800 or 10500 m) 0.015% of full scale 0.001% of full scale 0.015 sec

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's specification sheet.

WETLabs ECO FLNTU fluorescence and turbidity sensor

The Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) Fluorometer and Turbidity (FLNTU) sensor is a dual wavelength, single-angle instrument that simultaneously determines chlorophyll fluorescence and turbidity. It is easily integrated in CTD packages and provides a reliable turbidity measurement that is not affected by Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) concentration.

The FLNTU can operate continuously or periodically and has two different types of connectors to output the data. There are 5 other models that operate the same way as this instrument but have slight differences, as stated below:

  • FLNTU(RT) - has an analog an RS-232 serial output and operates continuously, when power is supplied
  • FLNTU(RT)D - similar to the FLNTU(RT) but has a depth rating of 6000 m
  • FLNTUB - has internal batteries for autonomous operation
  • FLNTUS - has an integrated anti-fouling bio-wiper
  • FLNTUSB - has the same characteristics as the FLNTUS but with internal batteries for autonomous operation


Temperature range 0 to 30°C
Depth rating

600 m (standard)

6000 m (deep)

Wavelength 700 nm
Sensitivity 0.01 NTU
Typical range 0.01 to 25 NTU
Wavelength 470 nm (excitation), 695 nm (emission)
Sensitivity 0.01 µg L-1
Typical range 0.01 to 50 µg L-1
Linearity 99% R2

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's specification sheet.

BODC CTD Screening

BODC screen both the series header qualifying information and the parameter values in the data cycles themselves.

Header information is inspected for:

  • Irregularities such as infeasible values
  • Inconsistencies between related information. For example:
    • Deepest CTD data cycle is significantly greater than the depth of the sea floor.
    • Times of the cruise and the start/end of the data series.
    • Length of the record, number of data cycles, cycle interval, clock error and the period over which data were collected.
    • Parameters stated as measured and the parameters actually present in the data series.
  • Originator's comments on instrument/sampling device performance and data quality.

Documents are written by BODC highlighting irregularities that cannot be resolved.

Data cycles are inspected using depth series plots of all parameters. These presentations undergo screening to detect infeasible values within the data cycles themselves and inconsistencies when comparing adjacent data sets displaced with respect to depth, position or time.

Values suspected of being of non-oceanographic origin may be tagged with the BODC flag denoting suspect value.

The following types of irregularity, each relying on visual detection in the time series plot, are amongst those that may be flagged as suspect:

  • Spurious data at the start or end of the record where the instrument was recording in air
  • Obvious spikes occurring in the data due electrical problems
  • Constant, or near-constant, data channels

If a large percentage of the data is affected by irregularities, deemed abnormal, then instead of flagging the individual suspect values, a caution may be documented.

The following types of inconsistency are detected automatically by software:

  • Data points with values outside the expected range for the parameter, as defined by the BODC parameter usage vocabulary.

Inconsistencies between the characteristics of the data set and those of its neighbours are sought, and where necessary, documented. This covers inconsistencies in the following:

  • Maximum and minimum values of parameters (spikes excluded).
  • Anomalous readings due to the CTD package being bounced through temperature and/or salinity gradients.

This screening of the parameter values seeks to confirm the qualifying information and the source laboratory's comments on the series. In screening and collating information, every care is taken to ensure that errors of BODC's making are not introduced.

FRV Scotia 1312S CTD Originator's data processing

Sampling Strategy

A total of 125 CTD casts were performed by Marine Scotland as part of ongoing research funded by the Scottish Government, during cruise FRV Scotia 1312S. CTD casts were deployed between 29 September 2012 - 11 October 2012. Trial casts were deployed east of Stonehaven, Aberdeen in the North Sea prior to the cruise travelling to the JONSIS long term monitoring section off the north coast of Orkney. The cruise then travelled to the Fair Isle- Munken and Nolso-Flugga long term monitoring sections all located between the Faroe Islands and the north coast of Scotland. Additional casts were taken at ADCP moorings around the Fair Isle - Munken section before returning to Aberdeen.

A SBE35 carousel was used to collect all water samples.

Data Processing

The CTD data were processed using the Sea-Bird SeaSoft routines as recommended in the SeaSoft manual for model type Sea-Bird 911plus V2 SEACAT. Pressure data were binned to 1 dbar using SeaSoft. The primary temperature and conductivity channels were adjusted to produce 'edit' channels which Marine Scotland regards as the definitive version of the data. The adjustments consisted of a de-spiking process using Marine Scotland in-house visualisation software and, as necessary, application of a low pass filter as described in Sy (1985). The time was recorded in UTC.

Field Calibrations


A total of 149 water samples were taken by Marine Scotland using a SBE35 carousel to provide a calibration equation for conductivity as follows:

calibrated conductivity (mS cm-1) = measured conductivity x 0.999864 + 0.005385.

The calibration was not applied to the data by the Originator.


A total of 118 water samples were taken by Marine Scotland using a SBE35 carousel to provide a calibration equation for fluorescence as follows:

calibrated fluorescence (µg l-1) = measured fluorescence x 0.000482 + 0.117010.

The calibration was not applied to the data by the Originator.


Marine Scotland examined the latest and the previous manufacturer's calibrations to look at the differences in the temperature recorded. There were no significant differences and therefore Marine Scotland concluded that no further calibrations needed to be undertaken.


Sy A., 1985. An alternative editing technique for oceanographic data. Deep Sea Research, 32 (12), 1591-1599,

Processing by BODC of FRV Scotia cruises 0512S, 1312S and 1712S CTD data

The data arrived at BODC in 3 concatenated ASCII format files representing cruises FRV Scotia 0512S (97 casts) , 1312S (125 casts) and 1712S (119 casts). The concatenated files were sub-divided into individual files for each cast, using BODC in house Matlab software. These were reformatted to the internal BODC format using transfer function 340. The following table shows how the variables within the files were mapped to appropriate BODC parameter codes:

Originator's Variable Units Description BODC Parameter Code Units Comment
Pressure dbar Pressure (spatial co-ordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and corrected to read zero at sea level PRESPR01 dbar -
Temperature (edit) Centigrade Temperature of the water body by CTD or STD TEMPST01 °C Celsius = Centigrade
Conductivity (edit) mS cm-1 Electrical conductivity of the water body by CTD CNDCST01 S m-1 Conversion of Originators units to BODC units: conductivity(edit) * 0.1. BODC applied Originator calibration during transfer
Temperature (pri) Centigrade Unadjusted temperature data N/A N/A Primary Temperature. Data were not loaded by BODC as Originator stated Temperature (edit) channel was a quality controlled version of the primary channel
Conductivity (pri) mS cm-1 Unadjusted conductivity data N/A N/A Primary Conductivity. Data were not loaded by BODC as Originator stated Conductivity (edit) channel was a quality controlled version of the primary channel
Temperature (sec) Centigrade Unadjusted temperature data N/A N/A Secondary Temperature. Data were not loaded by BODC as Originator stated Temperature (edit) channel was a quality controlled version of the primary channel
Conductivity (sec) mS cm-1 Unadjusted conductivity data N/A N/A Secondary Conductivity. Data were not loaded by BODC as Originator stated Conductivity (edit) channel was a quality controlled version of the primary channel
Fluorescence µg l-1 Concentration of chlorophyll-a {chl-a} per unit volume of the water body [particulate phase] by in-situ chlorophyll fluorometer. CPHLPS01 mg m-3 Field samples for calibration taken but not applied by the Originator. BODC applied Originator calibration during transfer
Turbidity NTU Turbidity of the water body by in-situ optical backscatter measurement and laboratory calibration against formazin TURBPR01 NTU No turbidity data were submitted for cruise FRV Scotia 0512S
Beam Attenuation m-1 - - - No beam attenuation data were submitted for cruises FRV Scotia 1312S and 1712S. Beam attenuation data were identified by the Originator as suspect, no further processing was carried out.
Oxygen % saturation cm3 dm-3 - - - Oxygen saturation data supplied by Originator were derived using unknown methodology. No further processing was carried out.
Oxygen (ml l-1) ml l-1 Concentration of oxygen (O2) per unit volume of the water body (dissolved phase) DOXYZZXX µmol l-1 Conversion of Originators units to BODC units: oxygen (ml l-1) * 44.661. BODC applied Originator calibration during transfer
- - Saturation of oxygen (O2) in the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] by Sea-Bird SBE 43 sensor and computation from concentration using Benson and Krause algorithm OXYSSU01 % Derived from PSALST01, TEMPST01 and DOXYZZXX using Benson and Krause algorithm (1984).
- - Practical salinity of the water body by CTD and computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm PSALST01 Dimensionless Derived from TEMPST01 and CNDCST01 in transfer using Fofonoff and Millard (1983).
- - Sigma-theta of the water body by CTD and computation from salinity and potential temperature using UNESCO algorithm SIGTPR01 kg m-3 Derived from PSALST01, TEMPST01 and PRESPR01 in transfer using Fofonoff and Millard (1983).

The reformatted data were visualised using the in-house EDSERPLO software. Suspect data were marked by adding an appropriate quality control flag, missing data by both setting the data to an appropriate value and setting the quality control flag.


Fofonoff, P., Millard Jr, R.C., 1983. Algorithms for computation of fundamental properties of seawater.Unesco Technical Papers in Marine Sciences 44, 53 pp.

Benson, B.B., Krause Jr, D., 1984. The concentration and isotopic fractionation of oxygen dissolved in freshwater and seawater in equilibrium with the atmosphere. Limnology and Oceanography 29(3), 620-632 pp.

Project Information

No Project Information held for the Series

Data Activity or Cruise Information


Cruise Name 1312S
Departure Date 2012-09-29
Arrival Date 2012-10-13
Principal Scientist(s)George Slesser (Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Ship FRV Scotia

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

Fixed Station Information

Station NameNolso - Flugga Line
CategoryOffshore route/traverse

Nolso-Flugga - Faroe-Shetland Channel section

Long term monitoring carried out by the Marine Laboratory Aberdeen began in the early 1890's by the forerunner of the laboratory, the Fishery Board of Scotland (est. 1882). The first water bottle casts were carried out during 1893 and conducted by Dr H N Dickson on board HMS Jackal. Four of these stations were to become part of the now standard Nolso-Flugga Faroe-Shetland Channel section. In addition, at positions further south, he sampled at three stations and these were to become part of the standard Fair Isle-Munken section. A full set of stations (12) were first sampled along the Nolso-Flugga line in 1903, and since then have more or less been sampled annually or more except for the war years. Since then extra stations have been added to both sections.

Map of standard stations

BODC image

Nolso-Flugga stations

Listed below are details of the standard hydrographic stations that form the Nolso-Flugga line.

Station number Station name Latitude Longitude Depth Spacing
01 NOL-01 60° 56.00' N 01° 00.00' W 110 m -
02 SEFOS 60° 58.70'N 01° 17.70' W 125 m 9.00 nm
03 SEFOS 61° 01.40' N 01° 35.40' W 155 m 8.98 nm
04 NOL-02 61° 04.00' N 01° 53.00' W 270 m 8.90 nm
05 SEFOS 61° 06.00' N 02° 01.50' W 440 m 4.56 nm
06 NOL-03 61° 08.00' N 02° 10.00' W 550 m 4.56 nm
07 SEFOS 61° 09.30' N 02° 17.50' W 630 m 3.84 nm
08 NOL-3a 61° 11.00' N 02° 25.00' W 730 m 3.99 nm
09 NOL-04 61° 14.00' N 02° 40.00' W 1080 m 7.81 nm
10 NOL-05 61° 21.00' N 03° 10.00' W 1370 m 16.00 nm
11 NOL-06 61° 28.00' N 03° 42.00' W 1235 m 16.82 nm
12 NOL-07 61° 35.00' N 04° 15.00' W 990 m 17.20 nm
13 NOL-08 61° 42.00' N 04° 51.00' W 235 m 18.45 nm
14 NOL-09 61° 49.00' N 05° 21.00' W 180 m 15.81 nm
15 NOL-10 61° 54.00' N 05° 45.00' W 290 m 12.36 nm
16 NOL-11 62° 00.00' N 06° 12.00' W 125 m 14.02 nm

Standard depths of water bottles:

5, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200. If all 12 bottles used drop 50m, 200m and 400m depths in this order

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 1

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification

Appendix 1: Nolso - Flugga Line

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
462014CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 05:05:0061.2345 N, 2.6628 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462026CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 07:09:0061.1862 N, 2.4142 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462038CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 09:33:0061.167 N, 2.2622 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462051CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 10:44:0061.1358 N, 2.162 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462063CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 11:54:0061.1027 N, 2.0207 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462075CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 13:03:0061.067 N, 1.8888 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462087CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 14:43:0061.0203 N, 1.5932 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462099CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 15:57:0060.9772 N, 1.2943 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462106CTD or STD cast1995-01-16 17:04:0060.9328 N, 0.999 WFRV Scotia 0195S
462388CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 08:50:0061.9993 N, 6.1973 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462407CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 10:21:0061.8975 N, 5.7538 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462419CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 11:56:0061.8148 N, 5.349 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462420CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 13:40:0061.6973 N, 4.8482 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462432CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 15:39:0061.5837 N, 4.2467 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462444CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 18:11:0061.4672 N, 3.7013 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462456CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 20:51:0061.3493 N, 3.1638 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462468CTD or STD cast1995-09-20 23:52:0061.2332 N, 2.669 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462481CTD or STD cast1995-09-21 01:47:0061.1845 N, 2.4165 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462493CTD or STD cast1995-09-21 03:05:0061.1568 N, 2.2923 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462500CTD or STD cast1995-09-21 04:21:0061.1345 N, 2.1663 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462512CTD or STD cast1995-09-21 05:31:0061.1007 N, 2.0247 WFRV Scotia 1395S
462524CTD or STD cast1995-09-21 06:30:0061.0675 N, 1.883 WFRV Scotia 1395S
463066CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 13:03:0060.9348 N, 0.9963 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463078CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 14:14:0060.98 N, 1.2987 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463091CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 15:20:0061.0197 N, 1.6058 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463195CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 08:28:0061.3505 N, 3.1645 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463202CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 12:41:0061.2357 N, 2.6653 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463214CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 14:47:0061.1842 N, 2.4167 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463226CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 16:14:0061.1552 N, 2.2858 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463238CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 18:19:0061.1432 N, 2.1718 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463251CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 19:36:0061.101 N, 2.0255 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463263CTD or STD cast1995-11-29 20:43:0061.066 N, 1.8853 WFRV Scotia 1695S
558784CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 09:36:0061.9967 N, 6.2017 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558796CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 11:06:0061.8967 N, 5.7483 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558803CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 12:42:0061.8133 N, 5.3467 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558815CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 14:28:0061.695 N, 4.85 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558827CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 16:34:0061.5817 N, 4.2467 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558839CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 20:16:0061.4667 N, 3.695 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558840CTD or STD cast2000-05-12 22:40:0061.3517 N, 3.1667 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558852CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 01:18:0061.2433 N, 2.6517 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558864CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 03:07:0061.1817 N, 2.4083 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558876CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 04:17:0061.155 N, 2.295 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558888CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 05:26:0061.1333 N, 2.1633 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558907CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 06:35:0061.0983 N, 2.025 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558919CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 07:38:0061.065 N, 1.8833 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558920CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 08:51:0061.0217 N, 1.5883 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558932CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 09:56:0060.9767 N, 1.2967 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558944CTD or STD cast2000-05-13 11:03:0060.9317 N, 1.0 WFRV Scotia 0700S
616162CTD or STD cast2002-05-18 18:29:0061.9977 N, 6.1995 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616174CTD or STD cast2002-05-18 20:26:0061.9003 N, 5.753 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616186CTD or STD cast2002-05-18 22:27:0061.8177 N, 5.3455 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616198CTD or STD cast2002-05-19 00:41:0061.6998 N, 4.8428 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616205CTD or STD cast2002-05-19 18:43:0061.185 N, 2.4212 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616217CTD or STD cast2002-05-19 20:38:0061.1558 N, 2.294 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616229CTD or STD cast2002-05-19 22:18:0061.1327 N, 2.1673 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616230CTD or STD cast2002-05-20 00:01:0061.0997 N, 2.0183 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616242CTD or STD cast2002-05-20 01:40:0061.0665 N, 1.876 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616254CTD or STD cast2002-05-20 03:19:0061.021 N, 1.5858 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616266CTD or STD cast2002-05-20 04:39:0060.9795 N, 1.2945 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616278CTD or STD cast2002-05-20 06:04:0060.9342 N, 1.002 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
619473CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 09:31:0062.0 N, 6.198 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619485CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 11:13:0061.9045 N, 5.7502 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619497CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 12:48:0061.8188 N, 5.348 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619504CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 14:29:0061.699 N, 4.8572 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619516CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 16:36:0061.587 N, 4.252 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619528CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 19:03:0061.4722 N, 3.7083 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619541CTD or STD cast2002-09-28 21:54:0061.3503 N, 3.144 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619553CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 00:20:0061.2323 N, 2.668 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619565CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 01:48:0061.1843 N, 2.42 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619577CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 02:47:0061.1577 N, 2.2898 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619589CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 03:57:0061.1357 N, 2.172 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619590CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 05:23:0061.1027 N, 2.0217 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619608CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 06:28:0061.0615 N, 1.8842 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619621CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 07:44:0061.0197 N, 1.5837 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619633CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 08:51:0060.9753 N, 1.3013 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619645CTD or STD cast2002-09-29 09:58:0060.933 N, 0.9857 WFRV Scotia 1402S
621809CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 08:58:0061.9985 N, 6.2017 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621810CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 10:28:0061.9012 N, 5.7542 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621822CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 11:58:0061.8223 N, 5.3377 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621834CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 13:39:0061.7005 N, 4.8498 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621846CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 16:19:0061.5845 N, 4.246 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621858CTD or STD cast2002-12-10 18:33:0061.4675 N, 3.7133 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621871CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 02:28:0061.3548 N, 3.1428 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621883CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 05:04:0061.2307 N, 2.6772 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621895CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 09:12:0061.1853 N, 2.4135 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621902CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 10:25:0061.1585 N, 2.2965 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621914CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 11:31:0061.1358 N, 2.1715 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621926CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 12:33:0061.1152 N, 2.0117 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621938CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 14:30:0061.0722 N, 1.872 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621951CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 15:31:0061.0295 N, 1.5893 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621963CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 16:38:0060.978 N, 1.3023 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621975CTD or STD cast2002-12-11 18:42:0060.9365 N, 1.0098 WFRV Scotia 1802S
628507CTD or STD cast2003-05-01 20:11:0061.9997 N, 6.2018 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628519CTD or STD cast2003-05-01 21:40:0061.9027 N, 5.7522 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628520CTD or STD cast2003-05-01 23:17:0061.8157 N, 5.3443 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628532CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 00:57:0061.7002 N, 4.8488 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628544CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 03:03:0061.5838 N, 4.2503 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628556CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 05:30:0061.466 N, 3.7007 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628568CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 08:09:0061.3455 N, 3.165 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628581CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 10:50:0061.237 N, 2.6647 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628593CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 12:39:0061.1848 N, 2.417 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628600CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 13:52:0061.1558 N, 2.29 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628612CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 14:52:0061.1337 N, 2.1677 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628624CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 15:59:0061.101 N, 2.0222 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628636CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 17:02:0061.0647 N, 1.8682 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628648CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 18:09:0061.0245 N, 1.591 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628661CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 19:25:0060.9793 N, 1.2958 WFRV Scotia 0703S
628673CTD or STD cast2003-05-02 20:34:0060.933 N, 1.0017 WFRV Scotia 0703S
630247CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 05:56:0061.996 N, 6.2033 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630259CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 08:07:0061.8962 N, 5.7602 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630260CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 09:52:0061.813 N, 5.3567 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630272CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 12:40:0061.6998 N, 4.862 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630284CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 15:00:0061.5865 N, 4.2498 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630296CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 17:52:0061.4635 N, 3.7052 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630303CTD or STD cast2003-09-19 21:00:0061.3505 N, 3.1653 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630315CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 00:02:0061.2328 N, 2.6675 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630327CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 01:23:0061.1853 N, 2.4175 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630339CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 02:30:0061.1322 N, 2.1695 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630340CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 03:26:0061.1322 N, 2.1695 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630352CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 04:28:0061.1013 N, 2.0258 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630364CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 05:30:0061.0688 N, 1.8787 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630376CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 06:48:0061.022 N, 1.589 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630388CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 08:00:0060.9787 N, 1.2957 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630407CTD or STD cast2003-09-20 09:12:0060.9323 N, 0.9997 WFRV Scotia 1403S
632487CTD or STD cast2003-12-11 13:20:0061.812 N, 5.344 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632499CTD or STD cast2003-12-11 15:16:0061.6933 N, 4.855 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632506CTD or STD cast2003-12-11 18:08:0061.5775 N, 4.2593 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632518CTD or STD cast2003-12-11 21:17:0061.4685 N, 3.696 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632531CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 08:19:0061.2342 N, 2.656 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632543CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 11:04:0061.158 N, 2.2905 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632555CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 12:56:0061.1035 N, 2.0193 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632567CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 15:14:0061.0705 N, 1.8877 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632579CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 16:47:0061.0275 N, 1.5947 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632580CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 18:19:0060.981 N, 1.2968 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632592CTD or STD cast2003-12-12 19:57:0060.9362 N, 1.001 WFRV Scotia 1803S
710481CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 17:33:0060.9325 N, 0.99883 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710493CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 18:56:0060.978 N, 1.2935 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710500CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 20:21:0061.0225 N, 1.58983 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710512CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 21:39:0061.06667 N, 1.88533 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710524CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 22:42:0061.09983 N, 2.0235 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710536CTD or STD cast2005-05-11 23:49:0061.1335 N, 2.16533 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710548CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 01:00:0061.15567 N, 2.292 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710561CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 02:15:0061.18417 N, 2.418 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710573CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 03:52:0061.23333 N, 2.66683 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710585CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 06:36:0061.35083 N, 3.16167 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710597CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 09:45:0061.46433 N, 3.704 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710604CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 12:46:0061.57833 N, 4.25817 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710616CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 15:37:0061.6955 N, 4.8525 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710628CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 17:33:0061.816 N, 5.34967 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710641CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 19:05:0061.8985 N, 5.75167 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710653CTD or STD cast2005-05-12 20:49:0062.0 N, 6.2 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
712912CTD or STD cast2005-10-01 14:32:0060.93417 N, 1.00117 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712924CTD or STD cast2005-10-01 15:57:0060.97733 N, 1.29983 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712936CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 05:27:0061.02117 N, 1.59117 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712948CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 06:58:0061.06717 N, 1.88067 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712961CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 07:54:0061.10167 N, 2.01883 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712973CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 09:12:0061.13417 N, 2.16383 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712985CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 11:40:0061.15183 N, 2.27383 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712997CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 13:59:0061.17683 N, 2.40317 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713000CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 16:40:0061.23233 N, 2.66383 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713012CTD or STD cast2005-10-02 20:15:0061.35983 N, 3.1325 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713024CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 04:07:0061.4555 N, 3.7 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713036CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 07:32:0061.58367 N, 4.22983 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713048CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 10:30:0061.7005 N, 4.8405 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713061CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 12:41:0061.81617 N, 5.34183 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713073CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 14:25:0061.898 N, 5.74533 WFRV Scotia 1405S
713085CTD or STD cast2005-10-03 16:12:0061.99683 N, 6.1775 WFRV Scotia 1405S
714494CTD or STD cast2005-12-14 05:10:0061.99483 N, 6.196 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714501CTD or STD cast2005-12-15 07:53:0061.81567 N, 5.36067 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714513CTD or STD cast2005-12-15 09:50:0061.702 N, 4.84983 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714525CTD or STD cast2005-12-15 13:11:0061.58033 N, 4.26183 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714537CTD or STD cast2005-12-15 17:41:0061.46283 N, 3.69 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714549CTD or STD cast2005-12-16 00:25:0061.3495 N, 3.1715 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714550CTD or STD cast2005-12-16 06:01:0061.232 N, 2.70017 WFRV Scotia 1805S
730285CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 05:07:0060.936 N, 0.98667 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730297CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 08:36:0060.97383 N, 1.29383 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730304CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 09:58:0061.0275 N, 1.58017 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730316CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 11:15:0061.068 N, 1.8695 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730328CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 18:51:0061.1005 N, 2.01517 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730341CTD or STD cast2006-04-25 20:24:0061.1365 N, 2.154 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730353CTD or STD cast2006-04-26 12:38:0061.1505 N, 2.29333 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730365CTD or STD cast2006-04-26 18:19:0061.18317 N, 2.40733 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730377CTD or STD cast2006-04-26 20:20:0061.22983 N, 2.66417 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730389CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 05:26:0061.349 N, 3.17017 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730390CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 08:25:0061.46833 N, 3.69817 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730408CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 11:23:0061.58367 N, 4.24717 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730421CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 14:19:0061.697 N, 4.84867 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730433CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 16:14:0061.8165 N, 5.35183 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730445CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 17:42:0061.90017 N, 5.74683 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730457CTD or STD cast2006-04-27 19:31:0061.99883 N, 6.18667 WFRV Scotia 0706S
726249CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 10:30:0062.00733 N, 6.196 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726250CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 12:03:0061.89917 N, 5.75167 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726262CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 13:43:0061.81483 N, 5.35383 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726274CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 15:29:0061.6995 N, 4.85317 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726286CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 17:40:0061.583 N, 4.25 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726298CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 20:26:0061.46533 N, 3.70217 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726305CTD or STD cast2006-10-06 23:27:0061.35 N, 3.16783 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726317CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 02:08:0061.23483 N, 2.67133 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726329CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 04:17:0061.1835 N, 2.41733 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726330CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 05:48:0061.15483 N, 2.28917 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726342CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 07:02:0061.1335 N, 2.1645 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726354CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 08:21:0061.10133 N, 2.02083 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726366CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 09:33:0061.06517 N, 1.88367 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726378CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 10:57:0061.02367 N, 1.5915 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726391CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 12:09:0060.978 N, 1.29533 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726409CTD or STD cast2006-10-07 13:17:0060.93167 N, 1.00117 WFRV Scotia 1506S
728477CTD or STD cast2006-12-18 00:25:0062.00733 N, 6.19433 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728489CTD or STD cast2006-12-18 04:39:0061.69883 N, 4.84883 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728490CTD or STD cast2006-12-18 07:52:0061.58533 N, 4.25533 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728508CTD or STD cast2006-12-18 12:14:0061.46733 N, 3.69917 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728521CTD or STD cast2006-12-18 20:47:0061.3505 N, 3.16733 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728533CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 04:58:0061.231 N, 2.66683 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728545CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 11:24:0061.1815 N, 2.419 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728557CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 13:01:0061.15217 N, 2.29617 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728569CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 14:37:0061.13367 N, 2.1675 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728570CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 16:00:0061.0985 N, 2.02183 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728582CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 18:23:0061.06517 N, 1.88417 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728594CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 20:35:0061.055 N, 1.58433 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728601CTD or STD cast2006-12-19 22:19:0060.98 N, 1.28833 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728613CTD or STD cast2006-12-20 01:27:0060.93 N, 0.99967 WFRV Scotia 1906S
1034750CTD or STD cast2009-05-22 15:11:0061.99983 N, 6.19867 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034762CTD or STD cast2009-05-22 16:52:0061.90083 N, 5.74967 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034774CTD or STD cast2009-05-22 18:34:0061.81633 N, 5.35033 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034786CTD or STD cast2009-05-22 20:51:0061.7 N, 4.84983 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034798CTD or STD cast2009-05-22 23:02:0061.58383 N, 4.25067 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034805CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 01:48:0061.46633 N, 3.69967 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034817CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 04:53:0061.35083 N, 3.16667 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034829CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 07:56:0061.233 N, 2.66667 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034830CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 10:03:0061.18283 N, 2.4165 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034842CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 11:25:0061.15517 N, 2.2925 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034854CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 12:43:0061.13317 N, 2.167 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034866CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 13:58:0061.1 N, 2.02483 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034878CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 15:20:0061.06367 N, 1.86817 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034891CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 16:44:0061.024 N, 1.59033 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034909CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 17:58:0060.97933 N, 1.29483 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1034910CTD or STD cast2009-05-23 19:09:0060.93533 N, 0.99767 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1036812CTD or STD cast2009-10-12 15:37:0062.00067 N, 6.201 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036824CTD or STD cast2009-10-12 17:23:0061.90067 N, 5.7505 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036836CTD or STD cast2009-10-12 19:09:0061.81683 N, 5.352 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036848CTD or STD cast2009-10-12 21:07:0061.69967 N, 4.85117 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036861CTD or STD cast2009-10-12 23:29:0061.58383 N, 4.25033 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036873CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 02:39:0061.46733 N, 3.70033 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036885CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 06:02:0061.3505 N, 3.1665 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036897CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 09:34:0061.2345 N, 2.66417 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036904CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 12:13:0061.18617 N, 2.41267 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036916CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 13:42:0061.1565 N, 2.28567 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036928CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 15:01:0061.13567 N, 2.1635 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036941CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 16:23:0061.10367 N, 2.017 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036953CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 17:39:0061.068 N, 1.88433 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036965CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 18:56:0061.023 N, 1.58433 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036977CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 20:10:0060.9765 N, 1.2935 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1036989CTD or STD cast2009-10-13 21:19:0060.9315 N, 0.99633 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1037796CTD or STD cast2009-12-07 22:58:0060.93317 N, 0.99483 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037803CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 00:46:0060.97817 N, 1.289 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037815CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 02:50:0061.02367 N, 1.58817 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037827CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 04:28:0061.068 N, 1.88833 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037839CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 05:32:0061.10117 N, 2.02033 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037840CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 07:58:0061.12983 N, 2.1685 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037852CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 09:22:0061.158 N, 2.285 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037864CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 10:47:0061.18367 N, 2.41233 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037876CTD or STD cast2009-12-08 12:38:0061.23983 N, 2.65533 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037888CTD or STD cast2009-12-10 02:46:0061.8175 N, 5.34783 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037907CTD or STD cast2009-12-10 04:37:0061.89967 N, 5.748 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037919CTD or STD cast2009-12-10 06:41:0061.99917 N, 6.202 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1180549CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 14:42:0060.9345 N, 1.00017 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180550CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 16:07:0060.978 N, 1.295 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180562CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 17:31:0061.02317 N, 1.58983 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180574CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 18:52:0061.06683 N, 1.88317 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180586CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 19:51:0061.09983 N, 2.0235 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180598CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 21:01:0061.13283 N, 2.16633 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180605CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 22:13:0061.15533 N, 2.29167 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180617CTD or STD cast2012-05-17 23:33:0061.1865 N, 2.41517 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180629CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 01:27:0061.23183 N, 2.6665 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180630CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 05:20:0061.3715 N, 3.25983 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180642CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 08:24:0061.4665 N, 3.70233 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180654CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 11:33:0061.58333 N, 4.25 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180666CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 14:19:0061.698 N, 4.852 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180678CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 16:17:0061.8165 N, 5.35017 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180691CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 17:56:0061.8995 N, 5.75017 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180709CTD or STD cast2012-05-18 19:37:0062.00183 N, 6.2 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1183062CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 04:33:0061.633 N, 4.58333 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183074CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 10:06:0062.0005 N, 6.2025 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183086CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 11:53:0061.8985 N, 5.74967 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183098CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 13:40:0061.81667 N, 5.34833 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183105CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 15:42:0061.6995 N, 4.8515 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183117CTD or STD cast2012-10-05 18:03:0061.58217 N, 4.25083 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183130CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 00:19:0061.35333 N, 3.15967 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183142CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 03:34:0061.2335 N, 2.66383 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183154CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 05:39:0061.18283 N, 2.4145 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183166CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 07:29:0061.15733 N, 2.2945 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183178CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 08:55:0061.13467 N, 2.166 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183191CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 10:11:0061.16517 N, 2.0185 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183209CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 11:38:0061.06467 N, 1.88117 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183210CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 13:07:0061.01967 N, 1.5915 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183222CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 14:26:0060.98017 N, 1.29017 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183234CTD or STD cast2012-10-06 15:45:0060.93217 N, 1.00117 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183246CTD or STD cast2012-10-07 06:52:0061.12217 N, 2.1155 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1183455CTD or STD cast2012-10-08 12:44:0061.02533 N, 1.62217 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1184864CTD or STD cast2012-12-09 02:17:0060.93233 N, 1.0015 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184876CTD or STD cast2012-12-09 03:44:0060.978 N, 1.295 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184888CTD or STD cast2012-12-09 05:13:0061.02317 N, 1.58983 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184907CTD or STD cast2012-12-09 06:48:0061.06583 N, 1.88283 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184919CTD or STD cast2012-12-09 11:24:0061.10017 N, 2.02383 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184920CTD or STD cast2012-12-10 11:10:0061.13283 N, 2.16683 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184932CTD or STD cast2012-12-10 12:34:0061.15467 N, 2.29217 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184944CTD or STD cast2012-12-10 13:45:0061.18317 N, 2.41783 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184956CTD or STD cast2012-12-10 15:26:0061.23333 N, 2.66733 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184968CTD or STD cast2012-12-10 21:15:0061.3725 N, 3.271 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184981CTD or STD cast2012-12-11 07:02:0061.46617 N, 3.69717 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184993CTD or STD cast2012-12-11 13:07:0061.58383 N, 4.24933 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1185007CTD or STD cast2012-12-11 18:08:0061.70017 N, 4.84717 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1185019CTD or STD cast2012-12-11 20:56:0061.81617 N, 5.3495 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1185020CTD or STD cast2012-12-11 22:33:0061.90017 N, 5.751 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1185032CTD or STD cast2012-12-12 00:28:0062.0005 N, 6.20267 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1884638CTD or STD cast2015-05-02 21:37:0061.58367 N, 4.244 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884651CTD or STD cast2015-05-02 23:20:0061.58367 N, 4.244 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884663CTD or STD cast2015-05-03 07:12:0062.00283 N, 6.19617 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884675CTD or STD cast2015-05-03 09:08:0061.90133 N, 5.73867 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884687CTD or STD cast2015-05-03 11:10:0061.81783 N, 5.35033 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884699CTD or STD cast2015-05-03 14:40:0061.69917 N, 4.85133 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884706CTD or STD cast2015-05-03 19:50:0061.58433 N, 4.25133 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884718CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 01:53:0061.46583 N, 3.70317 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884731CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 09:22:0061.349 N, 3.155 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884743CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 13:24:0061.23667 N, 2.66983 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884755CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 15:25:0061.18517 N, 2.41383 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884767CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 16:59:0061.15617 N, 2.295 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884779CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 18:12:0061.13233 N, 2.16383 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884780CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 19:47:0061.10117 N, 2.02333 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884792CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 20:51:0061.06683 N, 1.88233 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884811CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 22:06:0061.02533 N, 1.59333 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884823CTD or STD cast2015-05-04 23:18:0060.97783 N, 1.2935 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1885261CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 13:14:0062.00017 N, 6.199 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885273CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 15:18:0061.9005 N, 5.75017 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885285CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 17:27:0061.817 N, 5.34967 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885297CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 19:32:0061.69783 N, 4.85117 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885304CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 21:02:0061.63317 N, 4.55017 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885316CTD or STD cast2015-09-23 22:49:0061.58333 N, 4.25067 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885328CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 01:31:0061.5335 N, 3.94967 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885341CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 04:11:0061.46817 N, 3.70017 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885353CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 07:44:0061.35 N, 3.16633 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885365CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 10:21:0061.35 N, 3.16633 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885377CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 14:09:0061.2335 N, 2.66633 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885389CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 16:35:0061.1845 N, 2.42417 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885390CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 18:14:0061.15567 N, 2.293 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885408CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 19:44:0061.134 N, 2.16583 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885421CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 21:15:0061.10033 N, 2.02417 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885433CTD or STD cast2015-09-24 22:34:0061.067 N, 1.8825 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885445CTD or STD cast2015-09-25 00:08:0061.02333 N, 1.58933 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885457CTD or STD cast2015-09-25 01:42:0060.97833 N, 1.29417 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885469CTD or STD cast2015-09-25 03:13:0060.93383 N, 0.99933 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885470CTD or STD cast2015-09-25 03:46:0060.94717 N, 0.99933 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1886448CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 07:42:0060.9305 N, 0.99733 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886461CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 09:14:0060.97967 N, 1.29283 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886473CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 11:28:0061.0235 N, 1.5915 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886485CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 13:00:0061.06683 N, 1.87983 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886497CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 13:38:0061.06683 N, 1.87983 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886504CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 14:51:0061.09867 N, 2.02233 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886516CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 18:00:0061.135 N, 2.16417 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886528CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 19:22:0061.1545 N, 2.28867 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886541CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 20:59:0061.18517 N, 2.42533 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886553CTD or STD cast2015-12-12 23:04:0061.23283 N, 2.6605 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886565CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 01:05:0061.23283 N, 2.66067 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886577CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 06:49:0061.34767 N, 3.162 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886589CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 12:49:0061.46667 N, 3.6945 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886590CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 14:32:0061.46667 N, 3.6945 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886608CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 18:19:0061.53 N, 3.94433 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886621CTD or STD cast2015-12-13 20:53:0061.58417 N, 4.24567 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886633CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 00:53:0061.63283 N, 4.54883 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886645CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 03:24:0061.69867 N, 4.84833 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886657CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 03:59:0061.69867 N, 4.84833 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886669CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 06:51:0061.81617 N, 5.36017 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886670CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 08:30:0061.90017 N, 5.74517 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886682CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 10:31:0061.99983 N, 6.19433 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886694CTD or STD cast2015-12-14 10:56:0062.0 N, 6.19433 WFRV Scotia 1815S