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Metadata Report for BODC Series Reference Number 1896406

Metadata Summary

Data Description

Data Category Water sample data
Instrument Type
Niskin bottle  discrete water samplers
Instrument Mounting lowered unmanned submersible
Originating Country United Kingdom
Originator Mr Mark Stinchcombe
Originating Organization National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Processing Status banked
Online delivery of data Download available - Ocean Data View (ODV) format
Project(s) Oceans 2025

Data Identifiers

Originator's Identifier D351_CTD_DOXY_257:CTD004s
BODC Series Reference 1896406

Time Co-ordinates(UT)

Start Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) 2010-05-12 22:15
End Time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) -
Nominal Cycle Interval -

Spatial Co-ordinates

Latitude 62.90953 N ( 62° 54.6' N )
Longitude 19.53648 W ( 19° 32.2' W )
Positional Uncertainty 0.05 to 0.1 n.miles
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Depth 7.5 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Depth 1395.5 m
Minimum Sensor or Sampling Height 35.0 m
Maximum Sensor or Sampling Height 1423.0 m
Sea Floor Depth 1430.5 m
Sea Floor Depth Source PEVENT
Sensor or Sampling Distribution Unspecified -
Sensor or Sampling Depth Datum Unspecified -
Sea Floor Depth Datum Instantaneous - Depth measured below water line or instantaneous water body surface


BODC CODERankUnitsTitle
ADEPZZ011MetresDepth (spatial coordinate) relative to water surface in the water body
BOTTFLAG1Not applicableSampling process quality flag (BODC C22)
DOXYWITX1Micromoles per litreConcentration of oxygen {O2 CAS 7782-44-7} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved plus reactive particulate phase] by Winkler titration
ROSPOSID1DimensionlessBottle rosette position identifier
SAMPRFNM1DimensionlessSample reference number

Definition of BOTTFLAG

0The sampling event occurred without any incident being reported to BODC.
1The filter in an in-situ sampling pump physically ruptured during sample resulting in an unquantifiable loss of sampled material.
2Analytical evidence (e.g. surface water salinity measured on a sample collected at depth) indicates that the water sample has been contaminated by water from depths other than the depths of sampling.
3The feedback indicator on the deck unit reported that the bottle closure command had failed. General Oceanics deck units used on NERC vessels in the 80s and 90s were renowned for reporting misfires when the bottle had been closed. This flag is also suitable for when a trigger command is mistakenly sent to a bottle that has previously been fired.
4During the sampling deployment the bottle was fired in an order other than incrementing rosette position. Indicative of the potential for errors in the assignment of bottle firing depth, especially with General Oceanics rosettes.
5Water was reported to be escaping from the bottle as the rosette was being recovered.
6The bottle seals were observed to be incorrectly seated and the bottle was only part full of water on recovery.
7Either the bottle was found to contain no sample on recovery or there was no bottle fitted to the rosette position fired (but SBE35 record may exist).
8There is reason to doubt the accuracy of the sampling depth associated with the sample.
9The bottle air vent had not been closed prior to deployment giving rise to a risk of sample contamination through leakage.

Definition of Rank

  • Rank 1 is a one-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 2 is a two-dimensional parameter
  • Rank 0 is a one-dimensional parameter describing the second dimension of a two-dimensional parameter (e.g. bin depths for moored ADCP data)

Problem Reports

No Problem Report Found in the Database

Data Access Policy

Open Data supplied by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

You must always use the following attribution statement to acknowledge the source of the information: "Contains data supplied by Natural Environment Research Council."

Narrative Documents

Niskin Bottle

The Niskin bottle is a device used by oceanographers to collect subsurface seawater samples. It is a plastic bottle with caps and rubber seals at each end and is deployed with the caps held open, allowing free-flushing of the bottle as it moves through the water column.

Standard Niskin

The standard version of the bottle includes a plastic-coated metal spring or elastic cord running through the interior of the bottle that joins the two caps, and the caps are held open against the spring by plastic lanyards. When the bottle reaches the desired depth the lanyards are released by a pressure-actuated switch, command signal or messenger weight and the caps are forced shut and sealed, trapping the seawater sample.

Lever Action Niskin

The Lever Action Niskin Bottle differs from the standard version, in that the caps are held open during deployment by externally mounted stainless steel springs rather than an internal spring or cord. Lever Action Niskins are recommended for applications where a completely clear sample chamber is critical or for use in deep cold water.

Clean Sampling

A modified version of the standard Niskin bottle has been developed for clean sampling. This is teflon-coated and uses a latex cord to close the caps rather than a metal spring. The clean version of the Levered Action Niskin bottle is also teflon-coated and uses epoxy covered springs in place of the stainless steel springs. These bottles are specifically designed to minimise metal contamination when sampling trace metals.


Bottles may be deployed singly clamped to a wire or in groups of up to 48 on a rosette. Standard bottles and Lever Action bottles have a capacity between 1.7 and 30 L. Reversing thermometers may be attached to a spring-loaded disk that rotates through 180° on bottle closure.

D351 measurements of dissolved oxygen from CTD bottles

Originator's Protocol for Sampling strategy and Analysis

The objective of the dissolved oxygen analysis was to provide a calibration data set for the oxygen sensor mounted on the frame of the CTD for cruise D351, the Extended Ellet line, to the Iceland Basin in the North Atlantic. For this, a Winkler titration with amperometric end point detection was performed on a number of water samples drawn from the Niskin bottles mounted on the CTD frame.

Dissolved oxygen samples were taken from both the Stainless Steel and the Titanium CTD. Oxygen samples were the first samples to be drawn from the Niskin bottles. The samples were drawn through short pieces of silicon tubing into clear, pre-calibrated, wide-necked glass bottles. The temperature of the water sample at the time of sampling was measured using an electronic thermometer probe. The temperature would be used to calculate any temperature dependent changes in the sample bottle volumes. Each of the samples was fixed immediately using 1ml of manganese chloride and 1ml of alkaline iodide. The samples were shaken thoroughly and left to settle for approximately thirty minutes before being shaken again. The samples were then left for at least an hour before analysis but all were analysed within twelve hours.

The samples were analysed in the chemistry laboratory following the procedure outlined in Holley and Hydes (1995). The samples were acidified using 1ml of sulphuric acid immediately before titration and stirred using a magnetic stirrer. The Winkler whole bottle titration method with amperometric endpoint detection with equipment supplied by Metrohm UK Ltd was used to determine the oxygen concentration.

Instrumentation Description

Stainless steel CTD: Seabird 9+ fitted with Seabird carousel type SBE32 and 24 x 20 L Niskin bottles.

Titanium CTD: Seabird 9+ CTD fitted with SBE 32 carousel and 24 x 10 L trace metal-free Niskin bottles.

BODC Data Processing Procedures

Data received were loaded into the BODC database using established BODC data banking procedures. The source file is the most recent and processed version of the data, according to the cruise report (p.56) and also confirmed by the data originator. It was uploaded to an sqlplus table which included the following headings:

  • OID

The originator's parameters are mapped to BODC parameters as below:

Originator's Parameter Unit Description BODC Parameter Code BODC Unit Comments
botoxy µmol/l Concentration of oxygen {O2} per unit volume of the water body [dissolved phase] by Winkler titration DOXYWITX Micromoles per litre None

Data Quality Report

No additional information on data quality supplied by originator.

Problem Report

No problems reported and no significant problems encountered during BODC data banking procedures.

Project Information

Oceans 2025 - The NERC Marine Centres' Strategic Research Programme 2007-2012

Who funds the programme?

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funds the Oceans 2025 programme, which was originally planned in the context of NERC's 2002-2007 strategy and later realigned to NERC's subsequent strategy (Next Generation Science for Planet Earth; NERC 2007).

Who is involved in the programme?

The Oceans 2025 programme was designed by and is to be implemented through seven leading UK marine centres. The marine centres work together in coordination and are also supported by cooperation and input from government bodies, universities and other partners. The seven marine centres are:

  • National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOCS)
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
  • Marine Biological Association (MBA)
  • Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Marine Science (SAHFOS)
  • Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL)
  • Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
  • Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU)

Oceans2025 provides funding to three national marine facilities, which provide services to the wider UK marine community, in addition to the Oceans 2025 community. These facilities are:

  • British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), hosted at POL
  • Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL), hosted at POL
  • Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP), hosted at SAMS

The NERC-run Strategic Ocean Funding Initiative (SOFI) provides additional support to the programme by funding additional research projects and studentships that closely complement the Oceans 2025 programme, primarily through universities.

What is the programme about?

Oceans 2025 sets out to address some key challenges that face the UK as a result of a changing marine environment. The research funded through the programme sets out to increase understanding of the size, nature and impacts of these changes, with the aim to:

  • improve knowledge of how the seas behave, not just now but in the future;
  • help assess what that might mean for the Earth system and for society;
  • assist in developing sustainable solutions for the management of marine resources for future generations;
  • enhance the research capabilities and facilities available for UK marine science.

In order to address these aims there are nine science themes supported by the Oceans 2025 programme:

  • Climate, circulation and sea level (Theme 1)
  • Marine biogeochemical cycles (Theme 2)
  • Shelf and coastal processes (Theme 3)
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (Theme 4)
  • Continental margins and deep ocean (Theme 5)
  • Sustainable marine resources (Theme 6)
  • Technology development (Theme 8)
  • Next generation ocean prediction (Theme 9)
  • Integration of sustained observations in the marine environment (Theme 10)

In the original programme proposal there was a theme on health and human impacts (Theme 7). The elements of this Theme have subsequently been included in Themes 3 and 9.

When is the programme active?

The programme started in April 2007 with funding for 5 years.

Brief summary of the programme fieldwork/data

Programme fieldwork and data collection are to be achieved through:

  • physical, biological and chemical parameters sampling throughout the North and South Atlantic during collaborative research cruises aboard NERC's research vessels RRS Discovery, RRS James Cook and RRS James Clark Ross;
  • the Continuous Plankton Recorder being deployed by SAHFOS in the North Atlantic and North Pacific on 'ships of opportunity';
  • physical parameters measured and relayed in near real-time by fixed moorings and ARGO floats;
  • coastal and shelf sea observatory data (Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory (LBCO) and Western Channel Observatory (WCO)) using the RV Prince Madog and RV Quest.

The data is to be fed into models for validation and future projections. Greater detail can be found in the Theme documents.

Data Activity or Cruise Information

Data Activity

Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2010-05-12
End Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2010-05-12
Organization Undertaking ActivityNational Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Country of OrganizationUnited Kingdom
Originator's Data Activity IdentifierD351_CTD_CTD004s
Platform Categorylowered unmanned submersible

No Document Information Held for the Series


Cruise Name D351
Departure Date 2010-05-11
Arrival Date 2010-05-28
Principal Scientist(s)Jane F Read (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Ship RRS Discovery

Complete Cruise Metadata Report is available here

Fixed Station Information

Fixed Station Information

Station NameExtended Ellett Line
CategoryOffshore route/traverse

Extended Ellett Line

The Extended Ellett Line is a hydrographic transect consisting of 64 individual fixed stations which have been occupied, typically on an annual basis, since September 1996. The Line runs from the south of Iceland, across the Iceland Basin to the outcrop of Rockall, and across the Rockall Trough to the north west coast of Scotland (see map). CTD dips and associated water sampling for the analysis of nutrients are routinely performed during each station occupation.

The Extended Ellett Line augments the original Ellett Line time series - a shorter repeated transect which encompassed those stations between Rockall and Scotland. Work on the Ellett Line was typically carried out at least once a year between 1975 and 1996.

Map of standard stations (1996-present)

BODC image

Map produced using the GEBCO Digital Atlas

The white triangles indicate the nominal positions of the Extended Ellett Line stations visited since September 1996. Measurements made along the Extended Ellett Line lie within a box bounded by co-ordinates 56° N, 21° W at the south west corner and 65° N, 6° W at the north east corner.

Nominal Extended Ellett Line stations (September 1996-present)

Listed below are nominal details of the standard hydrographic stations that form the Extended Ellett Line. The majority of these stations have been sampled since the outset, although several have been added more recently.

Station Latitude Longitude Depth Range
IB23S 63.318 N 20.210 W 125 m -
IB22S 63.217 N 20.067 W 660 m 0.0 nm
IB21S 63.133 N 19.917 W 1030 m 6.5 nm
IB20S 62.917 N 19.550 W 1415 m 16.4 nm
IB19S 62.667 N 19.667 W 1500 m 16.0 nm
IB18S 62.333 N 19.833 W 1800 m 16.0 nm
IB17 62.000 N 20.000 W 1700 m 20.6 nm
IB16A 61.750 N 20.000 W 1797 m -
IB16 61.500 N 20.000 W 2000 m 30.1 nm
IB15 61.250 N 20.000 W 2375 m 15.0 nm
IB14 61.000 N 20.000 W 2400 m 15.0 nm
IB13A 60.750 N 20.000 W 2500 m -
IB13 60.500 N 20.000 W 2500 m 30.1 nm
IB12A 60.250 N 20.000 W 2600 m -
IB12 60.000 N 20.000 W 2700 m 30.1 nm
IB11A 59.833 N 19.500 W 2700 m -
IB11 59.667 N 19.117 W 2680 m 33.3 nm
IB10 59.400 N 18.417 W 2420 m 26.7 nm
IB9 59.333 N 18.233 W 1910 m 6.9 nm
IB8 59.200 N 17.883 W 1540 m 13.4 nm
IB7 59.117 N 17.667 W 1000 m 8.3 nm
IB6 58.950 N 17.183 W 850 m 18.0 nm
IB5 58.883 N 17.000 W 1150 m 7.0 nm
IB4A 58.667 N 16.500 W 1170 m -
IB4 58.500 N 16.000 W 1210 m 38.8 nm
IB3 58.250 N 15.333 W 680 m 25.8 nm
IB2 57.950 N 14.583 W 480 m 29.9 nm
IB1 57.667 N 13.900 W 160 m 27.7 nm
A 57.583 N 13.633 W 130 m 10.0 nm
B 57.567 N 13.333 W 210 m 9.7 nm
C 57.550 N 13.000 W 330 m 10.8 nm
D 57.542 N 12.867 W 1000 m 4.3 nm
E 57.533 N 12.633 W 1658 m 7.6 nm
F 57.508 N 12.250 W 1817 m 12.5 nm
G 57.492 N 11.850 W 1812 m 13.0 nm
H 57.483 N 11.533 W 2020 m 10.3 nm
I 57.467 N 11.317 W 750 m 7.0 nm
J 57.450 N 11.083 W 550 m 7.6 nm
K 57.400 N 10.867 W 850 m 7.6 nm
L 57.367 N 10.667 W 2076 m 6.8 nm
M 57.300 N 10.383 W 2340 m 10.1 nm
N 57.233 N 10.050 W 2100 m 11.5 nm
O 57.150 N 9.700 W 1900 m 12.4 nm
P 57.100 N 9.417 W 1050 m 9.7 nm
Q 57.050 N 9.217 W 350 m 7.2 nm
Q1 57.075 N 9.317 W 800 m -
R 57.000 N 9.000 W 135 m 7.7 nm
S 56.950 N 8.783 W 125 m 7.7 nm
15G 56.883 N 8.500 W 125 m 10.1 nm
T 56.837 N 8.333 W 120 m 6.1 nm
14G 56.808 N 8.167 W 115 m 5.7 nm
13G 56.783 N 8.000 W 110 m 5.7 nm
12G 56.758 N 7.833 W 80 m 5.7 nm
11G 56.733 N 7.667 W 55 m 5.7 nm
10G 56.733 N 7.500 W 220 m 5.5 nm
9G 56.733 N 7.333 W 160 m 5.5 nm
8G 56.733 N 7.167 W 175 m 5.5 nm
7G 56.733 N 7.000 W 145 m 5.5 nm
6G 56.733 N 6.750 W 35 m 8.2 nm
5G 56.733 N 6.600 W 75 m 4.9 nm
4G 56.733 N 6.450 W 115 m 4.9 nm
3G 56.708 N 6.367 W 75 m 3.1 nm
2G 56.683 N 6.283 W 40 m 3.2 nm
1G 56.667 N 6.133 W 190 m 5.0 nm

Occupations of the Extended Ellett Line (September 1996-present)

BODC Cruise Identifier Cruise Dates Ship
D223A 28 September-21 October 1996 RRS Discovery
D230 7 August-17 September 1997 RRS Discovery
D233 23 April-1 June 1998 RRS Discovery
D242 7 September-6 October 1999 RRS Discovery
D245 * 27 January-20 February 2000 RRS Discovery
0700S * 8-22 May 2000 FRV Scotia
D253 4 May-20 June 2001 RRS Discovery
0703S * 15 April-5 May 2003 FRV Scotia
PO300_2 * 19 July-6 August 2003 RRS Poseidon
PO314 11 July-23 July 2004 RV Poseidon
CD176 6 October-1 November 2005 RRS Charles Darwin
D312 11-31 October 2006 RRS Discovery
D321A 24 July-23 August 2007 RRS Discovery
D321B 24 August-9 September 2007 RRS Discovery
0508S * 6-25 May 2008 FRV Scotia
D340A 10-25 June 2009 RRS Discovery
D351 10-28 May 2010 RRS Discovery
D365 13 May-02 June 2011 RRS Discovery
D379 31 July-17 August 2012 RRS Discovery
JC086 6-26 May 2013 RRS James Cook
JR302 6 June-22 July 2014 RRS James Clark Ross
DY031 29 May- 17 June 2015 RRS Discovery
DY052 7-24 June 2016 RRS Discovery
DY078 6-28 May 2017 RRS Discovery

* These cruises only surveyed the original hydrographic section between Scotland and Rockall.

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 1

Fixed Station Information

Station NameExtended Ellett Line Station IB20S
CategoryOffshore location
Latitude62° 55.02' N
Longitude19° 33.00' W
Water depth below MSL1415.0 m

Extended Ellett Line: Fixed Station IB20S

Station IB20S is one of the fixed CTD stations, which together form The Extended Ellett Line. The line lies between Iceland and the Sound of Mull (Scotland) crossing the Iceland Basin and Rockall Trough via the outcrop of Rockall. As part of this initiative, CTD dips, together with associated discrete sampling of the water column, have typically been carried out annually at this station since September 1996.

Related Fixed Station activities are detailed in Appendix 2

BODC Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
Blank Unqualified
< Below detection limit
> In excess of quoted value
A Taxonomic flag for affinis (aff.)
B Beginning of CTD Down/Up Cast
C Taxonomic flag for confer (cf.)
D Thermometric depth
E End of CTD Down/Up Cast
G Non-taxonomic biological characteristic uncertainty
H Extrapolated value
I Taxonomic flag for single species (sp.)
K Improbable value - unknown quality control source
L Improbable value - originator's quality control
M Improbable value - BODC quality control
N Null value
O Improbable value - user quality control
P Trace/calm
Q Indeterminate
R Replacement value
S Estimated value
T Interpolated value
U Uncalibrated
W Control value
X Excessive difference

SeaDataNet Quality Control Flags

The following single character qualifying flags may be associated with one or more individual parameters with a data cycle:

Flag Description
0 no quality control
1 good value
2 probably good value
3 probably bad value
4 bad value
5 changed value
6 value below detection
7 value in excess
8 interpolated value
9 missing value
A value phenomenon uncertain
B nominal value
Q value below limit of quantification

Appendix 1: Extended Ellett Line

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
1014527CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 12:26:0056.7845 N, 8.00733 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014539CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 14:10:0056.8365 N, 8.3375 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014540CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 15:33:0056.88433 N, 8.50383 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014552CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 17:14:0056.953 N, 8.78133 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014564CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 18:33:0057.00067 N, 8.9965 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014576CTD or STD cast1996-09-30 19:57:0057.05367 N, 9.213 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014588CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 01:02:0057.122 N, 9.4455 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014607CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 04:24:0057.14117 N, 9.689 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014619CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 08:13:0057.22783 N, 10.07367 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014620CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 11:41:0057.30533 N, 10.37583 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014632CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 15:12:0057.35933 N, 10.65633 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014644CTD or STD cast1996-10-01 18:01:0057.39683 N, 10.86367 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014656CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 01:21:0057.44983 N, 11.09733 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014668CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 03:23:0057.47267 N, 11.31567 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014681CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 05:33:0057.49117 N, 11.52083 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014693CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 08:43:0057.49333 N, 11.82867 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014700CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 11:56:0057.51867 N, 12.24833 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014712CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 15:52:0057.53067 N, 12.61667 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014724CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 18:36:0057.54117 N, 12.86833 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014736CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 20:47:0057.5495 N, 13.009 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014748CTD or STD cast1996-10-02 22:42:0057.5685 N, 13.3375 WRRS Discovery D223A
1014761CTD or STD cast1996-10-03 00:17:0057.568 N, 13.6355 WRRS Discovery D223A
1008269CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 07:08:0063.29433 N, 19.99317 WRRS Discovery D230
1304745Water sample data1997-09-09 07:20:0063.29425 N, 19.99311 WRRS Discovery D230
1008270CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 08:26:0063.22583 N, 20.054 WRRS Discovery D230
1304757Water sample data1997-09-09 08:45:0063.22577 N, 20.05406 WRRS Discovery D230
1008282CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 11:18:0062.911 N, 19.99283 WRRS Discovery D230
1304769Water sample data1997-09-09 11:56:0062.91094 N, 19.99275 WRRS Discovery D230
1008294CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 14:18:0062.65267 N, 19.99567 WRRS Discovery D230
1304770Water sample data1997-09-09 14:58:0062.65265 N, 19.99561 WRRS Discovery D230
1008301CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 17:55:0062.318 N, 19.99783 WRRS Discovery D230
1304782Water sample data1997-09-09 18:47:0062.31803 N, 19.99784 WRRS Discovery D230
1008313CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 22:20:0061.96367 N, 19.9925 WRRS Discovery D230
1304794Water sample data1997-09-09 23:15:0061.96365 N, 19.99248 WRRS Discovery D230
1008325CTD or STD cast1997-09-10 06:27:0061.64983 N, 20.02383 WRRS Discovery D230
1304801Water sample data1997-09-10 07:33:0061.64985 N, 20.02385 WRRS Discovery D230
1008337CTD or STD cast1997-09-10 11:09:0061.29017 N, 20.00667 WRRS Discovery D230
1304813Water sample data1997-09-10 12:14:0061.29019 N, 20.0066 WRRS Discovery D230
1008349CTD or STD cast1997-09-10 15:48:0060.935 N, 19.972 WRRS Discovery D230
1304825Water sample data1997-09-10 16:50:0060.935 N, 19.972 WRRS Discovery D230
1008350CTD or STD cast1997-09-10 20:15:0060.57283 N, 20.021 WRRS Discovery D230
1304837Water sample data1997-09-10 21:17:0060.57289 N, 20.02103 WRRS Discovery D230
1008362CTD or STD cast1997-09-11 01:53:0059.9955 N, 19.99667 WRRS Discovery D230
1304849Water sample data1997-09-11 03:05:0059.99546 N, 19.99664 WRRS Discovery D230
1008374CTD or STD cast1997-09-11 07:19:0059.6725 N, 19.148 WRRS Discovery D230
1304850Water sample data1997-09-11 08:37:0059.67249 N, 19.14795 WRRS Discovery D230
1008386CTD or STD cast1997-09-11 15:04:0059.40267 N, 18.41917 WRRS Discovery D230
1304862Water sample data1997-09-11 16:15:0059.40261 N, 18.41911 WRRS Discovery D230
1008398CTD or STD cast1997-09-11 18:34:0059.34033 N, 18.26733 WRRS Discovery D230
1304874Water sample data1997-09-11 19:25:0059.34029 N, 18.26727 WRRS Discovery D230
1008405CTD or STD cast1997-09-11 22:06:0059.20683 N, 17.89617 WRRS Discovery D230
1304886Water sample data1997-09-11 22:50:0059.20689 N, 17.89616 WRRS Discovery D230
1008417CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 00:53:0059.12633 N, 17.666 WRRS Discovery D230
1304898Water sample data1997-09-12 01:24:0059.12636 N, 17.66602 WRRS Discovery D230
1008429CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 03:54:0058.949 N, 17.23233 WRRS Discovery D230
1304905Water sample data1997-09-12 04:21:0058.94905 N, 17.23234 WRRS Discovery D230
1008430CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 06:01:0058.863 N, 17.00733 WRRS Discovery D230
1304917Water sample data1997-09-12 06:39:0058.86299 N, 17.0073 WRRS Discovery D230
1007936CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 10:45:0058.5585 N, 16.17267 WRRS Discovery D230
1304929Water sample data1997-09-12 11:24:0058.55852 N, 16.17261 WRRS Discovery D230
1007948CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 15:23:0058.2495 N, 15.3655 WRRS Discovery D230
1304930Water sample data1997-09-12 15:49:0058.24955 N, 15.36547 WRRS Discovery D230
1007961CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 19:11:0057.95533 N, 14.63267 WRRS Discovery D230
1304942Water sample data1997-09-12 19:31:0057.95539 N, 14.63275 WRRS Discovery D230
1007973CTD or STD cast1997-09-12 22:38:0057.69567 N, 13.94817 WRRS Discovery D230
1304954Water sample data1997-09-12 22:47:0057.69563 N, 13.94815 WRRS Discovery D230
1007985CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 01:04:0057.5545 N, 13.61567 WRRS Discovery D230
1007997CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 07:53:0057.54917 N, 12.87133 WRRS Discovery D230
1304966Water sample data1997-09-13 08:31:0057.5492 N, 12.87135 WRRS Discovery D230
1008000CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 12:03:0057.50433 N, 12.26683 WRRS Discovery D230
1304978Water sample data1997-09-13 12:48:0057.5044 N, 12.26681 WRRS Discovery D230
1008012CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 16:27:0057.48733 N, 11.531 WRRS Discovery D230
1304991Water sample data1997-09-13 17:31:0057.4873 N, 11.53093 WRRS Discovery D230
1008024CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 20:17:0057.44933 N, 11.08067 WRRS Discovery D230
1305005Water sample data1997-09-13 20:41:0057.44928 N, 11.08072 WRRS Discovery D230
1008036CTD or STD cast1997-09-13 23:35:0057.28417 N, 10.39633 WRRS Discovery D230
1305017Water sample data1997-09-14 00:35:0057.28424 N, 10.39631 WRRS Discovery D230
1008048CTD or STD cast1997-09-14 04:09:0057.15467 N, 9.7105 WRRS Discovery D230
1305029Water sample data1997-09-14 05:07:0057.15463 N, 9.71044 WRRS Discovery D230
1008061CTD or STD cast1997-09-14 07:21:0057.096 N, 9.411 WRRS Discovery D230
1305030Water sample data1997-09-14 08:16:0057.09605 N, 9.41102 WRRS Discovery D230
1008073CTD or STD cast1997-09-14 10:06:0057.0495 N, 9.21183 WRRS Discovery D230
1305042Water sample data1997-09-14 10:22:0057.04942 N, 9.21191 WRRS Discovery D230
1008085CTD or STD cast1997-09-14 11:54:0056.99817 N, 8.98617 WRRS Discovery D230
1305054Water sample data1997-09-14 12:11:0056.99815 N, 8.98619 WRRS Discovery D230
1008097CTD or STD cast1997-09-14 16:37:0056.83667 N, 8.333 WRRS Discovery D230
1305066Water sample data1997-09-14 16:46:0056.83671 N, 8.33307 WRRS Discovery D230
1020404CTD or STD cast1998-05-22 06:44:0063.322 N, 19.99233 WRRS Discovery D233
1306070Water sample data1998-05-22 06:57:0063.32192 N, 19.99226 WRRS Discovery D233
1020416CTD or STD cast1998-05-22 21:21:0062.99933 N, 19.998 WRRS Discovery D233
1306082Water sample data1998-05-22 21:52:0062.99935 N, 19.99801 WRRS Discovery D233
1020428CTD or STD cast1998-05-23 01:25:0062.50333 N, 20.00367 WRRS Discovery D233
1306094Water sample data1998-05-23 02:10:0062.50328 N, 20.00366 WRRS Discovery D233
1020441CTD or STD cast1998-05-23 05:58:0062.00283 N, 19.99167 WRRS Discovery D233
1306101Water sample data1998-05-23 06:50:0062.00277 N, 19.99165 WRRS Discovery D233
1020453CTD or STD cast1998-05-23 10:34:0061.496 N, 20.003 WRRS Discovery D233
1306113Water sample data1998-05-23 11:35:0061.49608 N, 20.00305 WRRS Discovery D233
1020465CTD or STD cast1998-05-23 15:20:0060.995 N, 20.0025 WRRS Discovery D233
1306125Water sample data1998-05-23 16:21:0060.99503 N, 20.00256 WRRS Discovery D233
1020477CTD or STD cast1998-05-23 19:57:0060.49633 N, 19.98717 WRRS Discovery D233
1306137Water sample data1998-05-23 21:05:0060.49632 N, 19.98715 WRRS Discovery D233
1020489CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 02:38:0059.71867 N, 19.2295 WRRS Discovery D233
1306149Water sample data1998-05-24 03:51:0059.71874 N, 19.2295 WRRS Discovery D233
1020490CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 07:50:0059.433 N, 18.38117 WRRS Discovery D233
1306150Water sample data1998-05-24 08:56:0059.43296 N, 18.3811 WRRS Discovery D233
1020508CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 10:48:0059.34533 N, 18.19 WRRS Discovery D233
1306162Water sample data1998-05-24 11:47:0059.34529 N, 18.19003 WRRS Discovery D233
1020521CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 14:43:0059.12967 N, 17.6385 WRRS Discovery D233
1306174Water sample data1998-05-24 15:14:0059.12959 N, 17.63846 WRRS Discovery D233
1020533CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 17:29:0058.96833 N, 17.195 WRRS Discovery D233
1020557CTD or STD cast1998-05-24 23:59:0058.5005 N, 16.08733 WRRS Discovery D233
1306198Water sample data1998-05-25 00:38:0058.50042 N, 16.08728 WRRS Discovery D233
1020569CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 03:21:0058.301 N, 15.4975 WRRS Discovery D233
1306205Water sample data1998-05-25 03:55:0058.30093 N, 15.49748 WRRS Discovery D233
1020570CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 06:59:0058.03367 N, 14.75217 WRRS Discovery D233
1306217Water sample data1998-05-25 07:22:0058.03372 N, 14.75213 WRRS Discovery D233
1020582CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 11:43:0057.57983 N, 13.63417 WRRS Discovery D233
1306229Water sample data1998-05-25 11:53:0057.57978 N, 13.63414 WRRS Discovery D233
1020594CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 14:26:0057.53867 N, 12.86633 WRRS Discovery D233
1306230Water sample data1998-05-25 15:00:0057.5387 N, 12.86625 WRRS Discovery D233
1020601CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 16:32:0057.53233 N, 12.629 WRRS Discovery D233
1306242Water sample data1998-05-25 17:18:0057.5324 N, 12.62896 WRRS Discovery D233
1020613CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 19:21:0057.52017 N, 12.24517 WRRS Discovery D233
1306254Water sample data1998-05-25 20:16:0057.52023 N, 12.24524 WRRS Discovery D233
1020625CTD or STD cast1998-05-25 23:32:0057.478 N, 11.542 WRRS Discovery D233
1306266Water sample data1998-05-26 00:34:0057.47805 N, 11.54201 WRRS Discovery D233
1020637CTD or STD cast1998-05-26 03:19:0057.4535 N, 11.08667 WRRS Discovery D233
1306278Water sample data1998-05-26 03:44:0057.45353 N, 11.08664 WRRS Discovery D233
1020649CTD or STD cast1998-05-26 06:49:0057.29883 N, 10.38567 WRRS Discovery D233
1306291Water sample data1998-05-26 07:50:0057.29879 N, 10.38565 WRRS Discovery D233
1020650CTD or STD cast1998-05-26 11:21:0057.15183 N, 9.69983 WRRS Discovery D233
1306309Water sample data1998-05-26 12:16:0057.15178 N, 9.6999 WRRS Discovery D233
1020674CTD or STD cast1998-05-26 17:02:0057.05233 N, 9.215 WRRS Discovery D233
1306322Water sample data1998-05-26 17:20:0057.05228 N, 9.21497 WRRS Discovery D233
1020686CTD or STD cast1998-05-26 18:36:0056.99717 N, 8.99617 WRRS Discovery D233
1306334Water sample data1998-05-26 18:47:0056.99713 N, 8.99614 WRRS Discovery D233
1076899CTD or STD cast1999-05-30 11:05:0057.5795 N, 13.62683 WNot applicable
1076906CTD or STD cast1999-05-30 12:54:0057.5625 N, 13.32967 WNot applicable
1076918CTD or STD cast1999-05-30 14:47:0057.5455 N, 13.0 WNot applicable
1076931CTD or STD cast1999-05-30 16:13:0057.52883 N, 12.86283 WNot applicable
1076943CTD or STD cast1999-05-30 20:19:0057.51267 N, 12.243 WNot applicable
1076955CTD or STD cast1999-05-31 01:38:0057.47517 N, 11.53283 WNot applicable
1076979CTD or STD cast1999-06-01 06:04:0057.45483 N, 11.083 WNot applicable
1076980CTD or STD cast1999-06-01 10:47:0057.2995 N, 10.39783 WNot applicable
1077092CTD or STD cast1999-06-04 11:59:0057.09367 N, 9.41067 WNot applicable
1077111CTD or STD cast1999-06-04 15:01:0057.0465 N, 9.21967 WNot applicable
1077123CTD or STD cast1999-06-04 19:56:0056.8365 N, 8.33617 WNot applicable
1077135CTD or STD cast1999-06-04 21:46:0056.78317 N, 8.00067 WNot applicable
1077147CTD or STD cast1999-06-04 23:36:0056.7325 N, 7.68183 WNot applicable
1077159CTD or STD cast1999-06-05 01:01:0056.7285 N, 7.51 WNot applicable
1070566CTD or STD cast1999-09-10 22:47:0057.13983 N, 9.71817 WRRS Discovery D242
1070578CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 08:43:0056.77883 N, 8.027 WRRS Discovery D242
1251915Water sample data1999-09-11 08:49:0056.77883 N, 8.027 WRRS Discovery D242
1070591CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 10:44:0056.83167 N, 8.33483 WRRS Discovery D242
1251927Water sample data1999-09-11 10:52:0056.83167 N, 8.33483 WRRS Discovery D242
1070609CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 12:23:0056.88383 N, 8.50967 WRRS Discovery D242
1251939Water sample data1999-09-11 12:31:0056.88383 N, 8.50967 WRRS Discovery D242
1070610CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 14:39:0056.95133 N, 8.78383 WRRS Discovery D242
1251940Water sample data1999-09-11 14:46:0056.95133 N, 8.78383 WRRS Discovery D242
1070622CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 16:40:0056.99917 N, 8.99917 WRRS Discovery D242
1251952Water sample data1999-09-11 16:46:0056.99917 N, 8.99917 WRRS Discovery D242
1070634CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 18:37:0057.0545 N, 9.22633 WRRS Discovery D242
1251964Water sample data1999-09-11 18:45:0057.0545 N, 9.22633 WRRS Discovery D242
1070658CTD or STD cast1999-09-11 22:24:0057.111 N, 9.45417 WRRS Discovery D242
1251988Water sample data1999-09-11 22:51:0057.111 N, 9.45417 WRRS Discovery D242
1070671CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 01:12:0057.14583 N, 9.60783 WRRS Discovery D242
1252003Water sample data1999-09-12 01:46:0057.14583 N, 9.60783 WRRS Discovery D242
1070695CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 09:21:0057.2305 N, 10.04133 WRRS Discovery D242
1252027Water sample data1999-09-12 10:01:0057.2305 N, 10.04133 WRRS Discovery D242
1070702CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 13:46:0057.2945 N, 10.37167 WRRS Discovery D242
1252039Water sample data1999-09-12 14:23:0057.2945 N, 10.37167 WRRS Discovery D242
1070714CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 17:51:0057.37183 N, 10.65433 WRRS Discovery D242
1252040Water sample data1999-09-12 18:20:0057.37183 N, 10.65433 WRRS Discovery D242
1070726CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 20:50:0057.40283 N, 10.84483 WRRS Discovery D242
1252052Water sample data1999-09-12 21:07:0057.40283 N, 10.84483 WRRS Discovery D242
1070738CTD or STD cast1999-09-12 23:32:0057.44367 N, 11.07367 WRRS Discovery D242
1252064Water sample data1999-09-12 23:45:0057.44367 N, 11.07367 WRRS Discovery D242
1070751CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 01:53:0057.46617 N, 11.30867 WRRS Discovery D242
1252076Water sample data1999-09-13 02:08:0057.46617 N, 11.30867 WRRS Discovery D242
1070763CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 04:36:0057.4865 N, 11.53517 WRRS Discovery D242
1252088Water sample data1999-09-13 05:07:0057.4865 N, 11.53517 WRRS Discovery D242
1070775CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 08:20:0057.50217 N, 11.82067 WRRS Discovery D242
1252107Water sample data1999-09-13 08:50:0057.50217 N, 11.82067 WRRS Discovery D242
1070787CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 12:51:0057.508 N, 12.258 WRRS Discovery D242
1252119Water sample data1999-09-13 13:18:0057.508 N, 12.258 WRRS Discovery D242
1070799CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 16:19:0057.53333 N, 12.63633 WRRS Discovery D242
1252120Water sample data1999-09-13 16:42:0057.53333 N, 12.63633 WRRS Discovery D242
1071834CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 18:54:0057.54483 N, 12.86733 WRRS Discovery D242
1252132Water sample data1999-09-13 19:10:0057.54483 N, 12.86733 WRRS Discovery D242
1070806CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 20:53:0057.55883 N, 12.99117 WRRS Discovery D242
1252144Water sample data1999-09-13 21:01:0057.55883 N, 12.99117 WRRS Discovery D242
1070818CTD or STD cast1999-09-13 23:44:0057.56467 N, 13.32967 WRRS Discovery D242
1252156Water sample data1999-09-13 23:50:0057.56467 N, 13.32967 WRRS Discovery D242
1070831CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 01:52:0057.563 N, 13.6315 WRRS Discovery D242
1252168Water sample data1999-09-14 01:58:0057.563 N, 13.6315 WRRS Discovery D242
1070843CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 03:52:0057.6925 N, 13.94917 WRRS Discovery D242
1252181Water sample data1999-09-14 03:58:0057.6925 N, 13.94917 WRRS Discovery D242
1071846CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 07:07:0057.95983 N, 14.63583 WRRS Discovery D242
1252193Water sample data1999-09-14 07:17:0057.95983 N, 14.63583 WRRS Discovery D242
1070855CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 11:20:0058.24917 N, 15.37 WRRS Discovery D242
1252200Water sample data1999-09-14 11:34:0058.24917 N, 15.37 WRRS Discovery D242
1070867CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 16:21:0058.55683 N, 16.16683 WRRS Discovery D242
1252212Water sample data1999-09-14 16:39:0058.55683 N, 16.16683 WRRS Discovery D242
1070879CTD or STD cast1999-09-14 21:30:0058.85183 N, 17.01317 WRRS Discovery D242
1252224Water sample data1999-09-14 21:51:0058.85183 N, 17.01317 WRRS Discovery D242
1070880CTD or STD cast1999-09-15 00:17:0058.94867 N, 17.231 WRRS Discovery D242
1252236Water sample data1999-09-15 00:34:0058.94867 N, 17.231 WRRS Discovery D242
1071858CTD or STD cast1999-09-15 03:37:0059.1315 N, 17.65217 WRRS Discovery D242
1252248Water sample data1999-09-15 03:54:0059.1315 N, 17.65217 WRRS Discovery D242
1070892CTD or STD cast1999-09-15 12:19:0059.20667 N, 17.89433 WRRS Discovery D242
1252261Water sample data1999-09-15 12:49:0059.20667 N, 17.89433 WRRS Discovery D242
1070911CTD or STD cast1999-09-15 15:51:0059.332 N, 18.2685 WRRS Discovery D242
1252273Water sample data1999-09-15 16:20:0059.332 N, 18.2685 WRRS Discovery D242
1070923CTD or STD cast1999-09-15 18:50:0059.40833 N, 18.42217 WRRS Discovery D242
1252285Water sample data1999-09-15 19:28:0059.40833 N, 18.42217 WRRS Discovery D242
1070935CTD or STD cast1999-09-16 00:30:0059.68117 N, 19.14133 WRRS Discovery D242
1252297Water sample data1999-09-16 01:19:0059.68117 N, 19.14133 WRRS Discovery D242
1070947CTD or STD cast1999-09-16 06:28:0060.00433 N, 19.99667 WRRS Discovery D242
1252304Water sample data1999-09-16 07:13:0060.00433 N, 19.99667 WRRS Discovery D242
1070959CTD or STD cast1999-09-16 12:48:0060.58117 N, 19.99333 WRRS Discovery D242
1252316Water sample data1999-09-16 13:27:0060.58117 N, 19.99333 WRRS Discovery D242
1070960CTD or STD cast1999-09-16 17:21:0060.93533 N, 20.00067 WRRS Discovery D242
1252328Water sample data1999-09-16 17:56:0060.93533 N, 20.00067 WRRS Discovery D242
1070972CTD or STD cast1999-09-16 21:35:0061.281 N, 20.015 WRRS Discovery D242
1252341Water sample data1999-09-16 22:15:0061.281 N, 20.015 WRRS Discovery D242
1070984CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 02:17:0061.64417 N, 19.99683 WRRS Discovery D242
1252353Water sample data1999-09-17 02:52:0061.64417 N, 19.99683 WRRS Discovery D242
1070996CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 06:04:0061.96433 N, 19.99767 WRRS Discovery D242
1252365Water sample data1999-09-17 06:32:0061.96433 N, 19.99767 WRRS Discovery D242
1071011CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 17:24:0063.29617 N, 19.99267 WRRS Discovery D242
1252377Water sample data1999-09-17 17:29:0063.29617 N, 19.99267 WRRS Discovery D242
1071023CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 18:32:0063.22883 N, 19.994 WRRS Discovery D242
1252389Water sample data1999-09-17 18:42:0063.22883 N, 19.994 WRRS Discovery D242
1071035CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 21:25:0062.91933 N, 20.05783 WRRS Discovery D242
1252390Water sample data1999-09-17 21:51:0062.91933 N, 20.05783 WRRS Discovery D242
1071047CTD or STD cast1999-09-18 10:39:0062.65483 N, 20.00417 WRRS Discovery D242
1252408Water sample data1999-09-18 11:09:0062.65483 N, 20.00417 WRRS Discovery D242
1071059CTD or STD cast1999-09-18 15:30:0062.325 N, 20.00833 WRRS Discovery D242
1252421Water sample data1999-09-18 15:58:0062.325 N, 20.00833 WRRS Discovery D242
1074881CTD or STD cast2000-01-30 16:23:0056.66733 N, 6.146 WRRS Discovery D245
1074900CTD or STD cast2000-01-31 19:46:0056.67983 N, 6.28633 WRRS Discovery D245
1074924CTD or STD cast2000-01-31 22:30:0056.741 N, 6.41583 WRRS Discovery D245
1075000CTD or STD cast2000-02-01 15:31:0056.73033 N, 6.7435 WRRS Discovery D245
1075012CTD or STD cast2000-02-01 17:21:0056.73483 N, 7.0035 WRRS Discovery D245
1075024CTD or STD cast2000-02-01 19:31:0056.732 N, 7.33017 WRRS Discovery D245
1075036CTD or STD cast2000-02-01 21:48:0056.7325 N, 7.50433 WRRS Discovery D245
1075048CTD or STD cast2000-02-01 23:43:0056.73317 N, 7.66083 WRRS Discovery D245
1075061CTD or STD cast2000-02-02 21:42:0056.77817 N, 8.01867 WRRS Discovery D245
1075073CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 00:55:0056.83583 N, 8.33317 WRRS Discovery D245
1075085CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 03:32:0056.88417 N, 8.49683 WRRS Discovery D245
1075097CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 06:12:0056.9475 N, 8.7795 WRRS Discovery D245
1075104CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 08:01:0057.00133 N, 9.00067 WRRS Discovery D245
1075128CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 10:44:0057.04433 N, 9.22183 WRRS Discovery D245
1075153CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 14:49:0057.1095 N, 9.4275 WRRS Discovery D245
1075177CTD or STD cast2000-02-03 20:40:0057.16083 N, 9.68433 WRRS Discovery D245
1075189CTD or STD cast2000-02-04 00:47:0057.2255 N, 10.05717 WRRS Discovery D245
1075190CTD or STD cast2000-02-04 04:50:0057.29917 N, 10.3985 WRRS Discovery D245
1075208CTD or STD cast2000-02-04 15:53:0057.36283 N, 10.66933 WRRS Discovery D245
1075221CTD or STD cast2000-02-04 19:11:0057.40133 N, 10.86567 WRRS Discovery D245
1075233CTD or STD cast2000-02-04 21:49:0057.44967 N, 11.05433 WRRS Discovery D245
1075245CTD or STD cast2000-02-05 05:17:0057.47 N, 11.31167 WRRS Discovery D245
1075257CTD or STD cast2000-02-05 09:12:0057.49167 N, 11.49883 WRRS Discovery D245
1075269CTD or STD cast2000-02-14 05:45:0057.51033 N, 11.84133 WRRS Discovery D245
1075270CTD or STD cast2000-02-15 06:13:0057.54633 N, 13.0055 WRRS Discovery D245
559020CTD or STD cast2000-05-17 18:30:0057.5817 N, 13.5983 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230394Water sample data2000-05-17 18:30:0057.58267 N, 13.59933 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559032CTD or STD cast2000-05-17 19:34:0057.565 N, 13.325 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559044CTD or STD cast2000-05-17 20:41:0057.55 N, 13.0017 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230401Water sample data2000-05-17 20:41:0057.5515 N, 13.00267 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559056CTD or STD cast2000-05-17 21:38:0057.535 N, 12.8667 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559068CTD or STD cast2000-05-17 23:16:0057.53 N, 12.6283 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230413Water sample data2000-05-17 23:16:0057.53 N, 12.62867 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559081CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 02:08:0057.5383 N, 12.2567 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559093CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 05:16:0057.495 N, 11.85 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230425Water sample data2000-05-18 05:16:0057.49517 N, 11.85133 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559100CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 07:44:0057.4817 N, 11.53 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559112CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 09:51:0057.465 N, 11.315 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230437Water sample data2000-05-18 09:51:0057.466 N, 11.31517 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559124CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 11:18:0057.445 N, 11.0817 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559136CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 12:46:0057.3933 N, 10.865 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230449Water sample data2000-05-18 12:46:0057.39433 N, 10.8665 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559148CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 14:19:0057.3583 N, 10.6767 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559161CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 17:14:0057.2967 N, 10.3817 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230450Water sample data2000-05-18 17:14:0057.29767 N, 10.38317 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559173CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 19:45:0057.2333 N, 10.0483 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559185CTD or STD cast2000-05-18 22:10:0057.15 N, 9.695 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559197CTD or STD cast2000-05-19 01:37:0057.0983 N, 9.4217 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230462Water sample data2000-05-19 01:37:0057.09867 N, 9.4225 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559204CTD or STD cast2000-05-19 03:33:0057.0517 N, 9.2133 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230474Water sample data2000-05-19 03:33:0057.053 N, 9.21483 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559216CTD or STD cast2000-05-19 04:46:0057.0 N, 8.9967 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559228CTD or STD cast2000-05-19 05:56:0056.9483 N, 8.7833 WFRV Scotia 0700S
1230486Water sample data2000-05-19 05:56:0056.9485 N, 8.78383 WFRV Scotia 0700S
559241CTD or STD cast2000-05-19 07:11:0056.8833 N, 8.5017 WFRV Scotia 0700S
670458CTD or STD cast2001-05-07 11:35:0057.54417 N, 13.94817 WRRS Discovery D253
670471CTD or STD cast2001-05-07 14:53:0057.81267 N, 14.49567 WRRS Discovery D253
670483CTD or STD cast2001-05-07 18:02:0058.05267 N, 14.99667 WRRS Discovery D253
670495CTD or STD cast2001-05-07 21:22:0058.28967 N, 15.50117 WRRS Discovery D253
670502CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 01:02:0058.51067 N, 16.0005 WRRS Discovery D253
670514CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 04:47:0058.731 N, 16.50517 WRRS Discovery D253
670526CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 08:18:0058.95833 N, 16.97783 WRRS Discovery D253
670538CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 11:47:0059.16967 N, 17.48817 WRRS Discovery D253
670551CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 14:44:0059.33117 N, 17.80667 WRRS Discovery D253
670563CTD or STD cast2001-05-08 20:08:0059.48533 N, 18.24583 WRRS Discovery D253
670575CTD or STD cast2001-05-09 01:36:0059.68683 N, 18.76783 WRRS Discovery D253
670587CTD or STD cast2001-05-09 06:56:0059.89867 N, 19.31383 WRRS Discovery D253
670599CTD or STD cast2001-05-09 23:12:0060.48967 N, 19.98767 WRRS Discovery D253
670606CTD or STD cast2001-05-10 10:12:0060.98233 N, 19.96933 WRRS Discovery D253
670618CTD or STD cast2001-05-10 16:02:0061.49733 N, 20.00517 WRRS Discovery D253
670631CTD or STD cast2001-05-10 21:24:0061.99383 N, 19.98867 WRRS Discovery D253
670643CTD or STD cast2001-05-11 02:33:0062.5065 N, 20.00167 WRRS Discovery D253
670655CTD or STD cast2001-05-11 07:12:0063.0055 N, 20.0175 WRRS Discovery D253
670667CTD or STD cast2001-05-11 10:03:0063.21283 N, 19.999 WRRS Discovery D253
670815CTD or STD cast2001-05-13 22:42:0060.083 N, 19.84417 WRRS Discovery D253
676779CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 02:24:0056.83217 N, 8.32017 WRRS Discovery D253
676780CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 04:18:0056.881 N, 8.49617 WRRS Discovery D253
1220848CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 05:40:0056.95167 N, 8.785 WRRS Discovery D253
676792CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 07:39:0056.99817 N, 8.99217 WRRS Discovery D253
1220861CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 08:48:0057.04667 N, 9.22333 WRRS Discovery D253
676811CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 10:43:0057.0985 N, 9.421 WRRS Discovery D253
676823CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 13:39:0057.15017 N, 9.69033 WRRS Discovery D253
676835CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 16:58:0057.22933 N, 10.05717 WRRS Discovery D253
676847CTD or STD cast2001-05-20 21:47:0057.2895 N, 10.3765 WRRS Discovery D253
676859CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 01:04:0057.36167 N, 10.653 WRRS Discovery D253
676860CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 04:01:0057.4015 N, 10.85167 WRRS Discovery D253
676872CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 06:02:0057.45133 N, 11.07967 WRRS Discovery D253
676884CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 07:44:0057.47233 N, 11.31033 WRRS Discovery D253
676896CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 09:38:0057.48717 N, 11.53183 WRRS Discovery D253
676903CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 12:56:0057.49483 N, 11.8485 WRRS Discovery D253
676915CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 16:11:0057.51133 N, 12.24417 WRRS Discovery D253
676927CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 19:42:0057.52867 N, 12.62417 WRRS Discovery D253
676939CTD or STD cast2001-05-21 22:25:0057.52817 N, 12.86267 WRRS Discovery D253
676940CTD or STD cast2001-05-22 00:12:0057.54983 N, 12.99817 WRRS Discovery D253
676952CTD or STD cast2001-05-22 02:05:0057.56733 N, 13.33283 WRRS Discovery D253
676964CTD or STD cast2001-05-22 03:42:0057.58517 N, 13.63433 WRRS Discovery D253
626666CTD or STD cast2003-04-17 18:54:0056.8845 N, 8.4918 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626678CTD or STD cast2003-04-17 20:04:0056.9495 N, 8.7747 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626691CTD or STD cast2003-04-17 21:02:0056.9992 N, 8.9883 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626709CTD or STD cast2003-04-17 22:08:0057.046 N, 9.2178 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626710CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 00:36:0057.1018 N, 9.4147 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626722CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 02:37:0057.1497 N, 9.6988 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626734CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 05:24:0057.236 N, 10.0498 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626746CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 07:55:0057.3002 N, 10.384 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626758CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 10:31:0057.3667 N, 10.6647 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626771CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 12:50:0057.3963 N, 10.8655 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626783CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 14:30:0057.4478 N, 11.083 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626795CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 15:49:0057.4663 N, 11.3188 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626802CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 17:15:0057.483 N, 11.535 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626814CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 19:22:0057.4912 N, 11.8447 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626826CTD or STD cast2003-04-18 21:55:0057.5098 N, 12.243 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626838CTD or STD cast2003-04-19 00:50:0057.5323 N, 12.6315 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626851CTD or STD cast2003-04-19 03:07:0057.5402 N, 12.8663 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626863CTD or STD cast2003-04-19 04:40:0057.5493 N, 12.997 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626875CTD or STD cast2003-04-19 06:17:0057.566 N, 13.3357 WFRV Scotia 0703S
626887CTD or STD cast2003-04-19 07:35:0057.5848 N, 13.625 WFRV Scotia 0703S
844872CTD or STD cast2003-07-20 22:45:0057.56795 N, 13.33965 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844884CTD or STD cast2003-07-21 00:36:0057.58442 N, 13.63245 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844896CTD or STD cast2003-07-21 04:30:0057.54857 N, 13.0013 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844903CTD or STD cast2003-07-21 06:05:0057.53175 N, 12.86652 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844915CTD or STD cast2003-07-21 20:38:0057.50908 N, 12.24168 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844927CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 00:58:0057.532 N, 12.63328 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844939CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 06:19:0057.49387 N, 11.85482 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844940CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 09:03:0057.48262 N, 11.53575 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844952CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 12:02:0057.46607 N, 11.31728 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844964CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 13:53:0057.4503 N, 11.084 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844976CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 15:51:0057.40485 N, 10.87055 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
844988CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 18:07:0057.36962 N, 10.6686 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845003CTD or STD cast2003-07-22 22:14:0057.29938 N, 10.3825 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845015CTD or STD cast2003-07-23 02:48:0057.23502 N, 10.05542 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845027CTD or STD cast2003-07-23 18:20:0057.14935 N, 9.70172 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845040CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 10:25:0057.10048 N, 9.41977 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845064CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 15:11:0057.0511 N, 9.21573 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845088CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 17:43:0057.0005 N, 8.99908 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845107CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 19:35:0056.9494 N, 8.78218 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845119CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 21:45:0056.88298 N, 8.50148 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845120CTD or STD cast2003-07-24 23:42:0056.83752 N, 8.33482 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845132CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 01:55:0056.78395 N, 8.00187 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845144CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 04:23:0056.73383 N, 7.66618 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845156CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 04:56:0056.73533 N, 7.66185 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845168CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 06:05:0056.73388 N, 7.49955 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845181CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 07:33:0056.73333 N, 7.33318 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845193CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 10:11:0056.73467 N, 6.99867 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845200CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 11:33:0056.73518 N, 6.74463 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845212CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 13:11:0056.73348 N, 6.4521 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845224CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 14:34:0056.68525 N, 6.28592 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
845236CTD or STD cast2003-07-25 15:34:0056.6697 N, 6.13537 WFS Poseidon PO300_2
666933CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 10:14:0056.6655 N, 6.14933 WFS Poseidon PO314
666945CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 11:22:0056.68533 N, 6.28033 WFS Poseidon PO314
666957CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 12:20:0056.719 N, 6.402 WFS Poseidon PO314
666969CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 13:04:0056.7345 N, 6.4495 WFS Poseidon PO314
666970CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 14:40:0056.7345 N, 6.749 WFS Poseidon PO314
666982CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 15:59:0056.734 N, 6.998 WFS Poseidon PO314
666994CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 17:39:0056.73367 N, 7.3345 WFS Poseidon PO314
667008CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 18:58:0056.732 N, 7.50483 WFS Poseidon PO314
667021CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 20:07:0056.73383 N, 7.67067 WFS Poseidon PO314
667033CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 21:40:0056.78383 N, 8.00083 WFS Poseidon PO314
667045CTD or STD cast2004-07-12 23:28:0056.85133 N, 8.33383 WFS Poseidon PO314
667057CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 01:49:0056.94867 N, 8.784 WFS Poseidon PO314
667069CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 03:15:0056.9995 N, 9.0005 WFS Poseidon PO314
667070CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 04:45:0057.04933 N, 9.22033 WFS Poseidon PO314
667082CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 09:59:0057.1 N, 9.42333 WFS Poseidon PO314
667094CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 12:31:0057.1495 N, 9.702 WFS Poseidon PO314
667101CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 16:09:0057.23917 N, 10.06233 WFS Poseidon PO314
667113CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 19:55:0057.3015 N, 10.38233 WFS Poseidon PO314
667125CTD or STD cast2004-07-13 23:31:0057.3675 N, 10.67217 WFS Poseidon PO314
667137CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 02:48:0057.403 N, 10.86533 WFS Poseidon PO314
667149CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 05:23:0057.45317 N, 11.081 WFS Poseidon PO314
667150CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 07:48:0057.4665 N, 11.31467 WFS Poseidon PO314
667162CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 10:10:0057.4805 N, 11.5265 WFS Poseidon PO314
667174CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 13:31:0057.48933 N, 11.85067 WFS Poseidon PO314
667186CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 16:45:0057.517 N, 12.248 WFS Poseidon PO314
667198CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 21:07:0057.53317 N, 12.63183 WFS Poseidon PO314
667205CTD or STD cast2004-07-14 23:34:0057.53833 N, 12.86817 WFS Poseidon PO314
667217CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 01:41:0057.5515 N, 13.00067 WFS Poseidon PO314
667229CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 04:01:0057.56833 N, 13.33517 WFS Poseidon PO314
667230CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 06:12:0057.57833 N, 13.63617 WFS Poseidon PO314
667242CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 08:26:0057.54617 N, 13.948 WFS Poseidon PO314
667254CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 12:27:0057.8115 N, 14.501 WFS Poseidon PO314
667278CTD or STD cast2004-07-15 20:09:0058.29417 N, 15.501 WFS Poseidon PO314
667291CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 00:10:0058.5075 N, 15.9995 WFS Poseidon PO314
667309CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 04:45:0058.7365 N, 16.5095 WFS Poseidon PO314
667310CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 08:43:0058.96433 N, 16.98833 WFS Poseidon PO314
667322CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 12:33:0059.16383 N, 17.4815 WFS Poseidon PO314
667334CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 15:55:0059.331 N, 17.79833 WFS Poseidon PO314
667346CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 19:24:0059.48333 N, 18.24167 WFS Poseidon PO314
667358CTD or STD cast2004-07-16 23:37:0059.686 N, 18.75983 WFS Poseidon PO314
667371CTD or STD cast2004-07-17 04:22:0059.89933 N, 19.29517 WFS Poseidon PO314
667383CTD or STD cast2004-07-17 08:59:0060.081 N, 19.84333 WFS Poseidon PO314
667395CTD or STD cast2004-07-17 15:22:0060.4995 N, 19.99233 WFS Poseidon PO314
667402CTD or STD cast2004-07-17 20:52:0061.04433 N, 20.00183 WFS Poseidon PO314
667414CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 00:32:0061.25417 N, 20.00267 WFS Poseidon PO314
667426CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 03:58:0061.50167 N, 19.9995 WFS Poseidon PO314
667438CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 07:33:0061.74933 N, 19.99817 WFS Poseidon PO314
667451CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 10:46:0061.99117 N, 20.00483 WFS Poseidon PO314
667463CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 14:03:0062.248 N, 20.002 WFS Poseidon PO314
667487CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 20:04:0062.7505 N, 20.00667 WFS Poseidon PO314
667499CTD or STD cast2004-07-18 22:48:0062.99817 N, 19.99533 WFS Poseidon PO314
667506CTD or STD cast2004-07-19 01:41:0063.25183 N, 19.99833 WFS Poseidon PO314
667518CTD or STD cast2004-07-19 02:41:0063.30117 N, 20.00133 WFS Poseidon PO314
896390CTD or STD cast2005-10-08 03:26:0056.99838 N, 8.99988 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896408CTD or STD cast2005-10-08 05:44:0057.05385 N, 9.21071 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896421CTD or STD cast2005-10-08 08:09:0057.10036 N, 9.41444 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896433CTD or STD cast2005-10-10 12:58:0057.15424 N, 9.7032 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896445CTD or STD cast2005-10-10 17:24:0057.2313 N, 10.04808 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896457CTD or STD cast2005-10-10 22:50:0057.30272 N, 10.38124 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896469CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 03:08:0057.36704 N, 10.66806 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896470CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 07:50:0057.4005 N, 10.86404 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896482CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 10:12:0057.44982 N, 11.0817 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896494CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 14:49:0057.46712 N, 11.31926 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896501CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 16:53:0057.48332 N, 11.53282 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896513CTD or STD cast2005-10-11 21:15:0057.49164 N, 11.85016 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896525CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 01:17:0057.50902 N, 12.25014 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896537CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 04:49:0057.53204 N, 12.62058 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896550CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 11:14:0057.54196 N, 12.86636 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896562CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 15:55:0057.58414 N, 13.63322 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896574CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 18:31:0057.56726 N, 13.3329 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896586CTD or STD cast2005-10-12 20:23:0057.54942 N, 12.99748 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896734CTD or STD cast2005-10-18 14:13:0063.31646 N, 20.20298 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896746CTD or STD cast2005-10-18 16:29:0063.13802 N, 19.91316 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896758CTD or STD cast2005-10-18 19:45:0062.91602 N, 19.54424 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896771CTD or STD cast2005-10-18 23:25:0062.66806 N, 19.6724 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896783CTD or STD cast2005-10-19 03:45:0062.33384 N, 19.83152 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896795CTD or STD cast2005-10-19 08:09:0061.99938 N, 20.00314 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897079CTD or STD cast2005-10-19 13:57:0061.49984 N, 19.99988 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897080CTD or STD cast2005-10-19 18:03:0061.25228 N, 20.0043 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896863CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 07:29:0057.00092 N, 8.99782 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896875CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 09:24:0056.91626 N, 8.63884 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896887CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 11:23:0056.83584 N, 8.33416 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896899CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 13:46:0056.78199 N, 8.00053 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896906CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 16:06:0056.73457 N, 7.67284 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896979CTD or STD cast2005-10-25 22:53:0056.7341 N, 7.33144 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896980CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 00:25:0056.73454 N, 7.16802 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
896992CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 02:05:0056.73306 N, 6.99934 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897006CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 03:46:0056.73298 N, 6.7466 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897018CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 04:49:0056.73418 N, 6.59798 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897031CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 06:12:0056.73408 N, 6.44822 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897043CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 07:11:0056.70856 N, 6.36682 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897055CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 08:08:0056.68452 N, 6.28146 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
897067CTD or STD cast2005-10-26 09:29:0056.6671 N, 6.1343 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
776246CTD or STD cast2006-10-12 10:46:0663.138 N, 19.91267 WRRS Discovery D312
776258CTD or STD cast2006-10-12 18:46:5363.22017 N, 20.0615 WRRS Discovery D312
776271CTD or STD cast2006-10-12 21:50:4863.3195 N, 20.21833 WRRS Discovery D312
776283CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 03:01:4062.91567 N, 19.53733 WRRS Discovery D312
776295CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 06:45:4162.67133 N, 19.6855 WRRS Discovery D312
776302CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 11:30:4862.334 N, 19.83783 WRRS Discovery D312
776314CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 16:20:4162.00183 N, 20.023 WRRS Discovery D312
776326CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 21:28:0561.50667 N, 19.99067 WRRS Discovery D312
776338CTD or STD cast2006-10-14 09:25:0061.25167 N, 19.99417 WRRS Discovery D312
776351CTD or STD cast2006-10-14 14:37:1961.00383 N, 19.99 WRRS Discovery D312
776363CTD or STD cast2006-10-14 20:59:1560.501 N, 19.99533 WRRS Discovery D312
776406CTD or STD cast2006-10-16 20:34:3359.99533 N, 19.98433 WRRS Discovery D312
776418CTD or STD cast2006-10-17 04:56:3659.65417 N, 19.1035 WRRS Discovery D312
776431CTD or STD cast2006-10-20 18:54:1858.50933 N, 16.29667 WRRS Discovery D312
776443CTD or STD cast2006-10-21 05:09:1558.26283 N, 15.338 WRRS Discovery D312
776455CTD or STD cast2006-10-21 15:18:5557.9485 N, 14.58183 WRRS Discovery D312
776467CTD or STD cast2006-10-22 00:50:1957.66433 N, 13.90783 WRRS Discovery D312
776479CTD or STD cast2006-10-22 07:51:0157.5695 N, 13.33067 WRRS Discovery D312
776480CTD or STD cast2006-10-22 12:09:4057.54833 N, 12.99333 WRRS Discovery D312
776492CTD or STD cast2006-10-22 14:53:0057.54017 N, 12.86967 WRRS Discovery D312
776523CTD or STD cast2006-10-22 21:15:2257.53033 N, 12.62333 WRRS Discovery D312
776547CTD or STD cast2006-10-24 08:56:1957.5125 N, 12.25267 WRRS Discovery D312
776559CTD or STD cast2006-10-24 14:52:0157.48767 N, 11.846 WRRS Discovery D312
776560CTD or STD cast2006-10-24 19:20:2157.4905 N, 11.5265 WRRS Discovery D312
776572CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 00:12:4757.46533 N, 11.3255 WRRS Discovery D312
776584CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 04:39:3757.45133 N, 11.08883 WRRS Discovery D312
776596CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 07:54:5657.4025 N, 10.86883 WRRS Discovery D312
776603CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 10:33:5057.36833 N, 10.66733 WRRS Discovery D312
776615CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 15:41:0657.30333 N, 10.379 WRRS Discovery D312
776627CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 19:37:2957.23333 N, 10.04833 WRRS Discovery D312
776639CTD or STD cast2006-10-25 23:14:3757.14867 N, 9.701 WRRS Discovery D312
776640CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 02:49:2457.0985 N, 9.42017 WRRS Discovery D312
776652CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 05:16:3557.051 N, 9.21967 WRRS Discovery D312
776664CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 07:35:2056.99867 N, 9.0 WRRS Discovery D312
776676CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 09:31:2656.94983 N, 8.78333 WRRS Discovery D312
776688CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 11:07:1356.88283 N, 8.50467 WRRS Discovery D312
776707CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 12:49:1256.83983 N, 8.34083 WRRS Discovery D312
776719CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 14:45:5356.81383 N, 8.16567 WRRS Discovery D312
776732CTD or STD cast2006-10-26 23:08:5256.73517 N, 7.33133 WRRS Discovery D312
776744CTD or STD cast2006-10-27 01:07:5056.73083 N, 7.50633 WRRS Discovery D312
776756CTD or STD cast2006-10-27 02:33:4056.739 N, 7.6725 WRRS Discovery D312
776768CTD or STD cast2006-10-27 03:56:2656.76033 N, 7.83433 WRRS Discovery D312
776781CTD or STD cast2006-10-27 05:08:4956.78583 N, 7.99683 WRRS Discovery D312
776885CTD or STD cast2006-10-29 20:57:3956.735 N, 7.16333 WRRS Discovery D312
776897CTD or STD cast2006-10-29 22:32:4756.7355 N, 6.99667 WRRS Discovery D312
776904CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 00:25:4356.732 N, 6.74683 WRRS Discovery D312
776916CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 01:40:5356.73167 N, 6.6025 WRRS Discovery D312
776928CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 02:55:1456.73267 N, 6.4505 WRRS Discovery D312
776941CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 03:58:2656.71 N, 6.36767 WRRS Discovery D312
776953CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 05:06:4156.68333 N, 6.28167 WRRS Discovery D312
776965CTD or STD cast2006-10-30 06:40:0256.6665 N, 6.135 WRRS Discovery D312
772245CTD or STD cast2007-07-27 13:25:5558.9502 N, 17.1847 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
772257CTD or STD cast2007-07-27 17:48:1759.1172 N, 17.6701 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
772269CTD or STD cast2007-07-27 20:50:3059.2016 N, 17.8893 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
771438CTD or STD cast2007-07-28 00:55:4459.335 N, 18.2298 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
771451CTD or STD cast2007-07-28 04:01:3359.4018 N, 18.4173 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
771487CTD or STD cast2007-07-28 22:45:4359.9973 N, 19.8776 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
756478CTD or STD cast2007-07-29 03:52:5259.9882 N, 19.8673 WRRS Discovery D321 (D321A)
847243CTD or STD cast2007-08-25 02:10:3063.31873 N, 20.21618 WRRS Discovery D321B
847255CTD or STD cast2007-08-25 22:30:4263.21591 N, 20.06859 WRRS Discovery D321B
847267CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 01:09:4963.13965 N, 19.91037 WRRS Discovery D321B
847279CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 04:49:2862.9235 N, 19.55245 WRRS Discovery D321B
847280CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 08:26:4062.66827 N, 19.66402 WRRS Discovery D321B
847292CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 13:00:1162.33393 N, 19.83811 WRRS Discovery D321B
847311CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 17:06:3061.99616 N, 20.00211 WRRS Discovery D321B
847845CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 22:17:3561.50071 N, 20.0013 WRRS Discovery D321B
847335CTD or STD cast2007-08-27 19:39:3958.87575 N, 16.99409 WRRS Discovery D321B
847347CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 01:04:1058.49695 N, 16.00621 WRRS Discovery D321B
847359CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 05:26:5258.25271 N, 15.33659 WRRS Discovery D321B
847857CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 09:29:4657.95025 N, 14.58207 WRRS Discovery D321B
847360CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 13:07:3857.66494 N, 13.89785 WRRS Discovery D321B
847372CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 15:01:2557.58355 N, 13.64052 WRRS Discovery D321B
847384CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 17:17:5457.5676 N, 13.33293 WRRS Discovery D321B
847396CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 19:14:2457.54866 N, 12.99904 WRRS Discovery D321B
847403CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 20:48:4257.5425 N, 12.8726 WRRS Discovery D321B
847869CTD or STD cast2007-08-28 22:55:2657.53323 N, 12.63332 WRRS Discovery D321B
847415CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 02:26:0357.51132 N, 12.25122 WRRS Discovery D321B
847427CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 05:36:2457.48902 N, 11.84798 WRRS Discovery D321B
847870CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 08:43:3457.48325 N, 11.53212 WRRS Discovery D321B
847439CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 11:31:0157.46562 N, 11.31602 WRRS Discovery D321B
847440CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 13:53:4457.44771 N, 11.09263 WRRS Discovery D321B
847452CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 16:35:1257.39712 N, 10.86659 WRRS Discovery D321B
847882CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 18:55:1857.36733 N, 10.67185 WRRS Discovery D321B
847464CTD or STD cast2007-08-29 22:23:3657.29953 N, 10.3795 WRRS Discovery D321B
847476CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 02:26:2557.23438 N, 10.04794 WRRS Discovery D321B
847894CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 06:53:5757.14846 N, 9.70677 WRRS Discovery D321B
847488CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 10:03:3257.09809 N, 9.4162 WRRS Discovery D321B
847507CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 12:35:3157.04918 N, 9.22307 WRRS Discovery D321B
847519CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 14:39:5257.00044 N, 8.99943 WRRS Discovery D321B
847520CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 16:19:3156.94837 N, 8.7809 WRRS Discovery D321B
847532CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 18:01:5556.87617 N, 8.49886 WRRS Discovery D321B
847544CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 19:24:1556.831 N, 8.32976 WRRS Discovery D321B
847556CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 20:52:2356.80724 N, 8.16731 WRRS Discovery D321B
847568CTD or STD cast2007-08-30 22:11:4956.78298 N, 8.00016 WRRS Discovery D321B
847612CTD or STD cast2007-08-31 08:19:0556.73546 N, 7.00042 WRRS Discovery D321B
847624CTD or STD cast2007-08-31 09:54:1456.73307 N, 6.75098 WRRS Discovery D321B
847636CTD or STD cast2007-08-31 10:52:1356.73271 N, 6.5991 WRRS Discovery D321B
847648CTD or STD cast2007-08-31 12:08:2456.73287 N, 6.44687 WRRS Discovery D321B
847661CTD or STD cast2007-08-31 14:30:4456.66684 N, 6.13216 WRRS Discovery D321B
880732CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 04:52:0057.58383 N, 13.63233 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616762Water sample data2008-05-21 04:52:0057.58383 N, 13.63233 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880744CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 06:27:0057.56767 N, 13.33167 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616774Water sample data2008-05-21 06:27:0057.56767 N, 13.33167 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880756CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 14:06:0057.55283 N, 12.9935 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616786Water sample data2008-05-21 14:06:0057.55283 N, 12.9935 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880768CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 15:14:0057.53867 N, 12.86817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616798Water sample data2008-05-21 15:14:0057.53867 N, 12.86817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880781CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 17:32:0057.52967 N, 12.63433 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616805Water sample data2008-05-21 17:32:0057.52967 N, 12.63433 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880793CTD or STD cast2008-05-21 20:49:0057.50067 N, 12.25683 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616817Water sample data2008-05-21 20:49:0057.50067 N, 12.25683 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880800CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 00:52:0057.49217 N, 11.85217 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616829Water sample data2008-05-22 00:52:0057.49217 N, 11.85217 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880812CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 06:36:0057.48167 N, 11.524 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616830Water sample data2008-05-22 06:36:0057.48167 N, 11.524 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880824CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 09:34:0057.46267 N, 11.31817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616842Water sample data2008-05-22 09:34:0057.46267 N, 11.31817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880836CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 11:25:0057.44867 N, 11.083 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616854Water sample data2008-05-22 11:25:0057.44867 N, 11.083 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880848CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 13:05:0057.3735 N, 10.869 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616866Water sample data2008-05-22 13:05:0057.3735 N, 10.869 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880861CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 15:17:0057.36133 N, 10.67117 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616878Water sample data2008-05-22 15:17:0057.36133 N, 10.67117 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880873CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 18:54:0057.30167 N, 10.38117 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616891Water sample data2008-05-22 18:54:0057.30167 N, 10.38117 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880885CTD or STD cast2008-05-22 22:54:0057.234 N, 10.051 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616909Water sample data2008-05-22 22:54:0057.234 N, 10.051 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880897CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 02:25:0057.13533 N, 9.66967 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616910Water sample data2008-05-23 02:25:0057.13533 N, 9.66967 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880904CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 05:41:0057.10183 N, 9.41683 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616922Water sample data2008-05-23 05:41:0057.10183 N, 9.41683 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880916CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 08:11:0057.05167 N, 9.21783 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616934Water sample data2008-05-23 08:11:0057.05167 N, 9.21783 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880928CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 09:34:0057.0 N, 9.00483 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616946Water sample data2008-05-23 09:34:0057.0 N, 9.00483 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880941CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 10:41:0056.94983 N, 8.78317 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616958Water sample data2008-05-23 10:41:0056.94983 N, 8.78317 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880953CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 12:10:0056.8835 N, 8.499 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616971Water sample data2008-05-23 12:10:0056.8835 N, 8.499 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880965CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 13:16:0056.83383 N, 8.33717 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616983Water sample data2008-05-23 13:16:0056.83383 N, 8.33717 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880977CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 14:17:0056.80617 N, 8.1645 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1616995Water sample data2008-05-23 14:17:0056.80617 N, 8.1645 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880989CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 15:20:0056.78317 N, 8.00083 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617009Water sample data2008-05-23 15:20:0056.78317 N, 8.00083 WFRV Scotia 0508S
880990CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 16:16:0056.7595 N, 7.83433 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617010Water sample data2008-05-23 16:16:0056.7595 N, 7.83433 WFRV Scotia 0508S
881004CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 17:09:0056.73333 N, 7.66583 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617022Water sample data2008-05-23 17:09:0056.73333 N, 7.66583 WFRV Scotia 0508S
881016CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 17:59:0056.73317 N, 7.49817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617034Water sample data2008-05-23 17:59:0056.73317 N, 7.49817 WFRV Scotia 0508S
881028CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 19:00:0056.73367 N, 7.333 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617046Water sample data2008-05-23 19:00:0056.73367 N, 7.333 WFRV Scotia 0508S
881041CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 19:57:0056.73433 N, 7.16733 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617058Water sample data2008-05-23 19:57:0056.73433 N, 7.16733 WFRV Scotia 0508S
881053CTD or STD cast2008-05-23 20:51:0056.73317 N, 6.99933 WFRV Scotia 0508S
1617071Water sample data2008-05-23 20:51:0056.73317 N, 6.99933 WFRV Scotia 0508S
953888CTD or STD cast2009-06-10 23:22:3063.32245 N, 20.21731 WRRS Discovery D340A
953919CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 02:50:5463.21298 N, 20.07332 WRRS Discovery D340A
953920CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 05:20:4763.13361 N, 19.91413 WRRS Discovery D340A
953932CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 08:21:1062.91354 N, 19.5506 WRRS Discovery D340A
953944CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 11:31:4962.66527 N, 19.66405 WRRS Discovery D340A
953956CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 15:58:2462.33247 N, 19.8409 WRRS Discovery D340A
953968CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 19:45:3961.9998 N, 19.99938 WRRS Discovery D340A
953981CTD or STD cast2009-06-12 00:55:3161.4991 N, 20.00053 WRRS Discovery D340A
953993CTD or STD cast2009-06-12 05:03:3161.24984 N, 19.99577 WRRS Discovery D340A
954007CTD or STD cast2009-06-12 08:59:1060.99801 N, 20.00244 WRRS Discovery D340A
954019CTD or STD cast2009-06-12 15:24:0560.50573 N, 20.00095 WRRS Discovery D340A
954020CTD or STD cast2009-06-12 21:30:1360.01103 N, 20.01345 WRRS Discovery D340A
954044CTD or STD cast2009-06-14 10:40:5959.66748 N, 19.12221 WRRS Discovery D340A
954056CTD or STD cast2009-06-14 17:42:3759.3993 N, 18.41599 WRRS Discovery D340A
954068CTD or STD cast2009-06-14 21:13:3159.33043 N, 18.23172 WRRS Discovery D340A
954081CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 00:30:1459.20462 N, 17.88584 WRRS Discovery D340A
954093CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 03:30:0559.11784 N, 17.67017 WRRS Discovery D340A
954100CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 06:44:4558.94977 N, 17.18553 WRRS Discovery D340A
954112CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 09:48:1858.883 N, 17.00224 WRRS Discovery D340A
954124CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 13:28:1258.69363 N, 16.50177 WRRS Discovery D340A
954136CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 17:05:1258.50052 N, 16.00057 WRRS Discovery D340A
954148CTD or STD cast2009-06-15 21:08:2658.25033 N, 15.32747 WRRS Discovery D340A
954161CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 01:10:1257.95239 N, 14.58251 WRRS Discovery D340A
954173CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 05:17:3357.6676 N, 13.90149 WRRS Discovery D340A
954185CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 07:04:1557.58301 N, 13.63408 WRRS Discovery D340A
954197CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 08:49:5057.56775 N, 13.33554 WRRS Discovery D340A
954204CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 13:10:4457.55464 N, 12.99333 WRRS Discovery D340A
954216CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 15:07:4557.5403 N, 12.86299 WRRS Discovery D340A
954228CTD or STD cast2009-06-16 18:10:3957.53186 N, 12.63257 WRRS Discovery D340A
954241CTD or STD cast2009-06-17 08:50:3757.50962 N, 12.24236 WRRS Discovery D340A
954253CTD or STD cast2009-06-17 12:04:4657.49962 N, 11.84389 WRRS Discovery D340A
954265CTD or STD cast2009-06-17 22:24:3857.48168 N, 11.53091 WRRS Discovery D340A
954277CTD or STD cast2009-06-19 13:12:5457.46734 N, 11.32071 WRRS Discovery D340A
954289CTD or STD cast2009-06-19 15:47:3057.44932 N, 11.0802 WRRS Discovery D340A
954290CTD or STD cast2009-06-19 18:22:3157.39969 N, 10.87057 WRRS Discovery D340A
954308CTD or STD cast2009-06-19 21:07:0357.36612 N, 10.66851 WRRS Discovery D340A
954321CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 01:00:1157.30187 N, 10.38222 WRRS Discovery D340A
954333CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 05:04:4657.23317 N, 10.04833 WRRS Discovery D340A
954345CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 08:31:5057.15213 N, 9.6969 WRRS Discovery D340A
954357CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 11:39:3857.10212 N, 9.42846 WRRS Discovery D340A
954369CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 14:21:5857.05152 N, 9.21351 WRRS Discovery D340A
954370CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 16:04:2356.99788 N, 8.99698 WRRS Discovery D340A
954382CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 17:52:2656.9456 N, 8.78315 WRRS Discovery D340A
954394CTD or STD cast2009-06-20 20:14:5956.8364 N, 8.33456 WRRS Discovery D340A
954683CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 14:29:2656.80829 N, 8.16569 WRRS Discovery D340A
954695CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 15:49:5556.78408 N, 7.99968 WRRS Discovery D340A
954702CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 16:56:0456.75919 N, 7.83141 WRRS Discovery D340A
954714CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 17:56:2456.73178 N, 7.66205 WRRS Discovery D340A
954726CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 18:58:5256.73411 N, 7.50387 WRRS Discovery D340A
954738CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 20:29:4356.73255 N, 7.32864 WRRS Discovery D340A
954751CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 21:38:1756.73226 N, 7.16738 WRRS Discovery D340A
954763CTD or STD cast2009-06-24 22:47:1856.73261 N, 7.00235 WRRS Discovery D340A
954775CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 00:31:5656.73456 N, 6.75286 WRRS Discovery D340A
954787CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 01:34:2456.73395 N, 6.60002 WRRS Discovery D340A
954799CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 02:36:0256.73439 N, 6.45135 WRRS Discovery D340A
954806CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 03:41:2956.71046 N, 6.36641 WRRS Discovery D340A
954818CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 04:32:4956.68533 N, 6.28447 WRRS Discovery D340A
954831CTD or STD cast2009-06-25 05:34:4156.6672 N, 6.13373 WRRS Discovery D340A
1052467CTD or STD cast2010-05-12 09:28:4663.317 N, 20.21567 WRRS Discovery D351
1053434CTD or STD cast2010-05-12 11:01:4663.21467 N, 20.06367 WRRS Discovery D351
1052479CTD or STD cast2010-05-12 17:30:4463.13083 N, 19.91217 WRRS Discovery D351
1052480CTD or STD cast2010-05-12 21:20:4162.91017 N, 19.53617 WRRS Discovery D351
1052492CTD or STD cast2010-05-13 01:40:5262.6705 N, 19.68917 WRRS Discovery D351
1052511CTD or STD cast2010-05-13 07:11:5762.32783 N, 19.846 WRRS Discovery D351
1053446CTD or STD cast2010-05-13 13:22:4461.99267 N, 20.02567 WRRS Discovery D351
1052535CTD or STD cast2010-05-14 02:04:4461.49983 N, 20.01583 WRRS Discovery D351
1052547CTD or STD cast2010-05-14 07:25:5061.24567 N, 20.01567 WRRS Discovery D351
1053458CTD or STD cast2010-05-15 08:56:1360.9995 N, 20.01617 WRRS Discovery D351
1053483CTD or STD cast2010-05-15 17:15:3560.50283 N, 19.99417 WRRS Discovery D351
1053502CTD or STD cast2010-05-16 03:02:0060.00067 N, 20.00133 WRRS Discovery D351
1053526CTD or STD cast2010-05-16 20:55:3359.66183 N, 19.12583 WRRS Discovery D351
1052559CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 02:50:1059.40333 N, 18.41933 WRRS Discovery D351
1052560CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 06:43:2059.33383 N, 18.25217 WRRS Discovery D351
1052572CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 10:38:5759.20133 N, 17.88867 WRRS Discovery D351
1052584CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 14:16:4059.12 N, 17.66483 WRRS Discovery D351
1052596CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 18:07:4558.94783 N, 17.19133 WRRS Discovery D351
1053538CTD or STD cast2010-05-17 20:45:0358.88867 N, 17.01717 WRRS Discovery D351
1052615CTD or STD cast2010-05-18 04:26:5658.49917 N, 15.978 WRRS Discovery D351
1052627CTD or STD cast2010-05-18 08:43:4158.25433 N, 15.32483 WRRS Discovery D351
1052639CTD or STD cast2010-05-18 13:15:2257.9515 N, 14.58367 WRRS Discovery D351
1052640CTD or STD cast2010-05-18 17:22:2757.66633 N, 13.90117 WRRS Discovery D351
1195260CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 02:00:5856.66617 N, 6.14283 WRRS Discovery D365
1195272CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 03:20:1556.68783 N, 6.2825 WRRS Discovery D365
1195284CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 04:06:4656.72017 N, 6.36567 WRRS Discovery D365
1195296CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 04:58:4656.73317 N, 6.44767 WRRS Discovery D365
1195303CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 06:03:0456.735 N, 6.5955 WRRS Discovery D365
1195315CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 07:12:5656.7345 N, 6.74617 WRRS Discovery D365
1195327CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 08:48:5256.7345 N, 6.99583 WRRS Discovery D365
1195339CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 10:13:1356.73367 N, 7.16733 WRRS Discovery D365
1195340CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 12:25:2556.73517 N, 7.33333 WRRS Discovery D365
1195352CTD or STD cast2011-05-20 14:15:0056.72917 N, 7.50233 WRRS Discovery D365
1195364CTD or STD cast2011-05-23 22:18:1362.91767 N, 19.5585 WRRS Discovery D365
1195376CTD or STD cast2011-05-24 18:17:0163.137 N, 19.91517 WRRS Discovery D365
1195388CTD or STD cast2011-05-24 20:35:0063.211 N, 20.07717 WRRS Discovery D365
1195407CTD or STD cast2011-05-24 22:36:4463.322 N, 20.21817 WRRS Discovery D365
1195419CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 03:13:4162.66883 N, 19.6745 WRRS Discovery D365
1195420CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 07:17:1862.33317 N, 19.8565 WRRS Discovery D365
1195432CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 11:10:1061.99867 N, 19.99933 WRRS Discovery D365
1195444CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 14:53:1261.74433 N, 20.01433 WRRS Discovery D365
1195456CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 18:17:5861.50033 N, 19.999 WRRS Discovery D365
1195468CTD or STD cast2011-05-25 21:46:1761.24883 N, 20.0005 WRRS Discovery D365
1195481CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 01:38:1561.00367 N, 20.00267 WRRS Discovery D365
1195493CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 05:55:5660.74917 N, 20.00533 WRRS Discovery D365
1195500CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 09:45:0760.50183 N, 19.99217 WRRS Discovery D365
1195512CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 13:57:3760.25283 N, 19.99817 WRRS Discovery D365
1195524CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 17:59:4059.99283 N, 19.98233 WRRS Discovery D365
1195536CTD or STD cast2011-05-26 22:33:3459.83167 N, 19.55983 WRRS Discovery D365
1195548CTD or STD cast2011-05-27 02:51:0259.66 N, 19.10017 WRRS Discovery D365
1195561CTD or STD cast2011-05-27 08:24:1759.40133 N, 18.41183 WRRS Discovery D365
1195573CTD or STD cast2011-05-27 11:58:0659.33317 N, 18.2265 WRRS Discovery D365
1195585CTD or STD cast2011-05-28 19:43:3359.20033 N, 17.886 WRRS Discovery D365
1195597CTD or STD cast2011-05-28 22:17:3859.11583 N, 17.67217 WRRS Discovery D365
1195604CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 02:08:4758.88317 N, 17.00283 WRRS Discovery D365
1195616CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 05:41:1458.70083 N, 16.4885 WRRS Discovery D365
1195628CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 09:01:4658.49867 N, 15.9995 WRRS Discovery D365
1195641CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 12:50:4958.25183 N, 15.33017 WRRS Discovery D365
1195653CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 16:39:5757.94767 N, 14.58283 WRRS Discovery D365
1195665CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 21:13:0057.582 N, 13.6325 WRRS Discovery D365
1195677CTD or STD cast2011-05-29 22:45:3857.56583 N, 13.33483 WRRS Discovery D365
1195689CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 00:36:2657.54883 N, 12.9995 WRRS Discovery D365
1195690CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 01:52:0657.53433 N, 12.86917 WRRS Discovery D365
1195708CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 04:09:0057.52833 N, 12.64067 WRRS Discovery D365
1195721CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 07:29:2157.51067 N, 12.2395 WRRS Discovery D365
1195733CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 10:37:4757.492 N, 11.8495 WRRS Discovery D365
1195745CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 13:56:3257.4935 N, 11.5455 WRRS Discovery D365
1195757CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 16:53:5757.46817 N, 11.31217 WRRS Discovery D365
1195769CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 18:42:1457.4505 N, 11.07717 WRRS Discovery D365
1195770CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 20:32:1157.39733 N, 10.8725 WRRS Discovery D365
1195782CTD or STD cast2011-05-30 22:37:3757.35733 N, 10.6765 WRRS Discovery D365
1195794CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 01:49:1657.28767 N, 10.386 WRRS Discovery D365
1195801CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 05:09:2457.2405 N, 10.042 WRRS Discovery D365
1195813CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 08:38:3357.15567 N, 9.70317 WRRS Discovery D365
1195825CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 11:40:0957.10033 N, 9.41867 WRRS Discovery D365
1195837CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 14:22:0757.05233 N, 9.21683 WRRS Discovery D365
1195849CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 16:05:3857.00183 N, 8.99017 WRRS Discovery D365
1195850CTD or STD cast2011-05-31 17:50:2256.9505 N, 8.78017 WRRS Discovery D365
1203206CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 08:19:0056.66856 N, 6.13348 WRRS Discovery D379
1203218CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 09:50:0056.68138 N, 6.28405 WRRS Discovery D379
1203231CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 10:48:0056.70729 N, 6.36529 WRRS Discovery D379
1203243CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 12:11:0056.73421 N, 6.4467 WRRS Discovery D379
1203255CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 13:21:0056.73309 N, 6.60007 WRRS Discovery D379
1203267CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 14:59:0056.73297 N, 6.7499 WRRS Discovery D379
1203279CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 16:16:0056.73294 N, 6.99988 WRRS Discovery D379
1203280CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 18:02:0056.7344 N, 7.16794 WRRS Discovery D379
1203292CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 19:46:0056.7324 N, 7.33209 WRRS Discovery D379
1203311CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 21:27:0056.72886 N, 7.5081 WRRS Discovery D379
1203323CTD or STD cast2012-08-02 23:04:0056.73524 N, 7.67592 WRRS Discovery D379
1203335CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 00:23:0056.76019 N, 7.83372 WRRS Discovery D379
1203347CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 01:31:0056.78308 N, 8.00008 WRRS Discovery D379
1203359CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 02:55:0056.80818 N, 8.16619 WRRS Discovery D379
1203360CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 04:16:0056.83655 N, 8.33334 WRRS Discovery D379
1203372CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 05:46:0056.8835 N, 8.49866 WRRS Discovery D379
1203384CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 07:48:0056.94807 N, 8.77737 WRRS Discovery D379
1203396CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 09:33:0056.99901 N, 9.0017 WRRS Discovery D379
1203439CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 13:27:0057.05126 N, 9.21644 WRRS Discovery D379
1203440CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 15:11:0057.05752 N, 9.24547 WRRS Discovery D379
1203464CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 17:46:0057.10052 N, 9.42351 WRRS Discovery D379
1203476CTD or STD cast2012-08-03 21:10:0057.1517 N, 9.70046 WRRS Discovery D379
1203488CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 01:03:0057.23178 N, 10.04823 WRRS Discovery D379
1203507CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 05:05:0057.29853 N, 10.38556 WRRS Discovery D379
1203519CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 08:44:0057.36588 N, 10.66485 WRRS Discovery D379
1203520CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 12:23:0057.40017 N, 10.86748 WRRS Discovery D379
1203532CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 14:59:0057.45007 N, 11.08348 WRRS Discovery D379
1203544CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 17:29:0057.46795 N, 11.3099 WRRS Discovery D379
1203556CTD or STD cast2012-08-04 20:13:0057.48485 N, 11.53195 WRRS Discovery D379
1203568CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 00:05:0057.49225 N, 11.85052 WRRS Discovery D379
1203581CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 04:01:0057.50869 N, 12.24728 WRRS Discovery D379
1203593CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 07:39:0057.53191 N, 12.62969 WRRS Discovery D379
1203600CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 10:53:0057.54031 N, 12.86281 WRRS Discovery D379
1203612CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 13:18:0057.54826 N, 12.99715 WRRS Discovery D379
1203624CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 15:24:0057.5668 N, 13.33241 WRRS Discovery D379
1203636CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 17:22:0057.58313 N, 13.63233 WRRS Discovery D379
1203648CTD or STD cast2012-08-05 19:07:0057.66741 N, 13.90281 WRRS Discovery D379
1203974CTD or STD cast2012-08-10 00:57:0057.95225 N, 14.58581 WRRS Discovery D379
1203998CTD or STD cast2012-08-10 06:23:0058.24997 N, 15.33015 WRRS Discovery D379
1204013CTD or STD cast2012-08-10 12:43:0058.49978 N, 15.999 WRRS Discovery D379
1204037CTD or STD cast2012-08-10 18:19:0058.69206 N, 16.49968 WRRS Discovery D379
1204050CTD or STD cast2012-08-10 23:55:0058.88362 N, 17.00021 WRRS Discovery D379
1204074CTD or STD cast2012-08-11 04:26:0058.95064 N, 17.18152 WRRS Discovery D379
1204098CTD or STD cast2012-08-11 09:14:0059.11675 N, 17.66677 WRRS Discovery D379
1204117CTD or STD cast2012-08-11 13:27:0059.20013 N, 17.88236 WRRS Discovery D379
1204130CTD or STD cast2012-08-11 18:53:0059.33417 N, 18.23421 WRRS Discovery D379
1204154CTD or STD cast2012-08-12 00:41:0059.39985 N, 18.41694 WRRS Discovery D379
1204178CTD or STD cast2012-08-12 09:20:0059.6668 N, 19.11666 WRRS Discovery D379
1204191CTD or STD cast2012-08-12 14:14:0059.83334 N, 19.55828 WRRS Discovery D379
1204209CTD or STD cast2012-08-12 19:17:0060.00235 N, 20.00155 WRRS Discovery D379
1204210CTD or STD cast2012-08-12 23:55:0060.24989 N, 19.99982 WRRS Discovery D379
1204222CTD or STD cast2012-08-13 04:15:0060.49994 N, 19.99773 WRRS Discovery D379
1204234CTD or STD cast2012-08-13 08:56:0060.74952 N, 19.9985 WRRS Discovery D379
1204246CTD or STD cast2012-08-13 13:22:0060.99981 N, 20.00019 WRRS Discovery D379
1204258CTD or STD cast2012-08-13 17:46:0061.25031 N, 19.99987 WRRS Discovery D379
1204271CTD or STD cast2012-08-13 23:20:0061.4997 N, 20.00126 WRRS Discovery D379
1204283CTD or STD cast2012-08-14 04:48:0061.75046 N, 19.99776 WRRS Discovery D379
1204295CTD or STD cast2012-08-14 09:04:0062.00029 N, 20.00234 WRRS Discovery D379
1204302CTD or STD cast2012-08-14 15:54:0062.33268 N, 19.83321 WRRS Discovery D379
1204314CTD or STD cast2012-08-14 20:42:0062.6674 N, 19.66615 WRRS Discovery D379
1204326CTD or STD cast2012-08-15 01:18:0062.91664 N, 19.55036 WRRS Discovery D379
1204338CTD or STD cast2012-08-15 05:44:0063.13345 N, 19.91956 WRRS Discovery D379
1204351CTD or STD cast2012-08-15 08:17:0063.21621 N, 20.06794 WRRS Discovery D379
1204375CTD or STD cast2012-08-15 11:11:0063.31778 N, 20.21677 WRRS Discovery D379
1220049CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 09:13:3663.2167 N, 20.0666 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220050CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 11:30:0263.1341 N, 19.9173 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220062CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 14:50:1462.9168 N, 19.5497 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220074CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 18:02:2362.6679 N, 19.6673 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220086CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 22:22:3862.3333 N, 19.8333 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220098CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 02:50:3861.9991 N, 20.0025 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220105CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 06:36:5661.7538 N, 19.9997 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220117CTD or STD cast2013-05-11 10:34:3161.4976 N, 20.0062 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220129CTD or STD cast2013-05-14 06:18:3261.2568 N, 20.0135 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220130CTD or STD cast2013-05-14 11:23:0261.0007 N, 19.9995 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220142CTD or STD cast2013-05-15 12:25:0660.5 N, 20.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220154CTD or STD cast2013-05-15 17:04:0760.5 N, 20.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220166CTD or STD cast2013-05-15 23:03:3260.0 N, 20.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220178CTD or STD cast2013-05-16 06:01:3659.6665 N, 19.1167 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220191CTD or STD cast2013-05-16 11:37:0859.4053 N, 18.4236 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220209CTD or STD cast2013-05-16 22:01:5759.3426 N, 18.2341 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220210CTD or STD cast2013-05-17 02:01:1459.2007 N, 17.8841 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220222CTD or STD cast2013-05-17 05:02:4359.1167 N, 17.6665 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220234CTD or STD cast2013-05-17 08:26:3558.9502 N, 17.183 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220246CTD or STD cast2013-05-17 11:31:5058.8838 N, 17.0018 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220258CTD or STD cast2013-05-17 17:05:5758.5 N, 16.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220271CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 02:25:4758.2503 N, 15.3338 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220283CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 07:03:1257.95 N, 14.5833 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220295CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 10:55:1557.6663 N, 13.9 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220302CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 12:59:5857.5837 N, 13.6344 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220314CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 14:49:2257.5667 N, 13.3333 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220326CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 16:44:1357.55 N, 12.9998 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220338CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 18:14:2657.5417 N, 12.8666 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220351CTD or STD cast2013-05-18 20:45:1357.533 N, 12.634 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220363CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 00:25:3857.5082 N, 12.25 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220375CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 04:23:4657.4917 N, 11.8499 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220387CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 07:45:1057.487 N, 11.5306 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220399CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 15:43:0457.4708 N, 11.3158 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220406CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 17:51:5257.4497 N, 11.082 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220418CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 19:55:2657.3997 N, 10.8678 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220431CTD or STD cast2013-05-19 21:57:4457.3659 N, 10.6706 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220443CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 01:18:4157.2984 N, 10.3904 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220455CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 05:01:1457.2325 N, 10.049 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220467CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 08:53:4657.1525 N, 9.7035 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220479CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 13:37:0457.102 N, 9.4176 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220523CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 19:26:2957.0567 N, 9.2466 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220535CTD or STD cast2013-05-20 20:29:0157.05 N, 9.2166 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220572CTD or STD cast2013-05-21 00:36:3857.0 N, 9.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220584CTD or STD cast2013-05-22 09:35:1957.2976 N, 10.3853 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220596CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 06:19:5856.6667 N, 6.1333 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220603CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 14:02:0056.6841 N, 6.2843 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220615CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 15:15:1256.7083 N, 6.3666 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220627CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 20:20:5056.7315 N, 6.5959 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220639CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 21:43:1156.7333 N, 6.75 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220640CTD or STD cast2013-05-23 23:12:0156.7333 N, 7.0 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220652CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 00:48:3256.7344 N, 7.1718 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220664CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 02:22:4256.7335 N, 7.3336 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220676CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 04:02:1556.7333 N, 7.5 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220707CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 11:00:4856.7594 N, 7.8343 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220719CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 12:10:1156.7839 N, 8.0003 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220720CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 13:40:0056.8087 N, 8.1652 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220732CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 14:57:1956.8365 N, 8.3325 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220744CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 16:25:3856.8827 N, 8.4986 WRRS James Cook JC086
1220756CTD or STD cast2013-05-24 18:17:3756.9496 N, 8.7827 WRRS James Cook JC086
1616424Currents -subsurface Eulerian2014-06-06 19:42:2447.5617 N, 52.7003 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370649CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 11:15:3057.5828 N, 13.6324 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370650CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 13:00:1557.6671 N, 13.8987 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370662CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 14:57:3657.8007 N, 14.2498 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370674CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 17:00:4957.9339 N, 14.5997 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370686CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 19:10:1158.0715 N, 14.9595 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370698CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 21:28:3958.2159 N, 15.3353 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370705CTD or STD cast2014-07-08 23:47:1358.3427 N, 15.6661 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370717CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 03:01:5758.47 N, 16.0 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370729CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 05:24:0458.5662 N, 16.2493 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370730CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 07:54:0958.6614 N, 16.5007 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370742CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 10:04:3958.7571 N, 16.7503 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370754CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 12:13:2058.853 N, 17.0012 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370766CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 14:13:1558.9289 N, 17.1994 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370778CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 16:57:1259.1075 N, 17.6664 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370791CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 18:49:3559.1908 N, 17.8814 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370809CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 21:32:4359.3249 N, 18.2343 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370810CTD or STD cast2014-07-09 23:54:1959.4013 N, 18.4334 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370822CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 03:50:4159.6178 N, 19.0014 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370834CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 07:56:2559.809 N, 19.4998 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370846CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 09:09:3159.809 N, 19.4998 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370858CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 13:03:4260.0001 N, 20.0028 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370871CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 17:02:2060.2501 N, 19.9999 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370883CTD or STD cast2014-07-10 20:42:5860.5004 N, 19.9993 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370895CTD or STD cast2014-07-11 00:15:4260.7499 N, 19.9998 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370902CTD or STD cast2014-07-11 03:57:5461.0026 N, 20.0691 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370914CTD or STD cast2014-07-11 19:17:4363.317 N, 20.215 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370926CTD or STD cast2014-07-11 20:34:2863.2161 N, 20.067 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370938CTD or STD cast2014-07-11 22:18:0763.133 N, 19.9163 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370951CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 00:59:0762.9169 N, 19.5514 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370963CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 04:01:5862.6673 N, 19.6679 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370975CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 07:39:5262.3333 N, 19.8338 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370987CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 11:21:4461.9998 N, 19.9998 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1370999CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 14:22:5461.7503 N, 20.0005 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371002CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 15:23:2161.7503 N, 20.0004 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371014CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 18:28:5961.4997 N, 19.9997 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371026CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 21:51:2961.2493 N, 20.0007 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371038CTD or STD cast2014-07-13 02:49:1860.7503 N, 19.999 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371051CTD or STD cast2014-07-13 08:11:5160.9999 N, 20.0 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371063CTD or STD cast2014-07-14 14:47:4857.5827 N, 13.6334 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371075CTD or STD cast2014-07-14 16:24:2657.5669 N, 13.3329 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371087CTD or STD cast2014-07-14 18:13:4157.5503 N, 12.9993 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371099CTD or STD cast2014-07-14 19:37:1557.542 N, 12.8667 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371106CTD or STD cast2014-07-14 21:35:5057.5327 N, 12.633 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371118CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 00:26:4557.508 N, 12.2495 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371131CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 03:30:5257.492 N, 11.8499 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371143CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 06:15:1557.4831 N, 11.5329 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371155CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 08:48:0457.4677 N, 11.3171 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371167CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 10:33:4457.4501 N, 11.0829 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371179CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 12:18:4957.4002 N, 10.8674 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371180CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 14:22:0857.367 N, 10.667 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371192CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 17:13:4357.3002 N, 10.3824 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371211CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 20:21:4257.2341 N, 10.0508 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371223CTD or STD cast2014-07-15 23:29:2357.1492 N, 9.6999 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371235CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 02:23:0557.1001 N, 9.4171 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371247CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 04:38:5457.0751 N, 9.317 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371259CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 06:17:4857.0504 N, 9.2169 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371260CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 08:13:1357.0002 N, 8.9975 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371272CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 10:10:0856.9499 N, 8.7822 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371284CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 12:36:4256.8828 N, 8.4998 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371296CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 14:25:3556.8371 N, 8.333 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371303CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 16:21:3656.808 N, 8.1669 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371315CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 18:01:4756.7829 N, 8.0 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371327CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 19:47:3256.7578 N, 7.8327 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371339CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 21:38:4056.7323 N, 7.6675 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371340CTD or STD cast2014-07-16 23:28:0056.733 N, 7.4994 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371352CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 01:25:0656.7327 N, 7.3332 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371364CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 03:11:1456.7331 N, 7.1668 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371376CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 05:17:0256.7328 N, 7.0006 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371388CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 07:20:3656.7329 N, 6.7497 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371407CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 08:54:4756.7328 N, 6.5984 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371419CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 10:35:0356.7332 N, 6.4501 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371420CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 12:05:3356.7078 N, 6.3667 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371432CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 13:36:5156.6831 N, 6.2832 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1371444CTD or STD cast2014-07-17 15:11:1856.6667 N, 6.133 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1764095CTD or STD cast2016-06-10 13:29:2263.3184 N, 20.2168 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764102CTD or STD cast2016-06-10 15:39:1963.2155 N, 20.069 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764114CTD or STD cast2016-06-10 18:12:2663.133 N, 19.9167 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764126CTD or STD cast2016-06-10 21:20:4563.0267 N, 19.7395 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764138CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 00:33:3762.9174 N, 19.5533 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764151CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 04:22:2562.6681 N, 19.6683 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764163CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 08:48:2062.3348 N, 19.8353 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764175CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 13:23:4262.0003 N, 20.0022 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764187CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 17:26:5761.7507 N, 20.0033 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764199CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 21:34:1161.5009 N, 20.0014 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764206CTD or STD cast2016-06-12 01:40:1061.2511 N, 20.0029 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764218CTD or STD cast2016-06-12 06:03:2461.0005 N, 20.0018 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764231CTD or STD cast2016-06-12 10:42:4060.7501 N, 19.9998 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764243CTD or STD cast2016-06-12 14:59:2860.5009 N, 20.0015 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764255CTD or STD cast2016-06-12 19:31:4960.2504 N, 20.0008 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764267CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 00:11:5660.0001 N, 20.0025 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764279CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 05:00:2359.8088 N, 19.5007 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764280CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 10:22:2859.667 N, 19.117 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764292CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 14:41:5159.5327 N, 18.7684 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764311CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 18:33:1859.4005 N, 18.4176 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764323CTD or STD cast2016-06-13 21:45:3359.3333 N, 18.2337 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764335CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 01:11:5459.2008 N, 17.8842 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764347CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 03:56:1759.1168 N, 17.6675 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764359CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 07:09:1458.9496 N, 17.1852 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764360CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 09:23:5658.8831 N, 17.0024 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764372CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 12:17:4958.7569 N, 16.7521 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764384CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 15:08:2458.6603 N, 16.5131 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764396CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 18:01:5758.5655 N, 16.2515 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764403CTD or STD cast2016-06-14 20:42:1558.4997 N, 16.0029 WRRS Discovery DY052
1850027Water sample data1996-09-30 12:38:0056.78455 N, 8.00737 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850039Water sample data1996-09-30 14:27:0056.83657 N, 8.33748 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850040Water sample data1996-09-30 15:47:0056.88433 N, 8.50391 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850052Water sample data1996-09-30 17:27:0056.95301 N, 8.7813 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850064Water sample data1996-09-30 18:48:0057.00063 N, 8.9965 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850076Water sample data1996-09-30 20:21:0057.05362 N, 9.213 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850088Water sample data1996-10-01 02:08:0057.12204 N, 9.44549 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850107Water sample data1996-10-01 05:29:0057.14109 N, 9.68897 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850119Water sample data1996-10-01 09:24:0057.22777 N, 10.07372 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850120Water sample data1996-10-01 12:51:0057.3054 N, 10.37583 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850132Water sample data1996-10-01 16:09:0057.35926 N, 10.6563 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850144Water sample data1996-10-01 18:34:0057.39688 N, 10.86369 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850156Water sample data1996-10-02 01:57:0057.44979 N, 11.09737 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850168Water sample data1996-10-02 04:00:0057.4726 N, 11.31563 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850181Water sample data1996-10-02 06:30:0057.49113 N, 11.52085 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850193Water sample data1996-10-02 09:32:0057.49339 N, 11.8287 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850200Water sample data1996-10-02 12:53:0057.51872 N, 12.24839 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850212Water sample data1996-10-02 16:40:0057.5307 N, 12.61661 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850224Water sample data1996-10-02 19:13:0057.54119 N, 12.86837 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850236Water sample data1996-10-02 21:04:0057.54945 N, 13.00892 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850248Water sample data1996-10-02 22:57:0057.56848 N, 13.33756 WRRS Discovery D223A
1850261Water sample data1996-10-03 00:31:0057.568 N, 13.63543 WRRS Discovery D223A
1849223Water sample data1998-05-22 06:57:0063.32192 N, 19.99226 WRRS Discovery D233
1849235Water sample data1998-05-22 21:52:0062.99935 N, 19.99801 WRRS Discovery D233
1849247Water sample data1998-05-23 02:10:0062.50328 N, 20.00366 WRRS Discovery D233
1849259Water sample data1998-05-23 06:50:0062.00277 N, 19.99165 WRRS Discovery D233
1849260Water sample data1998-05-23 11:35:0061.49608 N, 20.00305 WRRS Discovery D233
1849272Water sample data1998-05-23 16:21:0060.99503 N, 20.00256 WRRS Discovery D233
1849284Water sample data1998-05-23 21:05:0060.49632 N, 19.98715 WRRS Discovery D233
1849296Water sample data1998-05-24 03:51:0059.71874 N, 19.2295 WRRS Discovery D233
1849303Water sample data1998-05-24 08:56:0059.43296 N, 18.3811 WRRS Discovery D233
1849315Water sample data1998-05-24 11:47:0059.34529 N, 18.19003 WRRS Discovery D233
1849327Water sample data1998-05-24 15:14:0059.12959 N, 17.63846 WRRS Discovery D233
1849339Water sample data1998-05-24 18:01:0058.96836 N, 17.19492 WRRS Discovery D233
1849352Water sample data1998-05-25 00:38:0058.50042 N, 16.08728 WRRS Discovery D233
1849364Water sample data1998-05-25 03:55:0058.30093 N, 15.49748 WRRS Discovery D233
1849376Water sample data1998-05-25 07:22:0058.03372 N, 14.75213 WRRS Discovery D233
1849388Water sample data1998-05-25 11:53:0057.57978 N, 13.63414 WRRS Discovery D233
1849407Water sample data1998-05-25 15:00:0057.5387 N, 12.86625 WRRS Discovery D233
1849419Water sample data1998-05-25 17:18:0057.5324 N, 12.62896 WRRS Discovery D233
1849420Water sample data1998-05-25 20:16:0057.52023 N, 12.24524 WRRS Discovery D233
1849432Water sample data1998-05-26 00:34:0057.47805 N, 11.54201 WRRS Discovery D233
1849444Water sample data1998-05-26 03:44:0057.45353 N, 11.08664 WRRS Discovery D233
1849456Water sample data1998-05-26 07:50:0057.29879 N, 10.38565 WRRS Discovery D233
1849468Water sample data1998-05-26 12:16:0057.15178 N, 9.6999 WRRS Discovery D233
1849493Water sample data1998-05-26 17:20:0057.05228 N, 9.21497 WRRS Discovery D233
1849500Water sample data1998-05-26 18:47:0056.99713 N, 8.99614 WRRS Discovery D233
1896375Water sample data2010-05-12 09:37:0063.31713 N, 20.21536 WRRS Discovery D351
1896387Water sample data2010-05-12 11:30:0063.21437 N, 20.06408 WRRS Discovery D351
1896399Water sample data2010-05-12 18:11:0063.13053 N, 19.91192 WRRS Discovery D351
1896418Water sample data2010-05-13 02:30:0062.6696 N, 19.69164 WRRS Discovery D351
1896431Water sample data2010-05-13 08:06:0062.3281 N, 19.84441 WRRS Discovery D351
1896443Water sample data2010-05-13 14:26:0061.99306 N, 20.02305 WRRS Discovery D351
1896467Water sample data2010-05-14 03:08:0061.4996 N, 20.01846 WRRS Discovery D351
1896479Water sample data2010-05-14 08:32:0061.24476 N, 20.01591 WRRS Discovery D351
1896480Water sample data2010-05-15 09:57:0060.99914 N, 20.01766 WRRS Discovery D351
1896511Water sample data2010-05-15 18:35:0060.50205 N, 19.99386 WRRS Discovery D351
1896535Water sample data2010-05-16 04:13:0059.9991 N, 20.0027 WRRS Discovery D351
1896559Water sample data2010-05-16 22:15:0059.66173 N, 19.12846 WRRS Discovery D351
1896560Water sample data2010-05-17 03:46:0059.40376 N, 18.42119 WRRS Discovery D351
1896572Water sample data2010-05-17 07:39:0059.33437 N, 18.25527 WRRS Discovery D351
1896584Water sample data2010-05-17 11:30:0059.20142 N, 17.88628 WRRS Discovery D351
1896596Water sample data2010-05-17 15:08:0059.12164 N, 17.66962 WRRS Discovery D351
1896603Water sample data2010-05-17 18:49:0058.94773 N, 17.19103 WRRS Discovery D351
1896615Water sample data2010-05-17 21:33:0058.89147 N, 17.01326 WRRS Discovery D351
1896639Water sample data2010-05-18 05:10:0058.50004 N, 15.97696 WRRS Discovery D351
1896640Water sample data2010-05-18 09:20:0058.25527 N, 15.32225 WRRS Discovery D351
1896652Water sample data2010-05-18 13:51:0057.95128 N, 14.5801 WRRS Discovery D351
1896664Water sample data2010-05-18 17:34:0057.66588 N, 13.90113 WRRS Discovery D351
1765222Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-10 13:31:4363.3184 N, 20.2168 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874435Water sample data2016-06-10 13:45:0063.31841 N, 20.2168 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765234Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-10 15:40:0563.21547 N, 20.06902 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874447Water sample data2016-06-10 16:16:0063.21548 N, 20.06902 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765246Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-10 18:12:5563.13295 N, 19.91674 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874459Water sample data2016-06-10 19:00:0063.13295 N, 19.91674 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765258Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-10 21:20:5563.02669 N, 19.73951 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874460Water sample data2016-06-10 22:11:0063.02669 N, 19.73951 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765271Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 00:34:4262.91744 N, 19.55328 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874472Water sample data2016-06-11 01:22:0062.91744 N, 19.55329 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765283Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 04:22:5162.6681 N, 19.66828 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874484Water sample data2016-06-11 05:09:0062.6681 N, 19.66828 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765295Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 08:49:1462.33463 N, 19.83448 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874496Water sample data2016-06-11 09:42:0062.33471 N, 19.83507 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765302Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 13:23:5962.00032 N, 20.00224 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874503Water sample data2016-06-11 14:17:0062.00032 N, 20.00226 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765314Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 17:27:2161.75073 N, 20.00334 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874515Water sample data2016-06-11 18:16:0061.75073 N, 20.00334 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765326Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 21:34:3761.50088 N, 20.00147 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874527Water sample data2016-06-11 22:32:0061.50089 N, 20.00147 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765338Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-12 01:40:2561.25114 N, 20.0029 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874539Water sample data2016-06-12 02:41:0061.25114 N, 20.00289 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765351Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-12 06:03:3161.00051 N, 20.0018 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874540Water sample data2016-06-12 07:11:0061.00051 N, 20.00178 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765363Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-12 10:42:4760.75008 N, 19.99978 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874552Water sample data2016-06-12 11:47:0060.75008 N, 19.9998 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765375Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-12 14:59:2960.5009 N, 20.00152 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874564Water sample data2016-06-12 16:05:0060.5009 N, 20.00152 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765387Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-12 19:31:5960.25035 N, 20.00075 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874576Water sample data2016-06-12 20:41:0060.25035 N, 20.00076 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765399Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 00:12:0459.99969 N, 20.00322 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874588Water sample data2016-06-13 01:17:0059.99982 N, 20.00303 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765406Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 05:00:3459.80882 N, 19.50065 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765418Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 10:22:4259.66703 N, 19.11708 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874607Water sample data2016-06-13 11:33:0059.66702 N, 19.11706 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765431Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 14:42:2159.53266 N, 18.76845 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874619Water sample data2016-06-13 15:45:0059.53265 N, 18.76846 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765443Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 18:33:4659.40048 N, 18.41755 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874620Water sample data2016-06-13 19:31:0059.40048 N, 18.41755 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765455Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-13 21:45:5859.33328 N, 18.2337 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874632Water sample data2016-06-13 22:33:0059.33328 N, 18.23371 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765467Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 01:12:1959.20083 N, 17.88424 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874644Water sample data2016-06-14 01:55:0059.20083 N, 17.88424 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765479Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 03:56:3059.11682 N, 17.66744 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874656Water sample data2016-06-14 04:23:0059.11682 N, 17.66745 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765480Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 07:09:2658.94956 N, 17.18518 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874668Water sample data2016-06-14 07:41:0058.94956 N, 17.18518 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765492Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 09:24:0258.88311 N, 17.00245 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874681Water sample data2016-06-14 10:00:0058.88311 N, 17.00245 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765511Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 12:18:0258.75686 N, 16.75209 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874693Water sample data2016-06-14 12:55:0058.75686 N, 16.75209 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765523Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 15:08:5258.66032 N, 16.51309 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874700Water sample data2016-06-14 15:45:0058.66032 N, 16.51309 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765535Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 18:02:2758.5655 N, 16.25145 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874712Water sample data2016-06-14 18:37:0058.56551 N, 16.25145 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765547Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 20:42:3358.49968 N, 16.0029 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874724Water sample data2016-06-14 21:17:0058.49968 N, 16.0029 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765559Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-14 23:46:2258.34182 N, 15.66591 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874736Water sample data2016-06-15 00:18:0058.34183 N, 15.66592 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764427CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 02:38:5858.2495 N, 15.3336 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765560Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 02:39:1458.2495 N, 15.3336 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874748Water sample data2016-06-15 03:00:0058.2495 N, 15.33359 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764439CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 05:29:3458.0714 N, 14.9614 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765572Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 05:30:0358.07144 N, 14.96136 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874761Water sample data2016-06-15 05:49:0058.07144 N, 14.96135 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764440CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 08:15:3157.9489 N, 14.5825 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765584Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 08:15:5857.94894 N, 14.58246 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874773Water sample data2016-06-15 08:38:0057.94894 N, 14.58246 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764452CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 11:05:2657.8005 N, 14.2507 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765596Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 11:05:4857.8005 N, 14.25072 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874785Water sample data2016-06-15 11:20:0057.8005 N, 14.25073 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764464CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 13:34:5457.6675 N, 13.9027 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765603Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 13:35:3057.66754 N, 13.9027 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874797Water sample data2016-06-15 13:46:0057.66754 N, 13.90269 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764476CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 15:55:4157.5826 N, 13.6342 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765615Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 15:56:2757.58262 N, 13.63418 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874804Water sample data2016-06-15 16:04:0057.58263 N, 13.63418 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764488CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 17:49:1157.5667 N, 13.3332 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765627Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 17:49:3357.56673 N, 13.33322 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874816Water sample data2016-06-15 18:00:0057.56673 N, 13.33322 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764507CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 19:49:1157.5498 N, 13.0003 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765639Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 19:49:4657.5498 N, 13.00028 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874828Water sample data2016-06-15 20:05:0057.5498 N, 13.00027 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764519CTD or STD cast2016-06-15 21:22:1557.5419 N, 12.8683 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765640Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-15 21:22:4557.5419 N, 12.86831 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874841Water sample data2016-06-15 21:56:0057.5419 N, 12.86831 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764520CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 00:12:4957.5313 N, 12.6355 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765652Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 00:13:0657.53129 N, 12.63548 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874853Water sample data2016-06-16 00:56:0057.53119 N, 12.63567 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764532CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 03:41:3857.508 N, 12.2531 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765664Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 03:41:5457.50803 N, 12.25306 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874865Water sample data2016-06-16 04:26:0057.50802 N, 12.25305 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764544CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 07:28:2057.4915 N, 11.8513 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765676Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 07:28:3057.49149 N, 11.85128 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874877Water sample data2016-06-16 08:20:0057.49149 N, 11.85129 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764556CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 10:53:4257.4824 N, 11.5344 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765688Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 10:54:1057.48235 N, 11.5344 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874889Water sample data2016-06-16 11:52:0057.48235 N, 11.5344 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764568CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 14:05:4657.4666 N, 11.3178 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765707Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 14:06:0657.4666 N, 11.31776 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874890Water sample data2016-06-16 14:31:0057.4666 N, 11.31776 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764581CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 16:28:5457.4491 N, 11.0832 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765719Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 16:29:0257.44907 N, 11.08296 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874908Water sample data2016-06-16 16:48:0057.44905 N, 11.08289 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764593CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 18:23:3157.3996 N, 10.8667 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765720Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 18:24:0057.39955 N, 10.86675 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874921Water sample data2016-06-16 18:48:0057.39955 N, 10.86675 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764600CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 20:20:2957.3667 N, 10.6676 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765732Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 20:20:4657.36668 N, 10.66763 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874933Water sample data2016-06-16 21:12:0057.36667 N, 10.66763 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764612CTD or STD cast2016-06-16 23:34:0057.2989 N, 10.386 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765744Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-16 23:34:1957.29866 N, 10.38624 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874945Water sample data2016-06-17 00:29:0057.29864 N, 10.38626 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764624CTD or STD cast2016-06-17 03:00:4357.233 N, 10.0536 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765756Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-17 03:00:5957.23302 N, 10.05353 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874957Water sample data2016-06-17 03:53:0057.23303 N, 10.05353 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764636CTD or STD cast2016-06-17 23:22:4457.0998 N, 9.4175 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765768Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-17 23:22:5557.0998 N, 9.41755 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874969Water sample data2016-06-17 23:59:0057.0998 N, 9.41755 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764648CTD or STD cast2016-06-18 02:05:2057.1489 N, 9.6983 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765781Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-18 02:05:3757.14891 N, 9.69824 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874970Water sample data2016-06-18 02:54:0057.14892 N, 9.69826 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765793Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-18 18:48:4057.2458 N, 10.3516 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764661CTD or STD cast2016-06-18 18:52:0657.2458 N, 10.3516 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764673CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 00:47:1157.0756 N, 9.3182 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765800Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 00:47:3757.0756 N, 9.31816 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874982Water sample data2016-06-19 01:13:0057.07561 N, 9.31817 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764685CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 02:26:3657.0508 N, 9.2171 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765812Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 02:26:5757.05076 N, 9.21714 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874994Water sample data2016-06-19 02:41:0057.05076 N, 9.21714 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764697CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 04:01:4757.0016 N, 8.9997 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765824Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 04:02:1557.00162 N, 8.9997 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875008Water sample data2016-06-19 04:09:0057.00161 N, 8.9997 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764704CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 05:27:0656.9516 N, 8.7831 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765836Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 05:27:2256.95156 N, 8.78314 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875021Water sample data2016-06-19 05:35:0056.95155 N, 8.78314 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764716CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 07:18:3656.8834 N, 8.4996 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765848Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 07:19:2056.88338 N, 8.49964 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875033Water sample data2016-06-19 07:29:0056.88337 N, 8.49965 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764728CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 08:35:5556.8378 N, 8.3336 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765861Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 08:36:2356.83783 N, 8.33357 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875045Water sample data2016-06-19 08:44:0056.83783 N, 8.33357 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764741CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 09:49:4556.8086 N, 8.1667 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765873Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 09:50:5156.80859 N, 8.16674 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875057Water sample data2016-06-19 09:59:0056.80859 N, 8.16674 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764753CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 11:09:2156.7834 N, 8.0 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765885Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 11:10:2456.78341 N, 7.99998 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875069Water sample data2016-06-19 11:18:0056.78341 N, 7.99999 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764765CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 12:37:3256.7586 N, 7.8348 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765897Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 12:37:5856.75862 N, 7.83478 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875070Water sample data2016-06-19 12:42:0056.75862 N, 7.83478 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764777CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 13:51:1656.7336 N, 7.6689 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765904Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 13:51:4756.73364 N, 7.6689 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875082Water sample data2016-06-19 13:56:0056.73364 N, 7.66891 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764789CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 15:01:3356.7345 N, 7.4992 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765916Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 15:01:4656.73453 N, 7.4992 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875094Water sample data2016-06-19 15:13:0056.73453 N, 7.4992 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764790CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 20:28:3156.7333 N, 7.3327 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765928Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 20:28:5756.73326 N, 7.33272 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875101Water sample data2016-06-19 20:37:0056.73325 N, 7.33271 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764808CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 21:47:2856.7334 N, 7.1651 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765941Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 21:47:3256.73342 N, 7.16506 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875113Water sample data2016-06-19 21:58:0056.73342 N, 7.16505 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764821CTD or STD cast2016-06-19 23:16:4356.733 N, 6.9986 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765953Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-19 23:17:1556.73301 N, 6.99862 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875125Water sample data2016-06-19 23:26:0056.73301 N, 6.99861 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764833CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 01:04:0356.7333 N, 6.7487 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765965Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 01:04:3756.73333 N, 6.74867 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875137Water sample data2016-06-20 01:08:0056.73333 N, 6.74867 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764845CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 02:17:1256.7334 N, 6.5984 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765977Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 02:18:0156.73342 N, 6.59837 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875149Water sample data2016-06-20 02:24:0056.73343 N, 6.59837 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764857CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 04:26:3356.7338 N, 6.4479 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765989Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 04:26:5756.73382 N, 6.44793 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875150Water sample data2016-06-20 04:33:0056.73382 N, 6.44793 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764869CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 06:23:0256.7095 N, 6.365 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765990Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 06:23:3056.70948 N, 6.36496 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875162Water sample data2016-06-20 06:28:0056.70948 N, 6.36497 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764870CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 07:24:3656.6833 N, 6.2822 WRRS Discovery DY052
1766004Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 07:24:5956.68328 N, 6.28218 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875174Water sample data2016-06-20 07:28:0056.68328 N, 6.28217 WRRS Discovery DY052
1764882CTD or STD cast2016-06-20 08:39:4656.667 N, 6.1329 WRRS Discovery DY052
1766016Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-20 08:40:1156.66698 N, 6.13286 WRRS Discovery DY052
1875186Water sample data2016-06-20 08:50:0056.66697 N, 6.13285 WRRS Discovery DY052
1975765CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 08:35:5856.6676 N, 6.133 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975777CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 10:03:4156.6831 N, 6.2827 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975789CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 10:52:1656.7082 N, 6.3667 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975790CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 12:30:4056.7333 N, 6.449 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975808CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 13:32:4056.7334 N, 6.5998 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975821CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 15:13:2956.7333 N, 6.7492 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975833CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 16:36:1856.7345 N, 6.9998 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975845CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 18:24:2556.7341 N, 7.1666 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975857CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 19:38:1356.7336 N, 7.3337 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975869CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 21:29:5456.7332 N, 7.5013 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975870CTD or STD cast2017-05-14 23:22:3856.7333 N, 7.6672 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975882CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 00:40:2656.7667 N, 7.8335 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975894CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 02:52:4956.7834 N, 8.0002 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975901CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 04:20:2556.8084 N, 8.1673 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975913CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 13:37:3856.8371 N, 8.3327 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975925CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 15:20:3756.8833 N, 8.4998 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975937CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 17:37:2456.9504 N, 8.7824 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975949CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 19:45:0157.0011 N, 9.0013 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975950CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 21:38:3657.0503 N, 9.2169 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975962CTD or STD cast2017-05-15 23:26:0757.0752 N, 9.3168 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975974CTD or STD cast2017-05-16 01:05:5057.1013 N, 9.417 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975986CTD or STD cast2017-05-16 05:23:2157.114 N, 9.5917 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1975998CTD or STD cast2017-05-16 09:07:2657.165 N, 9.6994 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976001CTD or STD cast2017-05-16 13:39:3557.2332 N, 10.0492 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976013CTD or STD cast2017-05-17 08:18:5357.2953 N, 10.3728 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976025CTD or STD cast2017-05-17 12:31:2457.2972 N, 10.3757 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976037CTD or STD cast2017-05-17 16:16:0857.3646 N, 10.6621 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976049CTD or STD cast2017-05-17 20:31:4957.3999 N, 10.8666 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976050CTD or STD cast2017-05-18 11:46:1457.4501 N, 11.0826 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976062CTD or STD cast2017-05-18 13:43:0557.4676 N, 11.3162 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976074CTD or STD cast2017-05-18 15:34:0657.4834 N, 11.5315 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976086CTD or STD cast2017-05-18 19:05:0157.4947 N, 11.8437 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976098CTD or STD cast2017-05-18 22:59:0157.5079 N, 12.2496 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976105CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 06:25:3557.5303 N, 12.6283 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976117CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 09:57:1857.5418 N, 12.8669 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976129CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 12:12:1157.5498 N, 13.0 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976130CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 14:17:5357.5666 N, 13.3323 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976142CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 16:18:5057.5826 N, 13.6326 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976154CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 18:26:5057.6664 N, 13.9003 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976178CTD or STD cast2017-05-19 23:24:1957.9499 N, 14.5834 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976191CTD or STD cast2017-05-20 02:31:0658.0718 N, 14.9617 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976222CTD or STD cast2017-05-20 13:11:0158.5653 N, 16.2497 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976234CTD or STD cast2017-05-20 16:08:3358.6607 N, 16.5019 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976246CTD or STD cast2017-05-20 19:21:5358.7547 N, 16.7493 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976258CTD or STD cast2017-05-20 22:24:4158.883 N, 17.0004 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976271CTD or STD cast2017-05-21 00:52:5658.9498 N, 17.1836 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976363CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 06:53:0458.9511 N, 17.1795 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976375CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 10:25:2759.1174 N, 17.667 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976387CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 12:38:0059.2003 N, 17.882 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976399CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 15:35:4359.334 N, 18.231 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976406CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 18:11:4359.4003 N, 18.4152 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976418CTD or STD cast2017-05-23 23:20:2559.667 N, 19.1166 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976431CTD or STD cast2017-05-24 03:39:5359.8101 N, 19.4995 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976443CTD or STD cast2017-05-24 08:21:3660.0002 N, 19.9997 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976455CTD or STD cast2017-05-24 12:41:5760.2492 N, 19.9913 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976467CTD or STD cast2017-05-24 16:44:4260.5016 N, 19.9996 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976479CTD or STD cast2017-05-24 20:54:2260.7505 N, 19.9997 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976480CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 00:50:0561.0013 N, 19.9978 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976492CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 04:47:5861.252 N, 20.0008 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976511CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 08:58:4661.4998 N, 19.9977 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976523CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 12:52:3861.7503 N, 19.9994 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976535CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 16:13:2562.0002 N, 20.001 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976547CTD or STD cast2017-05-25 20:12:1562.334 N, 19.8347 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976559CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 00:12:1262.6674 N, 19.6699 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976560CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 03:35:0962.9174 N, 19.5523 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976572CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 08:44:3663.1328 N, 19.9159 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976584CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 11:29:4063.2162 N, 20.066 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)
1976596CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 13:45:1063.3178 N, 20.2178 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)

Appendix 2: Extended Ellett Line Station IB20S

Related series for this Fixed Station are presented in the table below. Further information can be found by following the appropriate links.

If you are interested in these series, please be aware we offer a multiple file download service. Should your credentials be insufficient for automatic download, the service also offers a referral to our Enquiries Officer who may be able to negotiate access.

Series IdentifierData CategoryStart date/timeStart positionCruise
1008282CTD or STD cast1997-09-09 11:18:0062.911 N, 19.99283 WRRS Discovery D230
1304769Water sample data1997-09-09 11:56:0062.91094 N, 19.99275 WRRS Discovery D230
1071035CTD or STD cast1999-09-17 21:25:0062.91933 N, 20.05783 WRRS Discovery D242
1252390Water sample data1999-09-17 21:51:0062.91933 N, 20.05783 WRRS Discovery D242
896758CTD or STD cast2005-10-18 19:45:0062.91602 N, 19.54424 WRRS Charles Darwin CD176
776283CTD or STD cast2006-10-13 03:01:4062.91567 N, 19.53733 WRRS Discovery D312
847279CTD or STD cast2007-08-26 04:49:2862.9235 N, 19.55245 WRRS Discovery D321B
953932CTD or STD cast2009-06-11 08:21:1062.91354 N, 19.5506 WRRS Discovery D340A
1052480CTD or STD cast2010-05-12 21:20:4162.91017 N, 19.53617 WRRS Discovery D351
1929616Currents -subsurface Eulerian2010-05-12 21:21:0962.9137 N, 19.5322 WRRS Discovery D351
1195364CTD or STD cast2011-05-23 22:18:1362.91767 N, 19.5585 WRRS Discovery D365
1204326CTD or STD cast2012-08-15 01:18:0062.91664 N, 19.55036 WRRS Discovery D379
1220062CTD or STD cast2013-05-10 14:50:1462.9168 N, 19.5497 WRRS James Cook JC086
1370951CTD or STD cast2014-07-12 00:59:0762.9169 N, 19.5514 WRRS James Clark Ross JR20140531 (JR302)
1721857Currents -subsurface Eulerian2015-06-03 06:40:2262.91762 N, 19.55216 WRRS Discovery DY031
1722744CTD or STD cast2015-06-03 06:40:5162.9176 N, 19.5522 WRRS Discovery DY031
1878725Water sample data2015-06-03 07:26:0062.91763 N, 19.55218 WRRS Discovery DY031
1764138CTD or STD cast2016-06-11 00:33:3762.9174 N, 19.5533 WRRS Discovery DY052
1765271Currents -subsurface Eulerian2016-06-11 00:34:4262.91744 N, 19.55328 WRRS Discovery DY052
1874472Water sample data2016-06-11 01:22:0062.91744 N, 19.55329 WRRS Discovery DY052
1976560CTD or STD cast2017-05-26 03:35:0962.9174 N, 19.5523 WRRS Discovery DY078 (DY079)