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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 975349

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category CTD or STD cast
Instrument Type
Neil Brown MK3 CTD  CTD; water temperature sensor; salinity sensor; dissolved gas sensors
SeaTech transmissometer  transmissometers
Instrument Mounting research vessel
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator Dr John Gould
Originating Organization Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory (now National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download available - Ocean Data View (ODV) format
Project(s) WOCE

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier CTD62090
BODC Series Reference 975349

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 1991-09-02 08:24
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) -
Nominal Cycle Interval 2.0 decibars

Spatial Co-ordinates

Latitude 55.76867 N ( 55° 46.1' N )
Longitude 12.98433 W ( 12° 59.1' W )
Positional Uncertainty 0.0 to 0.01 n.miles
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth 0.99 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth 2723.96 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height 0.44 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height 2723.41 m
Sea Floor Depth 2724.4 m
Sea Floor Depth Source DATAHEAD
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Variable common depth - All sensors are grouped effectively at the same depth, but this depth varies significantly during the series
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface
Sea Floor Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
ATTNZR011per metreAttenuation (red light wavelength) per unit length of the water body by transmissometer
DOXYPR011Micromoles per litreConcentration of oxygen {O2 CAS 7782-44-7} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] by in-situ Beckmann probe
OXYSBB011PercentSaturation of oxygen {O2 CAS 7782-44-7} in the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] by in-situ Beckmann probe and computation from concentration using Benson and Krause algorithm
POATCV011per metrePotential attenuance (unspecified wavelength) per unit length of the water body by transmissometer and computation using P-EXEC algorithm
POTMCV011Degrees CelsiusPotential temperature of the water body by computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm
PRESPR011DecibarsPressure (spatial coordinate) exerted by the water body by profiling pressure sensor and correction to read zero at sea level
PSALST011DimensionlessPractical salinity of the water body by CTD and computation using UNESCO 1983 algorithm
SIGTPR011Kilograms per cubic metreSigma-theta of the water body by CTD and computation from salinity and potential temperature using UNESCO algorithm
TEMPST011Degrees CelsiusTemperature of the water body by CTD or STD

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Data Access Policy

Public domain data

These data have no specific confidentiality restrictions for users. However, users must acknowledge data sources as it is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution. Any publication or other output resulting from usage of the data should include an acknowledgment.

The recommended acknowledgment is

"This study uses data from the data source/organisation/programme, provided by the British Oceanographic Data Centre and funded by the funding body."

Narrative Documents

Neil Brown MK3 CTD

The Neil Brown MK3 conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profiler consists of an integral unit containing pressure, temperature and conductivity sensors with an optional dissolved oxygen sensor in a pressure-hardened casing. The most widely used variant in the 1980s and 1990s was the MK3B. An upgrade to this, the MK3C, was developed to meet the requirements of the WOCE project.

The MK3C includes a low hysteresis, titanium strain gauge pressure transducer. The transducer temperature is measured separately, allowing correction for the effects of temperature on pressure measurements. The MK3C conductivity cell features a free flow, internal field design that eliminates ducted pumping and is not affected by external metallic objects such as guard cages and external sensors.

Additional optional sensors include pH and a pressure-temperature fluorometer. The instrument is no longer in production, but is supported (repair and calibration) by General Oceanics.


These specification apply to the MK3C version.

Pressure Temperature Conductivity

6500 m

3200 m (optional)

-3 to 32°C 1 to 6.5 S cm-1

0.0015% FS

0.03% FS < 1 msec


0.003°C < 30 msec

0.0001 S cm-1

0.0003 S cm-1 < 30 msec

Further details can be found in the specification sheet.

SeaTech Transmissometer


The transmissometer is designed to accurately measure the the amount of light transmitted by a modulated Light Emitting Diode (LED) through a fixed-length in-situ water column to a synchronous detector.


  • Water path length: 5 cm (for use in turbid waters) to 1 m (for use in clear ocean waters).
  • Beam diameter: 15 mm
  • Transmitted beam collimation: <3 milliradians
  • Receiver acceptance angle (in water): <18 milliradians
  • Light source wavelength: usually (but not exclusively) 660 nm (red light)


The instrument can be interfaced to Aanderaa RCM7 current meters. This is achieved by fitting the transmissometer in a slot cut into a customized RCM4-type vane.

A red LED (660 nm) is used for general applications looking at water column sediment load. However, green or blue LEDs can be fitted for specilised optics applications. The light source used is identified by the BODC parameter code.

Further details can be found in the manufacturer's Manual.

RRS Charles Darwin 62 CTD Data Documentation


CTD profile data are presented from the CONVEX cruise Charles Darwin 62, as reported by Gould et al. (1992).

Instrumentation and Methodology

Instrumentation Summary

The CTD profiles were taken with a Neil Brown Systems MkIIIb CTD mounted beneath a bottle rosette. The CTD was fitted with a pressure sensor, conductivity cell, platinum resistance thermometer, a dissolved oxygen sensor, a Sea Tech 100cm path transmissometer and an IOS 10kHz pinger.

Data Acquisition

Lowering rates for the CTD package were generally in the range 0.5-1.0ms-1 but could be up to 1.5ms-1. CTD data were logged at 16 frames per second. The CTD deck unit passes raw data to a dedicated Level A microcomputer where 1 second averages are assembled. During this process the Level A calculates the rate of change of temperature and a median sorting routine detects and removes pressure spikes. These data are sent to the Level B for archival. The data are then passed to a Level C workstation for conversion to Pstar format and calibration.

A total of 96 stations (01 - 96) were occupied, of which 93 used the MkIIIb CTD. A Neil Brown MkV CTD was used at 3 of the stations. Data for stations 79-81 are from full depth casts using this instrument. Two trials had previously been conducted at stations 72 and 76.

Data Processing

The 1 second data passed to the Level C were converted to Pstar format and initially calibrated with coefficients from laboratory calibrations. The up cast data were extracted for merging with the bottle firing codes, on time, thus the CTD variables were reconciled with the bottle samples. Final calibrations were applied using the sample bottle data. The data were worked up to WOCE standards by the data originators before being supplied to BODC.

BODC Data Processing

No further calibrations were applied to the data received by BODC. BODC were mainly concerned with the screening and banking of the data.

The CTD data were received as 2db averaged pressure sorted down cast data. Parameters were pressure (dbar), temperature (°c), salinity (pss-78), oxygen (µmol/kg) and potential attenuance (/m).

The data were converted into the BODC internal format (PXF) to allow the use of in-house software tools, notably the graphics editor. Oxygen was converted to umol/l.

Spikes in the data were manually flagged 'suspect' by modification of the associated quality control flag. In this way none of the original data values were edited or deleted during quality control. These data from cruise CD62 required little flagging and just a few points were set suspect. Profiles 079, 080, and 081 were made using the MkV CTD and have null attenuance.

Once screened, the CTD data were loaded into a database under the Oracle relational database management system. The start time stored in the database is the CTD deployment time, and the end time is the time the CTD was removed from the water. Actually these times are more precisely the start and end of data logging. Latitude and longitude are the mean positions between the start and end times calculated from the master navigation in the binary merged file. The longitude given to the end time for station 62 in the cruise report is incorrect and should be closer to -35 50.0.

Potential attenuance was converted to attenuance from within Oracle as follows:

atten = exp (-atten)
atten = atten / (1.0 -ln (atten) x press / 215800)
atten = -ln (atten)

The following comparison was made between the maximum CTD pressure and bottle firing pressure:

62019 969 973
62021 2043 2049
62042 2973 3202
62086 557 506
62088 967 755

For stations 62019, 62021 and 62042 the tail end of the CTD cast might have been edited out by the originating scientists. For station 62086 there were null entries for CTDPRS, CTDTMP and CTDSAL for bottle 1 (REVPRS = 549.0 dbar) in the bottle data file. For station 62088 there was no entry for bottle 1 in the bottle file.


Gould, W.J. et al. (1992). RRS Charles Darwin Cruise 62. Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory, Cruise Report No. 230, 60pp.

Project Information

World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE)

The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) was a major international experiment which made measurements and undertook modelling studies of the deep oceans in order to provide a much improved understanding of the role of ocean circulation in changing and ameliorating the Earth's climate.

WOCE had two major goals:

  • Goal 1. To develop models to predict climate and to collect the data necessary to test them.

  • Goal 2. To determine the representativeness of the Goal 1 observations and to deduce cost effective means of determining long-term changes in ocean circulation.


The UK made a substantial contribution to the international World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) project by focusing on two important regions:

  1. Southern Ocean - links all the worlds oceans, controlling global climate.
  2. North Atlantic - directly affects the climate of Europe.

A major part of the UK effort was in the Southern Ocean and work included:

  • Two surveys, in the South Atlantic as part of the WOCE Hydrographic Programme.
  • SWINDEX, a year long study of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) where it crosses major topography south of Africa.
  • ADOX, a study of deep water flow from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.
  • ACCLAIM, a study of the ACC by altimetry and island measurements.

In the North Atlantic the UK undertook:

  • NATRE, a purposeful tracer experiment to look at cross isopycnic processes.
  • CONVEX, a study of the deep ocean circulation and its changes.
  • VIVALDI, a seven year programme of seasonally repeated surveys to study the upper ocean.
  • Long-term observations of ocean climate in the North West Approaches.

Satellite ocean surface topography, temperature and wind data were merged with in situ observations and models to create a complete description of ocean circulation, eddy motion and the way the ocean is driven by the atmosphere.

The surveys were forerunners to the international Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). GOOS was later established to monitor annual to decadal changes in ocean circulation and heat storage which are vital in the prediction of climate change.

Data Activity or Cruise Information


Cruise Name CD62
Departure Date 1991-08-01
Arrival Date 1991-09-04
Principal Scientist(s)W John Gould (Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory)
Ship RRS Charles Darwin

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

Fixed Station Information

Station NameWOCE Atlantic Area 12 (AR12)
CategoryOffshore area
Latitude52° 0.00' N
Longitude18° 0.00' W
Water depth below MSL

World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) Atlantic Area 12 (AR12)

WOCE was a major international experiment which made measurements and undertook modelling studies of the deep oceans in order to provide a much improved understanding of the role of ocean circulation in changing and ameliorating the Earth's climate. WOCE established numerous areas and repeat sections in the Atlantic Ocean as illustrated in the map below.

BODC image

AR12 spans the boundary between the subtropical and subpolar gyres in the eastern basin; stations lie within a box bounded by 40.0°N, 35.0°W at the southwest corner and 65.0°N, 03.0°W at the northeast corner The area was occupied between April 1991 to September 1998. A table of all AR12 cruises is presented below:

Cruise Cruise dates Country
Charles Darwin 58 1991-04-25 to 1991-05-15 UK
Charles Darwin 59 1991-05-18 to 1991-06-10 UK
Charles Darwin 62 1991-08-01 to 1991-09-04 UK
Pelagia 95 1995-07-18 to 1995-08-14 Netherlands
Pelagia 96 1996-06-18 to 1996-07-15 Netherlands
Discovery 223 1996-09-28 to 1996-11-18 UK
Meteor 39 1997-05-15 to 1997-06-07 Germany
Pelagia 110 1997-08-08 to 1997-08-29 Netherlands
Pelagia 122 1998-08-18 to 1998-09-02 Netherlands

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 1

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification

Appendix 1: WOCE Atlantic Area 12 (AR12)

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
971508CTD or STD cast1991-04-27 03:14:0047.49933 N, 11.99517 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849769Water sample data1991-04-27 05:13:0047.49927 N, 11.99515 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971521CTD or STD cast1991-04-28 04:10:0044.89083 N, 12.281 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849770Water sample data1991-04-28 05:37:0044.8909 N, 12.28107 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971533CTD or STD cast1991-04-29 06:36:0042.0015 N, 12.74733 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849782Water sample data1991-04-29 08:54:0042.00156 N, 12.74734 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971545CTD or STD cast1991-04-30 03:06:0041.97583 N, 16.36983 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849794Water sample data1991-04-30 05:20:0041.97583 N, 16.36986 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971557CTD or STD cast1991-05-01 06:55:0044.98833 N, 16.188 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849801Water sample data1991-05-01 08:50:0044.98837 N, 16.18802 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971569CTD or STD cast1991-05-02 08:47:0048.0235 N, 15.98567 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849813Water sample data1991-05-02 11:02:0048.02348 N, 15.98573 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971570CTD or STD cast1991-05-03 09:27:0048.0085 N, 19.995 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849825Water sample data1991-05-03 11:07:0048.00853 N, 19.99506 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971582CTD or STD cast1991-05-04 13:20:0044.9945 N, 20.01017 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849837Water sample data1991-05-04 14:56:0044.99444 N, 20.01014 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971594CTD or STD cast1991-05-05 16:17:0042.023 N, 19.936 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849849Water sample data1991-05-05 17:16:0042.02299 N, 19.93606 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971601CTD or STD cast1991-05-06 18:53:0039.00433 N, 19.95667 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849850Water sample data1991-05-06 20:33:0039.00427 N, 19.95662 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971613CTD or STD cast1991-05-07 19:25:0038.98667 N, 23.4715 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849862Water sample data1991-05-07 20:45:0038.98668 N, 23.47142 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971625CTD or STD cast1991-05-08 21:25:0042.0185 N, 23.62917 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849874Water sample data1991-05-08 22:41:0042.01858 N, 23.62921 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971637CTD or STD cast1991-05-10 00:39:0044.99483 N, 23.80717 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849886Water sample data1991-05-10 01:45:0044.99486 N, 23.80719 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971649CTD or STD cast1991-05-11 02:31:0048.00117 N, 24.025 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849898Water sample data1991-05-11 03:55:0048.00109 N, 24.02498 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971650CTD or STD cast1991-05-13 11:15:0045.0925 N, 27.63633 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849905Water sample data1991-05-13 12:08:0045.09255 N, 27.63638 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971662CTD or STD cast1991-05-14 13:31:0041.98417 N, 27.09933 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849917Water sample data1991-05-14 14:34:0041.98423 N, 27.09935 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971674CTD or STD cast1991-05-15 14:13:0039.16867 N, 26.72217 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
1849929Water sample data1991-05-15 15:01:0039.16864 N, 26.72216 WRRS Charles Darwin CD58
971730CTD or STD cast1991-05-19 08:33:0039.01167 N, 30.431 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971742CTD or STD cast1991-05-20 07:50:0041.9975 N, 30.87283 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971754CTD or STD cast1991-05-21 12:11:0045.00617 N, 31.4575 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971766CTD or STD cast1991-05-22 13:46:0048.022 N, 32.09783 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971778CTD or STD cast1991-05-23 16:41:0050.73817 N, 32.83383 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971791CTD or STD cast1991-05-24 22:56:0053.98767 N, 33.75367 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971809CTD or STD cast1991-05-25 21:47:0053.99367 N, 29.18467 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971810CTD or STD cast1991-05-27 01:25:0051.08967 N, 28.11433 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971822CTD or STD cast1991-05-28 05:44:0048.00317 N, 28.518 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971834CTD or STD cast1991-05-29 07:25:0048.0005 N, 24.04417 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971846CTD or STD cast1991-05-30 11:03:0050.9905 N, 24.621 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971858CTD or STD cast1991-05-31 17:38:0054.0005 N, 24.581 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971871CTD or STD cast1991-06-01 15:14:0053.998 N, 20.326 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971686CTD or STD cast1991-06-02 17:00:0051.007 N, 20.64467 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971698CTD or STD cast1991-06-04 05:51:0048.03167 N, 19.92683 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971705CTD or STD cast1991-06-05 08:07:0047.9825 N, 15.94567 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971717CTD or STD cast1991-06-06 15:16:0051.008 N, 15.9955 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
971729CTD or STD cast1991-06-08 02:55:0053.99683 N, 14.9965 WRRS Charles Darwin CD59
975847CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 00:02:0051.49433 N, 11.17367 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975859CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 05:08:0051.545 N, 12.21583 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975860CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 10:43:0051.592 N, 13.27333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975872CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 15:58:0051.6465 N, 14.273 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975884CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 19:41:0051.67583 N, 14.8915 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975896CTD or STD cast1991-08-03 23:48:0051.68717 N, 15.46083 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975903CTD or STD cast1991-08-04 10:14:0051.68433 N, 16.57917 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975915CTD or STD cast1991-08-05 09:25:0051.7695 N, 18.8385 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975927CTD or STD cast1991-08-05 18:01:0051.753 N, 20.0025 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975939CTD or STD cast1991-08-06 18:22:0052.294 N, 20.04833 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975940CTD or STD cast1991-08-07 01:50:0052.89017 N, 20.0045 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975952CTD or STD cast1991-08-07 08:13:0053.46333 N, 20.01 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975964CTD or STD cast1991-08-07 14:09:0054.04767 N, 20.0075 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975976CTD or STD cast1991-08-07 19:36:0054.62717 N, 20.0105 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975988CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 00:07:0055.20183 N, 20.0025 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976003CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 04:48:0055.77867 N, 19.9825 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976015CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 09:55:0056.35617 N, 20.01167 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976027CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 15:10:0056.928 N, 19.99883 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976039CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 19:57:0057.5065 N, 19.99117 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976040CTD or STD cast1991-08-08 23:38:0057.577 N, 20.48483 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976052CTD or STD cast1991-08-09 04:31:0057.6225 N, 21.0975 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976064CTD or STD cast1991-08-09 09:12:0057.6955 N, 21.711 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976076CTD or STD cast1991-08-09 13:19:0057.776 N, 22.24517 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976088CTD or STD cast1991-08-09 20:43:0057.922 N, 23.32183 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976107CTD or STD cast1991-08-10 04:38:0058.04417 N, 24.41267 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976119CTD or STD cast1991-08-10 23:42:0058.19633 N, 25.5725 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976120CTD or STD cast1991-08-11 12:50:0058.3255 N, 26.67733 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976132CTD or STD cast1991-08-11 19:55:0058.45567 N, 27.78283 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976144CTD or STD cast1991-08-12 02:29:0058.61717 N, 28.89117 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976156CTD or STD cast1991-08-12 09:17:0058.73933 N, 30.00667 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976168CTD or STD cast1991-08-12 16:07:0058.14667 N, 30.01333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976181CTD or STD cast1991-08-12 23:43:0057.55983 N, 30.00517 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976193CTD or STD cast1991-08-13 07:11:0056.963 N, 30.001 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976200CTD or STD cast1991-08-13 14:19:0056.38233 N, 29.9855 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
976212CTD or STD cast1991-08-14 07:09:0058.88017 N, 31.2 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975417CTD or STD cast1991-08-14 12:52:0059.00367 N, 32.4205 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975429CTD or STD cast1991-08-14 18:00:0059.11717 N, 33.643 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975430CTD or STD cast1991-08-15 00:05:0059.24867 N, 34.86767 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975442CTD or STD cast1991-08-15 03:04:0059.24517 N, 34.84 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975454CTD or STD cast1991-08-15 08:23:0059.36667 N, 36.05533 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975466CTD or STD cast1991-08-15 15:34:0059.48733 N, 37.228 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975478CTD or STD cast1991-08-15 22:12:0059.58317 N, 38.44517 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975491CTD or STD cast1991-08-16 08:04:0059.68767 N, 39.2425 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975509CTD or STD cast1991-08-16 14:54:0059.74683 N, 39.994 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975510CTD or STD cast1991-08-16 20:45:0059.8315 N, 40.71317 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975522CTD or STD cast1991-08-17 01:35:0059.89883 N, 41.4305 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975534CTD or STD cast1991-08-17 21:03:0059.9225 N, 41.86367 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975546CTD or STD cast1991-08-19 09:11:0059.27067 N, 42.493 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975558CTD or STD cast1991-08-19 13:52:0059.10317 N, 42.24433 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975571CTD or STD cast1991-08-19 17:52:0058.91917 N, 41.95667 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975583CTD or STD cast1991-08-20 00:03:0058.69917 N, 41.68283 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975595CTD or STD cast1991-08-20 06:33:0058.28583 N, 41.164 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975602CTD or STD cast1991-08-20 16:17:0057.76933 N, 40.48817 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975614CTD or STD cast1991-08-20 23:15:0057.24067 N, 39.67333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975626CTD or STD cast1991-08-21 09:45:0056.73333 N, 39.01083 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975638CTD or STD cast1991-08-21 18:19:0056.203 N, 38.52783 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975651CTD or STD cast1991-08-22 01:25:0055.66267 N, 37.772 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975663CTD or STD cast1991-08-22 07:43:0055.123 N, 36.99533 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975675CTD or STD cast1991-08-22 13:57:0054.54267 N, 37.00567 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975687CTD or STD cast1991-08-22 19:14:0053.99633 N, 36.99417 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975699CTD or STD cast1991-08-23 01:38:0053.99583 N, 35.83333 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975706CTD or STD cast1991-08-23 07:16:0053.99433 N, 34.68183 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975718CTD or STD cast1991-08-23 13:01:0053.99933 N, 33.50017 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975731CTD or STD cast1991-08-23 19:22:0053.991 N, 32.33633 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975743CTD or STD cast1991-08-24 02:11:0053.99933 N, 31.1765 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975755CTD or STD cast1991-08-24 09:04:0053.99417 N, 29.99267 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975767CTD or STD cast1991-08-24 15:20:0054.59817 N, 30.00933 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975779CTD or STD cast1991-08-24 21:21:0055.20317 N, 29.97917 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975780CTD or STD cast1991-08-26 22:52:0053.788 N, 28.9875 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975792CTD or STD cast1991-08-27 06:15:0053.56417 N, 27.99567 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975811CTD or STD cast1991-08-27 17:08:0053.29267 N, 26.96267 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975823CTD or STD cast1991-08-28 02:44:0053.12683 N, 25.97867 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975835CTD or STD cast1991-08-28 20:28:0052.871 N, 25.0115 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975189CTD or STD cast1991-08-29 03:28:0052.64683 N, 23.98183 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975190CTD or STD cast1991-08-29 11:58:0052.51767 N, 22.9485 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975208CTD or STD cast1991-08-29 18:51:0052.3425 N, 21.97 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975221CTD or STD cast1991-08-30 01:55:0051.996 N, 20.99683 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975233CTD or STD cast1991-08-30 09:40:0051.75217 N, 20.00017 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975245CTD or STD cast1991-08-30 21:33:0053.474 N, 19.98633 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975257CTD or STD cast1991-08-31 05:33:0054.62417 N, 19.99683 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975269CTD or STD cast1991-08-31 22:16:0057.506 N, 19.995 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975270CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 02:42:0057.24567 N, 19.0065 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975282CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 07:09:0057.0275 N, 17.992 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975294CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 12:17:0056.76783 N, 16.99317 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975301CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 16:13:0056.51917 N, 15.99983 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975313CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 20:52:0056.2695 N, 14.99617 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975325CTD or STD cast1991-09-01 23:37:0056.142 N, 14.437 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975337CTD or STD cast1991-09-02 02:13:0056.0435 N, 14.119 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975350CTD or STD cast1991-09-02 14:02:0055.51867 N, 11.9995 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975362CTD or STD cast1991-09-02 20:50:0055.258 N, 11.0135 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975374CTD or STD cast1991-09-03 01:10:0055.13233 N, 10.52733 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975386CTD or STD cast1991-09-03 04:23:0055.06683 N, 10.22567 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975398CTD or STD cast1991-09-03 05:54:0055.05667 N, 10.17833 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
975405CTD or STD cast1991-09-03 07:40:0055.0295 N, 10.09583 WRRS Charles Darwin CD62
1014503CTD or STD cast1996-09-29 12:26:0054.27817 N, 5.10283 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014515CTD or STD cast1996-09-29 13:15:0054.282 N, 5.11117 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014527CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 12:26:0056.7845 N, 8.00733 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850027Water sample data1996-09-30 12:38:0056.78455 N, 8.00737 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014539CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 14:10:0056.8365 N, 8.3375 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850039Water sample data1996-09-30 14:27:0056.83657 N, 8.33748 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014540CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 15:33:0056.88433 N, 8.50383 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850040Water sample data1996-09-30 15:47:0056.88433 N, 8.50391 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014552CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 17:14:0056.953 N, 8.78133 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850052Water sample data1996-09-30 17:27:0056.95301 N, 8.7813 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014564CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 18:33:0057.00067 N, 8.9965 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850064Water sample data1996-09-30 18:48:0057.00063 N, 8.9965 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014576CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 19:57:0057.05367 N, 9.213 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850076Water sample data1996-09-30 20:21:0057.05362 N, 9.213 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014588CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 01:02:0057.122 N, 9.4455 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850088Water sample data1996-10-01 02:08:0057.12204 N, 9.44549 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014607CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 04:24:0057.14117 N, 9.689 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850107Water sample data1996-10-01 05:29:0057.14109 N, 9.68897 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014619CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 08:13:0057.22783 N, 10.07367 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850119Water sample data1996-10-01 09:24:0057.22777 N, 10.07372 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014620CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 11:41:0057.30533 N, 10.37583 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850120Water sample data1996-10-01 12:51:0057.3054 N, 10.37583 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014632CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 15:12:0057.35933 N, 10.65633 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850132Water sample data1996-10-01 16:09:0057.35926 N, 10.6563 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014644CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 18:01:0057.39683 N, 10.86367 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850144Water sample data1996-10-01 18:34:0057.39688 N, 10.86369 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014656CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 01:21:0057.44983 N, 11.09733 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850156Water sample data1996-10-02 01:57:0057.44979 N, 11.09737 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014668CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 03:23:0057.47267 N, 11.31567 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850168Water sample data1996-10-02 04:00:0057.4726 N, 11.31563 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014681CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 05:33:0057.49117 N, 11.52083 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850181Water sample data1996-10-02 06:30:0057.49113 N, 11.52085 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014693CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 08:43:0057.49333 N, 11.82867 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850193Water sample data1996-10-02 09:32:0057.49339 N, 11.8287 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014700CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 11:56:0057.51867 N, 12.24833 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850200Water sample data1996-10-02 12:53:0057.51872 N, 12.24839 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014712CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 15:52:0057.53067 N, 12.61667 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850212Water sample data1996-10-02 16:40:0057.5307 N, 12.61661 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014724CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 18:36:0057.54117 N, 12.86833 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850224Water sample data1996-10-02 19:13:0057.54119 N, 12.86837 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014736CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 20:47:0057.5495 N, 13.009 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850236Water sample data1996-10-02 21:04:0057.54945 N, 13.00892 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014748CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 22:42:0057.5685 N, 13.3375 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850248Water sample data1996-10-02 22:57:0057.56848 N, 13.33756 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014761CTD or STD cast1996-10-03 00:17:0057.568 N, 13.6355 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850261Water sample data1996-10-03 00:31:0057.568 N, 13.63543 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014773CTD or STD cast1996-10-03 03:20:0057.96783 N, 13.7505 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850273Water sample data1996-10-03 03:32:0057.96784 N, 13.75042 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014785CTD or STD cast1996-10-03 05:44:0058.2015 N, 13.7585 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850285Water sample data1996-10-03 06:00:0058.20153 N, 13.75843 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014797CTD or STD cast1996-10-03 08:14:0058.37967 N, 13.78667 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850297Water sample data1996-10-03 09:01:0058.37971 N, 13.78661 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014804CTD or STD cast1996-10-04 23:42:0058.57183 N, 13.811 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850304Water sample data1996-10-05 00:24:0058.57176 N, 13.81105 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014816CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 03:23:0058.72567 N, 13.82617 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850316Water sample data1996-10-05 04:03:0058.72561 N, 13.82611 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014828CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 07:08:0058.92717 N, 13.8445 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850328Water sample data1996-10-05 07:30:0058.92711 N, 13.84445 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014841CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 10:05:0059.2145 N, 13.662 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850341Water sample data1996-10-05 10:42:0059.2145 N, 13.66199 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014853CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 12:40:0059.411 N, 13.50317 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850353Water sample data1996-10-05 13:29:0059.41098 N, 13.50317 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014865CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 15:22:0059.586 N, 13.38867 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850365Water sample data1996-10-05 16:16:0059.58599 N, 13.38874 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014877CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 18:17:0059.754 N, 13.23817 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850377Water sample data1996-10-05 18:53:0059.75397 N, 13.23812 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014889CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 20:37:0059.91617 N, 13.1295 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850389Water sample data1996-10-05 21:09:0059.91616 N, 13.12958 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014890CTD or STD cast1996-10-05 23:02:0060.09983 N, 12.94767 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850390Water sample data1996-10-05 23:28:0060.09989 N, 12.94759 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014908CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 01:33:0060.28283 N, 12.85367 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850408Water sample data1996-10-06 01:57:0060.28278 N, 12.85359 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014921CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 04:10:0060.4825 N, 12.70067 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850421Water sample data1996-10-06 04:32:0060.48243 N, 12.70074 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014933CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 06:47:0060.55983 N, 12.8815 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850433Water sample data1996-10-06 07:18:0060.55977 N, 12.88147 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014945CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 08:47:0060.65017 N, 13.05183 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850445Water sample data1996-10-06 09:29:0060.65022 N, 13.05182 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014957CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 14:10:0060.74 N, 13.2145 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850457Water sample data1996-10-06 14:56:0060.74004 N, 13.21449 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014969CTD or STD cast1996-10-06 17:17:0060.8445 N, 13.42267 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850469Water sample data1996-10-06 18:10:0060.84443 N, 13.42272 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014970CTD or STD cast1996-10-10 00:55:0060.90683 N, 13.5815 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850470Water sample data1996-10-10 01:52:0060.90686 N, 13.58154 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014982CTD or STD cast1996-10-10 07:19:0061.38867 N, 14.582 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850482Water sample data1996-10-10 08:18:0061.38864 N, 14.58193 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014994CTD or STD cast1996-10-10 13:35:0061.82017 N, 15.59067 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850494Water sample data1996-10-10 14:37:0061.82009 N, 15.59066 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015008CTD or STD cast1996-10-10 19:08:0062.2975 N, 16.31017 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850501Water sample data1996-10-10 20:04:0062.29747 N, 16.31014 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015021CTD or STD cast1996-10-10 23:54:0062.68033 N, 16.80233 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850513Water sample data1996-10-11 00:39:0062.68034 N, 16.80225 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015033CTD or STD cast1996-10-11 03:03:0062.902 N, 17.01983 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850525Water sample data1996-10-11 03:43:0062.90203 N, 17.01982 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015045CTD or STD cast1996-10-11 05:56:0063.10617 N, 17.2505 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850537Water sample data1996-10-11 06:23:0063.1062 N, 17.25042 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015057CTD or STD cast1996-10-11 07:44:0063.19883 N, 17.36467 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850549Water sample data1996-10-11 08:08:0063.19888 N, 17.36462 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015069CTD or STD cast1996-10-14 16:04:0060.17383 N, 19.8425 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850550Water sample data1996-10-14 17:05:0060.17378 N, 19.84248 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015070CTD or STD cast1996-10-16 07:18:0056.99883 N, 22.66183 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850562Water sample data1996-10-16 08:34:0056.99889 N, 22.66182 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015082CTD or STD cast1996-10-17 17:27:0060.2875 N, 26.23233 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850574Water sample data1996-10-17 18:17:0060.28743 N, 26.23227 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015094CTD or STD cast1996-10-18 14:00:0061.63633 N, 29.99967 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850586Water sample data1996-10-18 14:47:0061.63635 N, 29.99974 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015101CTD or STD cast1996-10-19 02:49:0062.2825 N, 32.21617 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850598Water sample data1996-10-19 03:52:0062.28249 N, 32.21611 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015113CTD or STD cast1996-10-20 03:37:0063.384 N, 26.38133 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850605Water sample data1996-10-20 04:10:0063.38403 N, 26.3813 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015125CTD or STD cast1996-10-20 08:47:0063.21517 N, 27.28233 WRRS Discovery D223A
1015137CTD or STD cast1996-10-22 23:45:0063.00083 N, 23.38783 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850617Water sample data1996-10-23 00:17:0063.00081 N, 23.38788 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015149CTD or STD cast1996-10-24 01:40:0060.00117 N, 25.43267 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850629Water sample data1996-10-24 02:41:0060.00123 N, 25.43267 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015150CTD or STD cast1996-10-25 21:47:0057.63867 N, 31.16517 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850630Water sample data1996-10-25 22:44:0057.63865 N, 31.1652 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015162CTD or STD cast1996-10-26 15:11:0058.87583 N, 33.793 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850642Water sample data1996-10-26 16:15:0058.87586 N, 33.79292 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015174CTD or STD cast1996-10-27 08:25:0059.997 N, 36.58667 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850654Water sample data1996-10-27 09:35:0059.99706 N, 36.58661 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015186CTD or STD cast1996-10-27 15:50:0059.996 N, 38.36983 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850666Water sample data1996-10-27 16:57:0059.99601 N, 38.36977 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015198CTD or STD cast1996-10-27 20:57:0060.005 N, 39.4265 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850678Water sample data1996-10-27 21:55:0060.00508 N, 39.42657 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015205CTD or STD cast1996-10-28 02:22:0059.9925 N, 40.5075 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850691Water sample data1996-10-28 03:19:0059.99251 N, 40.50754 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015217CTD or STD cast1996-10-28 07:40:0059.98167 N, 41.3265 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850709Water sample data1996-10-28 08:26:0059.98172 N, 41.32649 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015229CTD or STD cast1996-10-28 15:34:0059.99767 N, 42.08667 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850710Water sample data1996-10-28 16:03:0059.9977 N, 42.08668 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015230CTD or STD cast1996-10-28 18:04:0059.98667 N, 41.77367 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850722Water sample data1996-10-28 18:51:0059.98663 N, 41.77361 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015242CTD or STD cast1996-10-29 15:43:0058.03217 N, 40.439 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850734Water sample data1996-10-29 16:53:0058.03221 N, 40.43897 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015254CTD or STD cast1996-10-31 11:41:0054.08767 N, 33.40567 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850746Water sample data1996-10-31 12:47:0054.08763 N, 33.40562 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015266CTD or STD cast1996-11-01 10:18:0053.98433 N, 29.178 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850758Water sample data1996-11-01 11:43:0053.9843 N, 29.17795 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015278CTD or STD cast1996-11-02 11:09:0053.99667 N, 24.576 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850771Water sample data1996-11-02 12:41:0053.99672 N, 24.57596 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015291CTD or STD cast1996-11-03 11:16:0053.99383 N, 20.33767 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850783Water sample data1996-11-03 12:36:0053.99384 N, 20.3376 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015309CTD or STD cast1996-11-05 08:41:0053.22317 N, 15.145 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850795Water sample data1996-11-05 09:49:0053.22313 N, 15.14506 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015310CTD or STD cast1996-11-07 09:43:0054.58133 N, 17.20617 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850802Water sample data1996-11-07 10:32:0054.58135 N, 17.20616 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015322CTD or STD cast1996-11-08 13:12:0056.9105 N, 21.199 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850814Water sample data1996-11-08 13:59:0056.91058 N, 21.19901 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015334CTD or STD cast1996-11-08 19:47:0057.00183 N, 19.999 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850826Water sample data1996-11-08 20:10:0057.00191 N, 19.99903 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015346CTD or STD cast1996-11-09 17:19:0056.99817 N, 24.976 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850838Water sample data1996-11-09 18:21:0056.99818 N, 24.97601 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015358CTD or STD cast1996-11-11 16:14:0057.00617 N, 29.879 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850851Water sample data1996-11-11 17:11:0057.00612 N, 29.87907 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015371CTD or STD cast1996-11-12 12:55:0055.50833 N, 27.21483 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850863Water sample data1996-11-12 14:02:0055.50838 N, 27.21478 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015383CTD or STD cast1996-11-13 17:47:0052.99233 N, 23.30617 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850875Water sample data1996-11-13 19:05:0052.99232 N, 23.30616 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015395CTD or STD cast1996-11-14 13:28:0051.52583 N, 21.40533 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850887Water sample data1996-11-14 14:25:0051.52584 N, 21.40529 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015402CTD or STD cast1996-11-15 07:44:0050.05933 N, 19.59317 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850899Water sample data1996-11-15 09:10:0050.05939 N, 19.59318 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015414CTD or STD cast1996-11-16 08:05:0050.46133 N, 15.00067 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850906Water sample data1996-11-16 09:30:0050.46136 N, 15.00066 WRRS Discovery D223B
1015426CTD or STD cast1996-11-17 05:45:0050.77933 N, 11.47367 WRRS Discovery D223B
1850918Water sample data1996-11-17 06:22:0050.77929 N, 11.47371 WRRS Discovery D223B