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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 626574

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category CTD or STD cast
Instrument Type
SeaTech transmissometer  transmissometers
Sea-Bird SBE 911plus CTD  CTD; water temperature sensor; salinity sensor
SeaTech S131 fluorometer  fluorometers
Instrument Mounting research vessel
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator Ms Sarah Hughes
Originating Organization Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory (now Marine Scotland Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download available - Ocean Data View (ODV) format
Project(s) -

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier SC07/03/209
BODC Series Reference 626574

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 2003-04-16 08:14
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) -
Nominal Cycle Interval 1.0 decibars

Spatial Co-ordinates

Latitude 59.28280 N ( 59° 17.0' N )
Longitude 0.99620 W ( 0° 59.8' W )
Positional Uncertainty Unspecified
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth 0.99 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth 113.89 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height 13.11 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height 126.01 m
Sea Floor Depth 127.0 m
Sea Floor Depth Source -
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Variable common depth - All sensors are grouped effectively at the same depth, but this depth varies significantly during the series
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface
Sea Floor Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
ATTNZR011per metreAttenuation (red light wavelength) per unit length of the water body by transmissometer
CNDCST011Siemens per metreElectrical conductivity of the water body by CTD
CPHLPR011Milligrams per cubic metreConcentration of chlorophyll-a {chl-a CAS 479-61-8} per unit volume of the water body [particulate >unknown phase] by in-situ chlorophyll fluorometer
FVLTWS011VoltsRaw signal (voltage) of instrument output by linear-response chlorophyll fluorometer
PRESPR011DecibarsPressure (spatial coordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and correction to read zero at sea level
PSALST011DimensionlessPractical salinity of the water body by CTD and computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm
SIGTEQ011Kilograms per cubic metreSigma-theta of the water body by computation from salinity and potential temperature using UNESCO algorithm
TEMPST011Degrees CelsiusTemperature of the water body by CTD or STD

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Data Access Policy

Public domain data

These data have no specific confidentiality restrictions for users. However, users must acknowledge data sources as it is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution. Any publication or other output resulting from usage of the data should include an acknowledgment.

The recommended acknowledgment is

"This study uses data from the data source/organisation/programme, provided by the British Oceanographic Data Centre and funded by the funding body."

Narrative Documents

Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911 and SBE 917 series CTD profilers

The SBE 911 and SBE 917 series of conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) units are used to collect hydrographic profiles, including temperature, conductivity and pressure as standard. Each profiler consists of an underwater unit and deck unit or SEARAM. Auxiliary sensors, such as fluorometers, dissolved oxygen sensors and transmissometers, and carousel water samplers are commonly added to the underwater unit.

Underwater unit

The CTD underwater unit (SBE 9 or SBE 9 plus) comprises a protective cage (usually with a carousel water sampler), including a main pressure housing containing power supplies, acquisition electronics, telemetry circuitry, and a suite of modular sensors. The original SBE 9 incorporated Sea-Bird's standard modular SBE 3 temperature sensor and SBE 4 conductivity sensor, and a Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor. The conductivity cell was connected to a pump-fed plastic tubing circuit that could include auxiliary sensors. Each SBE 9 unit was custom built to individual specification. The SBE 9 was replaced in 1997 by an off-the-shelf version, termed the SBE 9 plus, that incorporated the SBE 3 plus (or SBE 3P) temperature sensor, SBE 4C conductivity sensor and a Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor. Sensors could be connected to a pump-fed plastic tubing circuit or stand-alone.

Temperature, conductivity and pressure sensors

The conductivity, temperature, and pressure sensors supplied with Sea-Bird CTD systems have outputs in the form of variable frequencies, which are measured using high-speed parallel counters. The resulting count totals are converted to numeric representations of the original frequencies, which bear a direct relationship to temperature, conductivity or pressure. Sampling frequencies for these sensors are typically set at 24 Hz.

The temperature sensing element is a glass-coated thermistor bead, pressure-protected inside a stainless steel tube, while the conductivity sensing element is a cylindrical, flow-through, borosilicate glass cell with three internal platinum electrodes. Thermistor resistance or conductivity cell resistance, respectively, is the controlling element in an optimized Wien Bridge oscillator circuit, which produces a frequency output that can be converted to a temperature or conductivity reading. These sensors are available with depth ratings of 6800 m (aluminium housing) or 10500 m (titanium housing). The Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor comprises a quartz crystal resonator that responds to pressure-induced stress, and temperature is measured for thermal compensation of the calculated pressure.

Additional sensors

Optional sensors for dissolved oxygen, pH, light transmission, fluorescence and others do not require the very high levels of resolution needed in the primary CTD channels, nor do these sensors generally offer variable frequency outputs. Accordingly, signals from the auxiliary sensors are acquired using a conventional voltage-input multiplexed A/D converter (optional). Some Sea-Bird CTDs use a strain gauge pressure sensor (Senso-Metrics) in which case their pressure output data is in the same form as that from the auxiliary sensors as described above.

Deck unit or SEARAM

Each underwater unit is connected to a power supply and data logging system: the SBE 11 (or SBE 11 plus) deck unit allows real-time interfacing between the deck and the underwater unit via a conductive wire, while the submersible SBE 17 (or SBE 17 plus) SEARAM plugs directly into the underwater unit and data are downloaded on recovery of the CTD. The combination of SBE 9 and SBE 17 or SBE 11 are termed SBE 917 or SBE 911, respectively, while the combinations of SBE 9 plus and SBE 17 plus or SBE 11 plus are termed SBE 917 plus or SBE 911 plus.


Specifications for the SBE 9 plus underwater unit are listed below:

Parameter Range Initial accuracy Resolution at 24 Hz Response time
Temperature -5 to 35°C 0.001°C 0.0002°C 0.065 sec
Conductivity 0 to 7 S m-1 0.0003 S m-1 0.00004 S m-1 0.065 sec (pumped)
Pressure 0 to full scale (1400, 2000, 4200, 6800 or 10500 m) 0.015% of full scale 0.001% of full scale 0.015 sec

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's specification sheet.

SeaTech fluorometer S131

This fluorometer is designed to measure in situ chlorophyll-a fluorescence and provide high resolution data for assessment of phytoplankton biomass and monitoring of primary productivity in fresh or marine waters. It's versatility allows the instrument to be deployed on a mooring or in profiling mode. It is not sensitive to ambient light, permitting laboratory calibration with normal room lighting, and field measurements to be made at the water surface.


Nominal Chl-a ranges 3, 10, 30, 100, 300 and 1000 µg L-1
Time constant 0.1, 1.0, 3.0 and 10 s
Maximum depth 3000 m
Excitation filter

425 nm peak

200 nm FWHM*

Emission filter

685 nm peak

30 nm FWHM

*FWHM- Full-Width Half-Maximum

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's manual.

SeaTech Transmissometer


The transmissometer is designed to accurately measure the the amount of light transmitted by a modulated Light Emitting Diode (LED) through a fixed-length in-situ water column to a synchronous detector.


  • Water path length: 5 cm (for use in turbid waters) to 1 m (for use in clear ocean waters).
  • Beam diameter: 15 mm
  • Transmitted beam collimation: <3 milliradians
  • Receiver acceptance angle (in water): <18 milliradians
  • Light source wavelength: usually (but not exclusively) 660 nm (red light)


The instrument can be interfaced to Aanderaa RCM7 current meters. This is achieved by fitting the transmissometer in a slot cut into a customized RCM4-type vane.

A red LED (660 nm) is used for general applications looking at water column sediment load. However, green or blue LEDs can be fitted for specilised optics applications. The light source used is identified by the BODC parameter code.

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's Manual.

RV Scotia 07/2003 CTD Data Documentation


The instrument used was a Sea-Bird SBE911plus.

Details of the sensors on the CTD are -

Manufacturer Sensor Serial No. Manufacturer Cal. Date Sensor Units
Sea-Bird Pressure 64240 26 Oct 2000 Decibars
Sea-Bird Temperature 2041 14 Nov 2002 Centigrade
Sea-Bird Conductivity 1615 20 Nov 2002 Siemens/meter
Sea-Bird Oxygen 130411 28 Feb 1996 cm3/dm3
Sea-Tech Fluorometer 131S 1 Apr 1998 Volts
Sea-Tech Transmissometer 238D 2 Aug 1996 Volts


Parameter Value of m (y=mx+c) Value of c (y=mx+c) Equation
Pressure 1.000000 0.000000 P(cal) = P(obs)
Temperature 1.000000 0.000000 T(cal) = T(obs)
Conductivity 0.999912 0.000390 C(cal) = 0.999912C(obs) + 0.000390
Fluorescence 0.001375 -0.025609 Chlor(cal)(ug/L) = 0.001375F(obs)(V) + -0.025609
Beam Attenuation 1.000000 0.000000 B(cal) = B(obs)

Data Quality Information

The fluorescence values for the following series are recorded as 3.0000 repetitively from the approximate start of the cast to depths ranging from 13-58m under the surface. This may be a result of the meter 'sticking' and caution should be used when using these series:

  • 628022 - Station Number 341
  • 628034 - Station Number 342
  • 628046 - Station Number 343
  • 628206 - Station Number 357
  • 628231 - Station Number 359
  • 628311 - Station Number 366
  • 628323 - Station Number 367
  • 628335 - Station Number 368
  • 628347 - Station Number 369

General Data Screening carried out by BODC

BODC screen both the series header qualifying information and the parameter values in the data cycles themselves.

Header information is inspected for:

  • Irregularities such as unfeasible values
  • Inconsistencies between related information, for example:
    • Times for instrument deployment and for start/end of data series
    • Length of record and the number of data cycles/cycle interval
    • Parameters expected and the parameters actually present in the data cycles
  • Originator's comments on meter/mooring performance and data quality

Documents are written by BODC highlighting irregularities which cannot be resolved.

Data cycles are inspected using time or depth series plots of all parameters. Currents are additionally inspected using vector scatter plots and time series plots of North and East velocity components. These presentations undergo intrinsic and extrinsic screening to detect infeasible values within the data cycles themselves and inconsistencies as seen when comparing characteristics of adjacent data sets displaced with respect to depth, position or time. Values suspected of being of non-oceanographic origin may be tagged with the BODC flag denoting suspect value; the data values will not be altered.

The following types of irregularity, each relying on visual detection in the plot, are amongst those which may be flagged as suspect:

  • Spurious data at the start or end of the record.
  • Obvious spikes occurring in periods free from meteorological disturbance.
  • A sequence of constant values in consecutive data cycles.

If a large percentage of the data is affected by irregularities then a Problem Report will be written rather than flagging the individual suspect values. Problem Reports are also used to highlight irregularities seen in the graphical data presentations.

Inconsistencies between the characteristics of the data set and those of its neighbours are sought and, where necessary, documented. This covers inconsistencies such as the following:

  • Maximum and minimum values of parameters (spikes excluded).
  • The occurrence of meteorological events.

This intrinsic and extrinsic screening of the parameter values seeks to confirm the qualifying information and the source laboratory's comments on the series. In screening and collating information, every care is taken to ensure that errors of BODC making are not introduced.

Project Information

No Project Information held for the Series

Data Activity or Cruise Information


Cruise Name 0703S
Departure Date 2003-04-15
Arrival Date 2003-05-05
Principal Scientist(s)Bill Turrell (Fisheries Research Services Aberdeen Marine Laboratory)
Ship FRV Scotia

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

Fixed Station Information

Station NameJONSIS Line
CategoryOffshore route/traverse

Joint North Sea Information System (JONSIS)

As part of the Joint Oceanographic North Sea Data Acquisition Project (JONSDAP), a line of sample stations east of Orkney to the centre of the North Sea was established (1976). This section is commonly known as the JONSIS (Joint Oceanographic North Sea Information System) line and has been sampled annually over the past 30 years. Initially, there were only 10 stations 1-10, two further stations were added, 1a and 6a, in later years.

At present Marine Scotland monitors this line three times a year: Sampling is usually conducted in April, September and December.

These data provide information on long term variations in key variables.
Monitoring data include: Ocean profiles of temperature, salinity and nutrients.

Map of standard stations

BODC image

JONSIS Line stations

Listed below are details of the standard hydrographic stations that form the JONSIS line (start Point on Orkney to the centre of the North Sea). This transect is monitored by Marine Scotland.

Station name Latitude Longitude Depth Spacing
JO 1 59°17.00'N 02°14.00'W 75 m -
JO 1A 59°17.00'N 02°5.00'W 90 m 4.59 nm
JO 2 59°17.00'N 01°56.00'W 100 m 4.59 nm
JO 3 59°17.00'N 01°56.00'W 80 m 4.08 nm
JO 4 59°17.00'N 01°40.00'W 90 m 4.08 nm
JO 5 59°17.00'N 01°30.00'W 95 m 5.10 nm
JO 6 59°17.00'N 01°20.00'W 110 m 5.10 nm
JO 6A 59°17.00'N 01°10.00'W 120 m 5.10 nm
JO 7 59°17.00'N 01°0.00'W 125 m 5.10 nm
JO 8 59°17.00'N 00°40.00'W 120 m 10.20 nm
JO 9 59°17.00'N 00°20.00'W 140 m 10.20 nm
JO10 59°17.00'N 00°0.00'W 135 m 10.20 nm

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 1

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification

Appendix 1: JONSIS Line

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
462930CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 14:46:0059.2783 N, 5.0E-4 WFRV Scotia 1695S
462942CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 16:02:0059.2838 N, 0.3347 WFRV Scotia 1695S
462954CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 17:30:0059.2873 N, 0.6752 WFRV Scotia 1695S
462966CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 19:12:0059.285 N, 1.0013 WFRV Scotia 1695S
462978CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 20:01:0059.2853 N, 1.1668 WFRV Scotia 1695S
462991CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 20:52:0059.284 N, 1.3335 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463005CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 21:44:0059.2833 N, 1.4985 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463017CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 22:36:0059.2823 N, 1.664 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463029CTD or STD cast1995-11-25 23:24:0059.2807 N, 1.7972 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463030CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 00:18:0059.2795 N, 1.9283 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463042CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 01:09:0059.279 N, 2.0845 WFRV Scotia 1695S
463054CTD or STD cast1995-11-26 01:55:0059.2788 N, 2.2402 WFRV Scotia 1695S
558495CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 03:42:0059.2833 N, 0.0017 EFRV Scotia 0700S
558502CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 05:30:0059.28 N, 0.33 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558514CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 06:52:0059.2833 N, 0.6683 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558526CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 08:03:0059.2817 N, 1.0 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558538CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 08:50:0059.2817 N, 1.1683 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558551CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 09:34:0059.295 N, 1.3317 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558563CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 10:20:0059.2833 N, 1.5 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558575CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 11:03:0059.2833 N, 1.6633 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558587CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 11:48:0059.2967 N, 1.7933 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558599CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 13:14:0059.2817 N, 1.93 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558606CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 14:04:0059.2783 N, 2.0817 WFRV Scotia 0700S
558618CTD or STD cast2000-05-09 14:50:0059.2783 N, 2.2367 WFRV Scotia 0700S
615933CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 09:36:0059.283 N, 3.0E-4 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615945CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 11:00:0059.2827 N, 0.334 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615957CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 13:10:0059.2828 N, 0.6695 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615969CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 14:37:0059.2835 N, 1.002 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615970CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 15:46:0059.2827 N, 1.1658 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615982CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 16:45:0059.2837 N, 1.337 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
615994CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 17:35:0059.2843 N, 1.5058 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616008CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 18:20:0059.2845 N, 1.6693 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616021CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 19:01:0059.285 N, 1.803 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616033CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 19:48:0059.2847 N, 1.936 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616045CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 20:29:0059.2848 N, 2.0853 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
616057CTD or STD cast2002-05-16 21:19:0059.284 N, 2.2335 WRV Cirolana 2302H (CIR2Y/02)
619184CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 01:06:0059.2745 N, 0.0102 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619196CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 02:22:0059.281 N, 0.3285 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619203CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 03:36:0059.2838 N, 0.666 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619215CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 04:50:0059.2843 N, 1.0027 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619227CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 05:41:0059.2843 N, 1.1662 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619239CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 06:32:0059.2838 N, 1.3323 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619240CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 07:19:0059.2868 N, 1.4965 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619252CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 08:32:0059.2837 N, 1.6573 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619264CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 09:23:0059.2867 N, 1.7908 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619276CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 10:14:0059.2803 N, 1.9735 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619288CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 11:20:0059.2755 N, 2.0828 WFRV Scotia 1402S
619307CTD or STD cast2002-09-24 12:08:0059.2737 N, 2.2305 WFRV Scotia 1402S
621533CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 02:20:0059.2837 N, 0.0042 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621545CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 04:15:0059.2873 N, 0.3612 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621557CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 05:40:0059.285 N, 0.6655 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621569CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 06:55:0059.29 N, 0.993 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621570CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 07:42:0059.285 N, 1.1697 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621582CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 08:40:0059.285 N, 1.3313 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621594CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 09:24:0059.2842 N, 1.4967 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621601CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 10:10:0059.2862 N, 1.6655 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621613CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 10:49:0059.2813 N, 1.7968 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621625CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 11:29:0059.2823 N, 1.927 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621637CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 12:17:0059.2795 N, 2.085 WFRV Scotia 1802S
621649CTD or STD cast2002-12-08 13:05:0059.274 N, 2.2412 WFRV Scotia 1802S
626549CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 04:12:0059.2832 N, 0.0013 EFRV Scotia 0703S
626550CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 05:46:0059.2853 N, 0.332 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626562CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 07:00:0059.2813 N, 0.6657 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626586CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 09:02:0059.2847 N, 1.156 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626598CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 09:53:0059.2822 N, 1.3248 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626605CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 10:45:0059.28 N, 1.4948 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626617CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 11:46:0059.2773 N, 1.6685 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626629CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 12:32:0059.281 N, 1.7912 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626630CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 13:11:0059.2863 N, 1.9273 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626642CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 14:01:0059.2873 N, 2.0822 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626654CTD or STD cast2003-04-16 14:45:0059.2868 N, 2.2332 WFRV Scotia 0703S
629953CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 05:15:0059.2833 N, 0.0023 EFRV Scotia 1403S
629965CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 06:30:0059.2842 N, 0.3327 WFRV Scotia 1403S
629977CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 08:01:0059.2847 N, 0.6668 WFRV Scotia 1403S
629989CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 09:54:0059.284 N, 0.9997 WFRV Scotia 1403S
629990CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 10:38:0059.2842 N, 1.1705 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630002CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 11:31:0059.2817 N, 1.3285 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630014CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 12:24:0059.283 N, 1.495 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630026CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 13:21:0059.282 N, 1.6605 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630038CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 14:12:0059.282 N, 1.7932 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630051CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 14:54:0059.2838 N, 1.9307 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630063CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 15:40:0059.282 N, 2.0812 WFRV Scotia 1403S
630075CTD or STD cast2003-09-17 16:26:0059.2845 N, 2.2297 WFRV Scotia 1403S
632229CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 06:21:0059.2878 N, 0.001 EFRV Scotia 1803S
632230CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 07:59:0059.2867 N, 0.317 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632242CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 09:30:0059.2822 N, 0.6562 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632254CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 11:08:0059.2818 N, 0.9863 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632266CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 12:13:0059.2782 N, 1.1635 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632278CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 13:10:0059.2857 N, 1.3353 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632291CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 14:06:0059.2868 N, 1.4958 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632309CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 15:00:0059.2875 N, 1.6637 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632310CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 15:51:0059.2893 N, 1.7907 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632322CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 16:39:0059.282 N, 1.9287 WFRV Scotia 1803S
632334CTD or STD cast2003-12-09 17:32:0059.283 N, 2.0832 WFRV Scotia 1803S
710179CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 02:52:0059.29217 N, 2.21317 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710180CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 03:48:0059.29133 N, 2.0765 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710192CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 05:33:0059.28433 N, 1.935 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710211CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 06:25:0059.28483 N, 1.80117 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710223CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 07:13:0059.28283 N, 1.66917 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710235CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 08:10:0059.28033 N, 1.50083 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710247CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 09:03:0059.279 N, 1.338 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710259CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 10:02:0059.27983 N, 1.16967 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710260CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 10:53:0059.2835 N, 1.00517 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710272CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 12:22:0059.285 N, 0.67067 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710284CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 13:50:0059.2835 N, 0.33533 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
710296CTD or STD cast2005-05-08 15:21:0059.28483 N, 0.00683 WFRV Scotia 0705S_1
712752CTD or STD cast2005-09-27 15:56:0059.284 N, 2.22883 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712764CTD or STD cast2005-09-27 16:58:0059.28117 N, 2.07933 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712776CTD or STD cast2005-09-27 17:57:0059.28067 N, 1.92717 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712788CTD or STD cast2005-09-28 08:25:0059.27683 N, 1.78633 WFRV Scotia 1405S
712807CTD or STD cast2005-09-28 09:09:0059.284 N, 1.66317 WFRV Scotia 1405S
714200CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 00:06:0059.279 N, 0.00517 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714212CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 01:27:0059.28517 N, 0.32817 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714224CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 02:48:0059.284 N, 0.66467 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714236CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 04:11:0059.28467 N, 0.99733 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714248CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 05:15:0059.283 N, 1.15983 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714261CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 06:22:0059.28317 N, 1.32867 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714273CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 07:22:0059.28183 N, 1.49533 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714285CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 08:30:0059.28283 N, 1.66133 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714297CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 09:21:0059.28183 N, 1.796 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714304CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 10:12:0059.28367 N, 1.92833 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714316CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 11:01:0059.2845 N, 2.07833 WFRV Scotia 1805S
714328CTD or STD cast2005-12-11 12:07:0059.2855 N, 2.22917 WFRV Scotia 1805S
730144CTD or STD cast2006-04-23 23:31:0059.27883 N, 0.003 EFRV Scotia 0706S
730156CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 00:51:0059.28183 N, 0.32533 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730168CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 02:24:0059.285 N, 0.66117 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730181CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 03:44:0059.28217 N, 0.99717 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730193CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 04:38:0059.28283 N, 1.15983 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730200CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 05:30:0059.282 N, 1.32967 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730212CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 06:26:0059.2815 N, 1.4945 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730224CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 07:16:0059.284 N, 1.65833 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730236CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 08:05:0059.28467 N, 1.8 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730248CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 08:50:0059.28367 N, 1.93383 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730261CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 09:33:0059.285 N, 2.0815 WFRV Scotia 0706S
730273CTD or STD cast2006-04-24 10:16:0059.28417 N, 2.234 WFRV Scotia 0706S
725965CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 01:58:0059.2825 N, 0.0015 EFRV Scotia 1506S
725977CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 03:21:0059.2825 N, 0.33583 WFRV Scotia 1506S
725989CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 04:36:0059.28333 N, 0.664 WFRV Scotia 1506S
725990CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 05:52:0059.2835 N, 0.99883 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726004CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 06:47:0059.2825 N, 1.168 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726016CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 07:41:0059.2825 N, 1.33233 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726028CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 08:32:0059.28317 N, 1.50117 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726041CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 09:18:0059.28267 N, 1.6675 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726053CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 09:58:0059.28083 N, 1.80067 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726065CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 10:49:0059.28267 N, 1.93283 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726077CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 11:36:0059.283 N, 2.085 WFRV Scotia 1506S
726089CTD or STD cast2006-10-04 12:27:0059.28433 N, 2.23233 WFRV Scotia 1506S
728188CTD or STD cast2006-12-13 23:10:0059.28283 N, 8.3E-4 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728207CTD or STD cast2006-12-14 01:00:0059.2845 N, 0.33133 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728219CTD or STD cast2006-12-14 02:33:0059.28333 N, 0.66517 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728220CTD or STD cast2006-12-14 04:11:0059.28433 N, 0.99817 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728232CTD or STD cast2006-12-14 05:19:0059.28167 N, 1.16033 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728244CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 09:20:0059.27917 N, 1.3305 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728256CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 10:31:0059.28633 N, 1.5 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728268CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 11:43:0059.28317 N, 1.66217 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728281CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 12:45:0059.28367 N, 1.7975 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728293CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 13:31:0059.28467 N, 1.934 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728300CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 14:21:0059.28367 N, 2.0815 WFRV Scotia 1906S
728312CTD or STD cast2006-12-15 15:05:0059.28383 N, 2.23283 WFRV Scotia 1906S
1035685CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 11:33:0059.28383 N, 2.23083 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035697CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 13:17:0059.28367 N, 2.08283 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035704CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 14:39:0059.28317 N, 1.93167 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035716CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 15:40:0059.28283 N, 1.79983 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035728CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 16:50:0059.28067 N, 1.66533 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035741CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 18:00:0059.282 N, 1.502 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035753CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 19:06:0059.2835 N, 1.33467 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035765CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 20:15:0059.28367 N, 1.16667 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035777CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 21:29:0059.28317 N, 0.9995 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035789CTD or STD cast2009-05-31 23:09:0059.284 N, 0.66783 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035790CTD or STD cast2009-06-01 01:12:0059.28333 N, 0.334 WFRV Scotia 0709S
1035808CTD or STD cast2009-06-01 02:55:0059.282 N, 0.002 EFRV Scotia 0709S
1035882CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 03:43:0059.281 N, 0.00117 EFRV Scotia 1309S
1035894CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 05:34:0059.28383 N, 0.33167 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035901CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 07:22:0059.28317 N, 0.6675 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035913CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 09:12:0059.282 N, 0.99983 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035925CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 10:26:0059.28233 N, 1.16767 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035937CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 12:14:0059.2815 N, 1.33633 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035949CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 13:22:0059.28483 N, 1.50417 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035950CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 14:37:0059.28483 N, 1.67117 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035962CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 15:41:0059.28433 N, 1.80183 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035974CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 16:46:0059.285 N, 1.93233 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035986CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 17:56:0059.283 N, 2.08133 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1035998CTD or STD cast2009-10-02 19:05:0059.28317 N, 2.23117 WFRV Scotia 1309S
1037723CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 08:33:0059.284 N, 1.5025 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037735CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 09:43:0059.28283 N, 1.3395 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037747CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 11:16:0059.28283 N, 1.17067 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037759CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 12:35:0059.28267 N, 1.004 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037760CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 14:32:0059.28417 N, 0.66933 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037772CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 16:26:0059.284 N, 0.335 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1037784CTD or STD cast2009-12-04 18:34:0059.28467 N, 0.00583 WFRV Scotia 1609S
1180040CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 16:24:0059.2825 N, 0.00283 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180052CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 18:16:0059.27983 N, 0.32833 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180064CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 20:02:0059.28433 N, 0.66567 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180076CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 21:44:0059.28383 N, 1.00117 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180088CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 22:34:0059.28333 N, 1.16917 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180107CTD or STD cast2012-05-09 23:26:0059.282 N, 1.33117 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180119CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 00:30:0059.27967 N, 1.49867 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180120CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 01:26:0059.27967 N, 1.667 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180132CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 02:10:0059.28033 N, 1.7995 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180144CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 02:58:0059.2815 N, 1.9365 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180156CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 03:48:0059.28383 N, 2.08983 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1180168CTD or STD cast2012-05-10 04:37:0059.28367 N, 2.23367 WFRV Scotia 0512S
1182728CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 09:15:0059.27967 N, 0.00467 EFRV Scotia 1312S
1182741CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 11:00:0059.28367 N, 0.32367 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182753CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 12:30:0059.28083 N, 0.6645 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182765CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 13:48:0059.28283 N, 1.00183 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182777CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 14:37:0059.28517 N, 1.16233 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182789CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 15:26:0059.2835 N, 1.33333 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182790CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 16:17:0059.28433 N, 1.49967 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182808CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 17:04:0059.28733 N, 1.659 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182821CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 17:52:0059.28417 N, 1.79783 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182833CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 18:39:0059.28317 N, 1.93367 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182845CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 19:25:0059.2835 N, 2.0775 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1182857CTD or STD cast2012-09-30 20:12:0059.281 N, 2.2245 WFRV Scotia 1312S
1184747CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 02:57:0059.28417 N, 1.7E-4 EFRV Scotia 1712S
1184759CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 04:21:0059.28333 N, 0.33333 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184760CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 05:44:0059.28283 N, 0.66883 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184772CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 07:06:0059.2835 N, 1.0 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184784CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 08:07:0059.28383 N, 1.16483 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184796CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 09:00:0059.28333 N, 1.333 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184803CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 09:53:0059.285 N, 1.49917 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184815CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 11:00:0059.2825 N, 1.66417 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184827CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 11:47:0059.28367 N, 1.79783 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184839CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 12:34:0059.2835 N, 1.93367 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184840CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 13:23:0059.28417 N, 2.08267 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1184852CTD or STD cast2012-12-08 14:15:0059.28417 N, 2.2325 WFRV Scotia 1712S
1212768CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 00:23:0059.28117 N, 0.00167 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212781CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 01:39:0059.2825 N, 0.33433 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212793CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 02:54:0059.28317 N, 0.66767 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212800CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 04:09:0059.284 N, 1.004 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212812CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 04:59:0059.28267 N, 1.16767 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212824CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 05:43:0059.281 N, 1.32983 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212836CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 06:42:0059.28533 N, 1.50317 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212848CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 07:30:0059.2855 N, 1.6735 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212861CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 08:11:0059.28333 N, 1.80083 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212873CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 08:50:0059.2805 N, 1.93067 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212885CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 09:35:0059.28167 N, 2.08283 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1212897CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 10:25:0059.276 N, 2.24017 WFRV Scotia 0513S
1215951CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 15:49:0059.28283 N, 0.0 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1215963CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 17:19:0059.28317 N, 0.333 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1215975CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 18:44:0059.28367 N, 0.6655 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1215987CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 20:04:0059.28283 N, 1.00033 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1215999CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 20:56:0059.28267 N, 1.16633 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216002CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 21:47:0059.28317 N, 1.334 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216014CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 22:42:0059.284 N, 1.501 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216026CTD or STD cast2013-10-13 23:36:0059.28317 N, 1.667 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216038CTD or STD cast2013-10-14 00:23:0059.28367 N, 1.8015 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216051CTD or STD cast2013-10-14 01:05:0059.28433 N, 1.93267 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216063CTD or STD cast2013-10-14 01:52:0059.28333 N, 2.08317 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216075CTD or STD cast2013-10-14 02:35:0059.28367 N, 2.233 WFRV Scotia 1313S
1216376CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 01:25:0059.28317 N, 1.7E-4 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216388CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 02:47:0059.28317 N, 0.33167 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216407CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 04:08:0059.28217 N, 0.66383 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216419CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 05:27:0059.27967 N, 0.99967 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216420CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 06:17:0059.2805 N, 1.166 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216432CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 07:07:0059.28117 N, 1.32467 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216444CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 08:00:0059.28283 N, 1.50067 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216456CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 08:56:0059.284 N, 1.665 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216468CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 09:56:0059.28967 N, 1.78917 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216481CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 10:47:0059.28433 N, 1.92517 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216493CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 11:41:0059.28333 N, 2.07733 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1216500CTD or STD cast2013-12-09 12:29:0059.283 N, 2.23367 WFRV Scotia 1713S
1884269CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 06:43:0059.28033 N, 0.00233 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884270CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 08:03:0059.28367 N, 0.322 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884282CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 09:30:0059.284 N, 0.6615 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884294CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 11:13:0059.284 N, 0.9955 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884301CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 12:16:0059.284 N, 1.16267 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884313CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 13:21:0059.2845 N, 1.3325 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884325CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 14:16:0059.2845 N, 1.49883 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884337CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 15:09:0059.28317 N, 1.66617 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884349CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 16:04:0059.278 N, 1.7965 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884350CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 17:13:0059.2815 N, 1.929 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884362CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 18:06:0059.28083 N, 2.085 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884374CTD or STD cast2015-04-27 18:59:0059.27933 N, 2.23083 WFRV Scotia 0515S
1884884CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 00:52:0059.2825 N, 8.3E-4 EFRV Scotia 1315S
1884896CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 03:03:0059.28317 N, 0.33083 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884903CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 05:05:0059.28417 N, 0.6665 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884915CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 06:37:0059.28333 N, 1.00267 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884927CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 07:40:0059.28267 N, 1.16567 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884939CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 08:38:0059.28333 N, 1.33333 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884940CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 09:34:0059.28417 N, 1.49867 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884952CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 10:29:0059.28367 N, 1.66683 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884964CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 11:46:0059.28367 N, 1.79867 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884976CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 12:52:0059.283 N, 1.93283 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1884988CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 14:07:0059.2815 N, 2.08317 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1885003CTD or STD cast2015-09-20 15:18:0059.2805 N, 2.23417 WFRV Scotia 1315S
1886264CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 02:42:0059.28517 N, 0.00417 EFRV Scotia 1815S
1886276CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 03:38:0059.285 N, 0.00417 EFRV Scotia 1815S
1886288CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 05:21:0059.28533 N, 0.328 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886307CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 07:07:0059.28583 N, 0.66333 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886319CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 08:45:0059.2835 N, 0.99383 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886320CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 09:54:0059.28133 N, 1.16233 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886332CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 10:47:0059.28133 N, 1.16083 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886344CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 11:58:0059.28133 N, 1.32917 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886356CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 13:09:0059.28317 N, 1.49583 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886368CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 14:17:0059.2845 N, 1.66483 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886381CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 15:22:0059.2855 N, 1.79833 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886393CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 15:44:0059.2855 N, 1.79817 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886400CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 16:40:0059.2865 N, 1.92983 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886412CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 17:33:0059.28483 N, 2.0795 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886424CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 18:30:0059.28117 N, 2.2265 WFRV Scotia 1815S
1886436CTD or STD cast2015-12-11 18:54:0059.28167 N, 2.2265 WFRV Scotia 1815S
2029991CTD or STD cast2018-05-03 18:47:0059.28283 N, 0.00217 EFRV Scotia 0618S
2030003CTD or STD cast2018-05-03 20:15:0059.28333 N, 0.3315 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030015CTD or STD cast2018-05-03 21:48:0059.284 N, 0.66617 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030027CTD or STD cast2018-05-03 23:21:0059.283 N, 0.99767 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030039CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 00:19:0059.28233 N, 1.1655 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030040CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 01:16:0059.28283 N, 1.3325 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030052CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 02:09:0059.282 N, 1.499 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030064CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 03:00:0059.28133 N, 1.666 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030076CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 03:49:0059.28183 N, 1.798 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030088CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 04:35:0059.284 N, 1.93083 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030107CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 05:28:0059.28467 N, 2.0805 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2030119CTD or STD cast2018-05-04 06:23:0059.28467 N, 2.23033 WFRV Scotia 0618S
2032882CTD or STD cast2018-10-06 22:04:0059.28333 N, 6.7E-4 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032894CTD or STD cast2018-10-06 23:41:0059.28367 N, 0.33367 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032901CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 01:06:0059.28433 N, 0.66517 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032913CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 02:35:0059.28383 N, 0.99917 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032925CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 03:38:0059.28333 N, 1.16733 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032937CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 04:41:0059.2835 N, 1.33333 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032949CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 07:44:0059.28133 N, 1.494 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032950CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 08:53:0059.28133 N, 1.66033 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032962CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 09:52:0059.27983 N, 1.79833 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032974CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 10:44:0059.28283 N, 1.932 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032986CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 11:47:0059.28483 N, 2.081 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2032998CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 12:42:0059.287 N, 2.22983 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033001CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 21:26:0059.28217 N, 1.415 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033013CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 21:50:0059.28267 N, 1.39783 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033025CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 22:16:0059.282 N, 1.38283 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033037CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 22:43:0059.28233 N, 1.36633 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033049CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 23:17:0059.2815 N, 1.35017 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033050CTD or STD cast2018-10-07 23:58:0059.2825 N, 1.31783 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033062CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 00:32:0059.28333 N, 1.3 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033074CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 01:01:0059.28333 N, 1.28417 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033086CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 01:31:0059.28333 N, 1.26817 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033098CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 02:02:0059.28317 N, 1.25167 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033105CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 02:33:0059.28333 N, 1.23483 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033117CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 03:08:0059.28383 N, 1.2185 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033129CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 03:41:0059.2835 N, 1.20217 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033130CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 04:14:0059.2835 N, 1.18583 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033142CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 04:55:0059.28333 N, 1.15333 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033154CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 05:28:0059.28333 N, 1.137 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033166CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 06:00:0059.28317 N, 1.121 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033178CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 06:39:0059.283 N, 1.104 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2033191CTD or STD cast2018-10-08 07:11:0059.283 N, 1.08833 WFRV Scotia 1418S
2034502CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 10:15:0059.28267 N, 8.3E-4 EFRV Scotia 1818S
2034514CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 12:14:0059.28317 N, 0.333 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034526CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 13:45:0059.28317 N, 0.6655 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034538CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 15:16:0059.28333 N, 0.99967 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034551CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 16:33:0059.28183 N, 1.1665 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034563CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 17:51:0059.28333 N, 1.3355 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034575CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 18:44:0059.28433 N, 1.5025 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034587CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 19:41:0059.28417 N, 1.667 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034599CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 20:31:0059.28333 N, 1.79717 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034606CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 21:22:0059.28383 N, 1.93483 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034618CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 22:14:0059.284 N, 2.08417 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2034631CTD or STD cast2018-12-10 23:18:0059.28 N, 2.2365 WFRV Scotia 1818S
2035591CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 11:19:0059.284 N, 0.00133 EFRV Scotia 0519S
2035609CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 12:46:0059.283 N, 0.33467 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035610CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 14:13:0059.28267 N, 0.66767 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035622CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 15:42:0059.28383 N, 1.0025 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035634CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 17:00:0059.28317 N, 1.16817 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035646CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 17:55:0059.285 N, 1.33317 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035658CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 18:46:0059.28367 N, 1.5005 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035671CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 19:43:0059.28483 N, 1.66633 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035683CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 20:34:0059.28417 N, 1.79917 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035695CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 21:27:0059.284 N, 1.93283 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035702CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 22:27:0059.28267 N, 2.08467 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2035714CTD or STD cast2019-04-22 23:23:0059.281 N, 2.23633 WFRV Scotia 0519S
2036336CTD or STD cast2019-10-14 19:30:0059.28433 N, 0.0015 EFRV Scotia 1519S
2036348CTD or STD cast2019-10-14 20:15:0059.283 N, 0.001 EFRV Scotia 1519S
2036361CTD or STD cast2019-10-14 21:45:0059.28317 N, 0.33433 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036373CTD or STD cast2019-10-14 23:13:0059.28317 N, 0.66667 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036385CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 00:43:0059.283 N, 0.99983 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036397CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 01:41:0059.28283 N, 1.16717 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036404CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 02:39:0059.28317 N, 1.33433 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036416CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 03:36:0059.28367 N, 1.502 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036428CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 04:27:0059.28367 N, 1.66667 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036441CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 05:12:0059.28417 N, 1.8005 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036453CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 05:59:0059.2835 N, 1.933 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036465CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 06:51:0059.2835 N, 2.08283 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2036477CTD or STD cast2019-10-15 07:52:0059.28367 N, 2.23467 WFRV Scotia 1519S
2037260CTD or STD cast2019-12-12 18:44:0059.28467 N, 0.0025 EFRV Scotia 1919S
2037272CTD or STD cast2019-12-12 20:13:0059.28533 N, 0.325 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037284CTD or STD cast2019-12-12 21:48:0059.26983 N, 0.66667 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037296CTD or STD cast2019-12-12 23:20:0059.28117 N, 0.99767 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037303CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 00:26:0059.28217 N, 1.17017 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037315CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 01:31:0059.28717 N, 1.33583 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037327CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 02:26:0059.28517 N, 1.50283 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037339CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 03:17:0059.2845 N, 1.66517 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037340CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 04:06:0059.28633 N, 1.79967 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037352CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 04:53:0059.28467 N, 1.93117 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037364CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 05:46:0059.28383 N, 2.08267 WFRV Scotia 1919S
2037376CTD or STD cast2019-12-13 06:39:0059.28367 N, 2.23233 WFRV Scotia 1919S